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Part 7: The Great Train Robbery

ALCATRAZ - NOV 12 2507

I just noticed that despite Alcatraz being a prison planet in the far reaches of the galaxy, they still have "November".

Anyway, it's 07:30 am on Alcatraz... wait, they have a 24 hour clock, too?

ANYWAY, when we last left Boar he was at the end of his rope.

Life inside has dehumanized him in every way except for the ones he actually tried for. Now Hoover has sent him to investigate a possible escape route. He can either close it, or utilize it.

This may be his only chance, but so far knowing his place and behaving has only served Boar well...
...Okay, maybe not. Let's get the fuck out of here.

Hoover told Boar to search the ammo factory area, which was one of the five or a hundred or so places he had to fight off multiple attackers the previous night. Specifically, the one where Boar was conned into a mushroom hunt so he killed four people in revenge. Huh. Sounds silly now that he thinks about it.
It's also where the train to the Northern City is. Boar wisely decides to start his investigation there. It's also what the quest compass is pointing at so that helped him make up his mind too.

Unfortunately there's still the Clamp problem. If you recall from the previous update, Clamp is very protective of the locomotive. So much so that he guards it 24 hours a day.

Hello, Clamp. I have official orders from Hoover to check this train.

Dude really likes his train.

...and he goes down in a single stab. 12xp. Boar wonders why he didn't try this sooner.

Beyond Clamp's body he spies a suspicious fellow. The fellow is suspicious because of the quest marker underneath him.

Using his Psychic Link abilities Boar learns the man's name, Toot, and realizes that this may share a connection to the train.

Toot is keeping the train theft-proof because how can you drive a train away if there's an old man tied to it smart guy??

Leva, why the long face?

Hoover told Boar to look at the train. The guards are under orders to kill anybody who looks at the train. The one hand doesn't appear to wash the other fairly often 'round here.

"Three years? Funny, I don't remember seeing you here last night."

Personally I'd say these guards classify at least one level above rascals. "Malcontents" maybe.

Boar aims at Leva's Hole for massive damage. It doesn't take long until both are down for the count. No turning back now, Boar needs to get out of dodge before this bloodbath makes the front page of the Shitpail Inquirer.
Boar and Toot hop onto the train and get g--

Another wave!
Wait, what?
Another. Wave.

More guards have rushed in, but are quickly actually fairly slowly dispatched. Boar clings to survival by eating all of his bread and carrots, as well as dipping into his corn reserves.

Another wave!

For crying out loud!

With that wave defeated, Toot finally speaks up. We're on a runaway train, no looking back!

Well, that was... something. Great work on the sound effects, english dubbing department.

Something felt primal inside of Boar. Nothing feels as good as blood tastes, it seems.

I guess that's why they call it Vampire Squad.