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Part 6: .5: Hodge Podge

I don't want to have to delay an update again so I'm giving you guys half of update 6. Real life stuff got in the way, the bane of many LPers, and I was only able to get this much done for now. I have a presentation tomorrow and an important test the next day, so expect the second half on Friday. Forgive me

Update 05.5: Hodge Podge

So before we start this update let me explain how stupid I am.

This is the house of the lady that gives you fly, right about cycling road. Due to my bad memory of first gen pokemon game badges I thought I needed to beat up Sabrina or something to get Fly, but I recently remembered that, I can already use fly! The thunderbadge you get from the third gym let's you use it, who knew?

Man this lady always weirded me out. "Oh no you found me! Here have this HM and don't tell anyone I'm here." As if I could talk anyway.

Now two of our pokemon can learn Fly, Mew and Blocky. Ever since the whole fiasco against Gary at the SS Anne Blocky has kinda been dead weight. Perhaps we can make him useful for us as an HM slave!

Pretty normal as far as normal goes for us. I decided to replace Blocky's top move which happened to be psywave. The move names seem to go over the "Forgot" and "Learned" so the process kinda looks weird but the game is still working fine so far.

Oh... Oh dear. It seems that after learning Fly Blocky decided to leave us a present, looks like the blacks and whites are inverted. I also got a mess of glitchy items now...

My neat collection of master balls are all cluttered now. Trying to use them makes a bunch of glitchy symbols appear in the text boxes followed by Oak's usual "Not the time to use that!"

Bunch of these weird glitchy blocks. Trying to use them will freeze the game.

And yeah besides the master balls trying to use anything else will freeze the game. Going back to the start screen seems to be fine. Can't look at the Pokemon screen because the game will freeze (predictable), so let's check out our pokedex!

Well hey, it looks like I own more pokemon than I've seen. That's not strange at all.

Bringing up the trainer card puts up this mess. My start screen seems to be invading every screen in the game. Start screen needs to know its place.

Pretty much everything else is not worth mentioning, the only thing left to do is see what happens when you get out of the start screen.

I am amazed at how the emulator crashes at some of these things, the RAM simply gets so messed up that the emulator has to give up. That is pretty much what happens, another thing about superglitch is that no matter how you look at it, it will mess up your game. Trying to switch a move? SuperGlitch activates. Trying to view pokemon stats? SuperGlitch will work. I'm sure I don't even have to mention its involvement in battles.

thelightguy has a pretty blunt explanation on why the emulator crashed!


The gameboy has no MMU, it has no memory protection, it's based off of an old-ass fucking Z80. Fuck up the stack enough and it'll jump to an address that's mapped to the gameboy's RAM or the on-cartridge SRAM, and everything goes to hell as it tries to execute whatever is in there. All the game code is in the ROM.

I swear to god Blocky you are going into the PC all you do is cause trouble.

With that out of the way I should explain an interesting roadblock that stopped me from doing the glitch I planned to do this update. ZZAZZ, I won't explain what it is or what it does, but it's a glitch that you encounter in battle (Okay I guess I just told you some part of what it does). ZZAZZ occupies the Hex values of 251, 252, 254, and 255. This would normally be fine and dandy, just use a gameshark pokemon encounter code corresponding to those values and make the glitch appear right? Except the damning thing is that doesn't work, if you use such a code, ZZAZZ won't appear, a glitch WILL appear but not the one we want, although they do have some pretty cool effects! We'll be looking at that now actually, but I just want to establish that I'm going to have to save ZZAZZ till later, I would need a pokemon with a special stat of over 250, my level 100 Mew is only 240 so you can understand that encountering such a pokemon will be a bit difficult at this point in the game. I could use the Mew Glitch to encounter Kadabra and Alakazm to level to 100 but then I would need a pokemon with a special stat of 23, and no one knows (to my knowledge) where to find that kind of pokemon. Yes, I could just shark the pokemon, and shark the rare candies, but that would be lame. Don't worry, we'll get to it when we can, I just want to use... special in-game methods to do so. Until then enjoy this marathon of what I like to call ZZAZZ clones!

Our test subjects will be these bikers. You may notice they're not on bikes. Sometimes when you break borders with WTW on the overworld sprites will mess up a bit. This is such a case of sprites messing up.

Case in point, they all look like a bunch of surprised faces. I can't blame them.

Our first ZZAZZ clone is TRAINER. It occupies the Hex value 252. Any trainer you fight with the code on will convert to TRAINER. I believe the more pokemon the better though, if not for one reason.

All trainer has and ever will have are magnemite. They are pretty weak, will always be level 26 and despite their broken health bar are easy to take down. However they have an interesting quality to them. When TRAINER releases the first magnemite it has no cry. Yet as you kill them and it releases more and more, the magnemite start having longer and more comlpex cries. They also sound like the fucking devil. I've only gotten up to 4 magnemite, and by then the cry was so long it lasted a second or so even when I could start choosing between Fight, Item, Run, pkmn.

After beating TRAINER we get some glitch dialogue that doesn't go away from the screen, and TRAINER keeps making this one pokemon cry that I can't identify while the victory screen plays in the background. It's endless, so you'd have to restart the game at this point.

I'm gonna call this guy R4, which seems kinda fitting in a way. R4 occupies the 251st hex slot, and has a very high chance of crashing the game upon encounter. Oh, I should also mention that the beginning of the fighting music messes up for a couple of seconds when fighting. It's similar to if you were only playing with one headphone on.

R4 releases M'Ng. If your game didn't freeze when encountering the trainer, it would freeze now. To be more specific, it would freeze when trying to attack it, pretty lame.

This... I don't even know what to call it.

But it has a nightmare fuel inducing glitched pokemon. Look at it, am I the only one that sees the face? If I weren't so afraid to mess up pictures with paint I would show the face, but I can't be the only one who sees that demonic smile at the lower half of its body. I am not trying to pull your leg here, this thing seriously gives me the creeps.

Ironically, we can fight and kill it just fine. No freezing or anything!

This guy is just jealous that I killed his demon creature so easy. Actually the game does seem to have a variety of ERROR messages that appear if you break certain parts of the game. The only other one I've seen was 2 ERROR and that was from messing around with some homebrew shark codes (I saw it on youtube I'm not sure how to do that stuff).



Yeah, there's quite a few! Some guy on Bulbapedia documented them all:

0 ERROR - The text that is currently in the text box is wrong and should normally be in a different place. Sometimes this error causes strange or glitchy characters to appear. You can use a variant of the Mew Trick to trigger this, among other weird things, on Route 6.
1 ERROR - The game is unable to complete an event. For example, this error message can appear when the player is talking to someone and the game does not have anything valid to say. This can be seen in Pokémon Yellow when the player finishes the game with 152 entries in the Pokédex.
2 ERROR - There is an error displaying in-game text when reading objects such as signs and TVs.
5 ERROR - The current position of the player character is unrecognized.
7 ERROR - The game is unable to display the correct/required text.
9 ERROR - This error message can appear when a game attempts to perform an event but the Pokémon in the player's party is unrecognized. For example, when the player attempts to trade a non-hybrid Glitch Pokémon with a non-playable character.
40 ERROR - The sound clip that is playing is unrecognized, this can sometimes play random Pokémon cries.
48 ERROR - This error can be caused by the glitch Pokémon a for unknown reasons. Turns the screen white with the text "48 ERROR" briefly before returning to normal.
56 ERROR - The game is unable to display the correct/required text.
59 ERROR - This error is similar to a 5 Error, however it has also been seen after text such as "This is my graThe trainer blocked the ball! I2"
98 ERROR - This error can occur when data transferred between two cartridges via link cable is damaged, corrupted, or otherwise glitched.
99 ERROR - This error can occur when data transferred between the Game Boy Tower and the Game Boy game is damaged, corrupted, or otherwise glitched by the Transfer Pak.
I ERROR - This error can occur when the game confuses battle events with regular events; sometimes when the player switches Pokémon beyond the sixth slot or incorrectly performs the Dokokashira door glitch, this can lead the player into a fight with a glitch Pokémon, or freeze the game.
"The file data is destroyed!" - This error can appear when the player has damaged the game data to a point of no repair, sometimes through the use of glitches which can alter the game save, or when a cross-region trade is attempted.

The dude rewards us with, something, I can't see it. After the fight the screen blacks out and we're actually transported to a curious area.

Random tiles, a snorlax, and pokemon center music playing in the background. I guess we're in some sort of deranged pokemon center?

The snorlax moves! Unfortunately we can't see our character sprite, and walking any more than 4 steps from our current position will crash the emulator, A shame since this would have been a neat spot to explore.

That's all for the clones, but you know I can't leave you guys hanging without videos!

TRAINER (Nightmare fuel alert)
R4 (Video cuts abruptly due to emulator crash)
scary face! (skip over a bit where the text box becomes half empty, it takes a while to change)

That's it for this half, stay tuned for the second!