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Original Thread: Everyone talks about the Flight Club! Pilotwings, a VLP



Pilotwings, released as a launch title for the Super Nintendo (at least in North America), was perhaps meant as little more than a Mode 7 demo. It's a quick, simple, unambitious, and fanciful flight sim. I always liked its pace-a real pilot student would need loads of training to be trusted with a solo plane, but Pilotwings throws you in without so much as a tutorial.

Besides the awful puns in the video titles I'll play this LP straight-I tell you what I like and how I play. I will also intersperse bonus videos of what happens when you do something very silly, like forget to open the parachute or fly the plane away. Basically this topic shows off a quirky quickplay and I hope you enjoy it.

Table of Contents

01 - Fight or Flight Club?YouTube Dailymotion
02 - Surely I jetYouTube Dailymotion
03 - Fly me to the moonYouTube Dailymotion
04 - Big boys don't cryYouTube Dailymotion
05 - But thou mustYouTube Dailymotion
Bonus - Land on the landScreenshots ahoy!!!!!
Bonus - Crash and burnYouTube Dailymotion
06 - Le papa pingouinYouTube Dailymotion
07 - She eyes meYouTube Dailymotion
08 - Purple seas are caused by purple rainYouTube Dailymotion
09 - The night beforeYouTube Dailymotion
10 - Oh brotherYouTube Dailymotion
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