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Planet Alcatraz

by bhlaab

Part 10: The Game... Begins?

ALCATRAZ -- ??????

Boar has woken up in the middle of the woods, at night, with not a clue as to how he arrived there.

Shit, my joints are all sore. Feels like... like I've been waving my arms and legs around all day.

He also notices a dull pain eminating from both his gut and his bottom. When he examines his belly he finds what appears to be a sewn up gunshot wound.

What the-?? I was shot? But who fixed me up and made me all better?

Boar checks his pockets. Everything seems to be there; whomever this phantom doctor was appears to have taken nothing in return. But...

Aha! A note! Whoever this kind man was to have healed Boar must have left this message for him to find!

Forget it, I'll just eat potatoes.

Boar wanders, collecting fragments of memories about the day he lost. What better place to go after becoming blackout drunk than a casino?

Boar could hardly shake the feeling that everybody recognized him and his asinine behavior. This feeling was made worse by the fact that they probably did.

Already been. There were zombies.

Unfortunately it seems that none of the casino games are playable.

Feeling shame and disregard for those around him, Boar attempts to disappear among the slums.

Suddenly seeing an opportunity for friendly company for once, Boar sidles up next to a fellow reprobate for some chat.

There's nothing quite like a conversation with the downtrodden to put one's own issues into perspective. At least Boar's lover wasn't sold into sex slavery.

At least he doesn't think so. He still has a hard time remembering any of the backstory to this game.

Now time to play Hero and--

Wow, that is a hell of a building.

Inside is a pimp and a few rogues.

They make a good case for why Boar should not play hero until he's gotten better equipment.

To do so, Boar heads into the Northern City market. It has a shop for everything a murderer could want: Armor, Knives, Potatoes, Guns...
Guns it is, then.

Wow, this is just like the real Long Island!

Yes I did indeed install the Gun Runner's Arsenal DLC pack for only $3.99

After gearing up, Boar finds this suspicious fellow either tailing him or wandering around aimlessly. It's hard to tell a lot of the time for Boar.

If this guy is trying to intimidate Boar he's got another thing coming! (Hopefully the guy, not Boar)

Well there's a twist! Boar has somehow stumbled upon the Headquarters of the Army Thing he Belongs to! Maybe this night isn't so bad after all!
By the way the black man's name is Blacky


So now Boar has his mission, straight from the official source himself! Kill 21 gerbils. And something about a space shuttle somewhere I guess?? FINALLY some direction towards the big picture in this game!

Upon leaving the office of Space Army Thing the world map unlocks itself.

Boar is now free to travel the full breadth of the planet at will. Or at least one peninsula of it.

This is going to be longer than I thought isn't it.

But first Boar has a score to settle...