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Original Thread: Pilotwings 64


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Pilotwings 64 is a flightsim game for the Nintendo 64, released alongside the console in 1996. It's a pretty relaxed game but it still manages to be really challenging. It's also really pretty, especially for an N64 launch game!

The way we're going to do this LP is pretty simple, solo commentary unless I feel the need to bring in a guest, and even then only one at a time. I don't plan to try to be too funny, we'll keep this relaxed and informative.

I might not get all gold rankings, but I'll be doing this to the best of my ability, and we'll see how it goes. If anyone would like to post a video of themselves outdoing me on a level I've done in the LP, feel free, I'll even add it to the OP for you.

There will be a bit of viewer participation in this LP as well: you guys get to pick what pilot I use! I'll post a video later showing a little more detail about each pilot, but for now all you need to know is that there are three groups: Light, Medium and Heavy. There's a male and female character for each. Lark and Kiwi are Light, Goose and Ibis are Medium, and Hawk and Robin are Heavy. Post your choice in the thread, but be sure to have some content to your posts that isn't just voting. Let's get started!

1. Earn Your Wings (Beginner Courses) Download
2. Trial and Error (Class A Courses) Download
3. Whoops! (Class B Hang Gliding and Rocket Belt) Download
4. 45 Degrees??? (Cannonball) (With A Wooden Palisade) Download
5. Finally, a Boss Fight! (Class A Gyrocopter, Seagull Wing Revisited) Download
6. It's Raining Thunder Thighs (Sky Diving and Jumble Hopper with A Wooden Palisade) Download
7. Hang Gliders Must Die! (Pilot Class Hang Glider) Download
8. Spelunking With Goose (Pilot Class Rocket Belt) Download
9. Meca Hawk Rides Again (Pilot Class Gyrocopter) Download

This one's actually just one big video: UStream

Viewer Submissions
Soapynome - Seagull Wing (Class B)
QuidProQuo - Hang Glider Landing Tips
QuidProQuo - Gyrocopter Speed Glitch

(Thanks Popular Energy Drink!)
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