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Planet Alcatraz

by bhlaab

Part 27: Xenus II: Day Three


What is it with these east european devs and jews?

Once you get to the 2nd island the whole world opens up and its like Wind Waker in a weird way. Tons of small little islands with nothing on them and a couple major town islands. Also like Wind Waker there are water stores where you dock your boat and buy stuff. The guy there said that the giant spiders tend to stick to a specific island. I've found something on a corpse called giant spider mandibles so maybe the rumors are true. No sign of mutant jaguars yet.

Also at the store was a pilot standing next to a sea plane. The "sea" in sea plane stands for "Sea ya later chump!" because I stole it. I tried to steer and ended up doing a bunch of barrel rolls and then crashed into the ocean.