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Part 24: Xenus II: Introduction

Xenus II: White Gold is another 'hidden gem' from the motherland. It's actually the sequel to an FPS/RPG hybrid that had a full worldwide release on the PC in 2005 by the name of Boiling Point: Road to Hell (aka Xenus in Russia), which happens to have had the best god damn installer music ever:

It wasn't the best game in the world, or the most successful. In fact it was released in a state so buggy that its patch notes have become a joke in and of themselves, featuring lines such as "fixed: size of moon" and "dogs do not cast shadows". On the other hand, it was a product of such uninhibited ambition that even games like FarCry 2 and Grand Theft Auto could stand to learn some lessons from it.

White Gold: War in Paradise was intended to be the full fledged sequel, with a similarly wide release and even an Xbox 360 port. Unfortunately, the game never made it out of Russia. Until, of course, Gamersgate got ahold of it and released it under a combination of its Russian name and its intended International title: Xenus II: White Gold.

To put it bluntly the result is a messy, insane, brilliant, and unforgettable experience.

This is not a full-fledged Let's Play. Instead, it's a series of bullet points from a recent playthrough of mine.

You are Saul Meyers, who has the same name as the protagonist of Boiling Point except you're not him. You are a United States secret agent sent to the Caribbean Island nation of Covumbia (not a typo) to hunt down the origin of poisonous cocaine that has made its way overseas and begun killing celebrities left and right.

When Saul arrives he finds out things aren't that simple (obviously).

Hey, those voices sound familiar...


You have to reload it after every shot and that involves pouring gunpowder into it and tamping it down with a rod.