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Part 7: The Other side

Wheany posted:

I'm about 20 pages and 10 days behind, but here is a thing I did:

Click here for the full 608x608 image.

The beauty, it makes me cry.

Update 06: The Other side

Welcome to the second half of our hodge podge episode, today we will

Oh come we haven't even started yet

Anyway we've pretty much finished off the ZZAZZ clones, at least the ones that are worth mentioning. There are possible others but uh, they usually crash the game before you can even see what they look like so...

Today we are going to start off with something I've been meaning to show for a while but haven't been able to make work until recently. Glitch items! These are pretty much in the game for the same reason Glitched pokemon/Pokegods are, as in they are just there and take up space. You can access them through gameshark only, no exceptions. When trying to get them you should have your shit codes like "BUY RARECANDIESFORFREEHURF" off because for some reason they will override the codes for you to buy these items. You will be able to find them at any pokemart, but lord help you if you don't have a money cheat on because these things are expensive. As a matter of fact I think both of the items I'm showing now would be impossible to buy even if you saved up all the money you would obtain from every trainer in the game ever.

With that out of the way, I have two items in stock here. Can't really give them a special name, so I'll just title the first "fm" and the second "wsm". If you're wondering the poke doll is from trying to see what would happen if I used it on the ghost, but as I said before nothing really happened. These two glitch items are cool in that they kinda mess with the game without automatically freezing (like many do) and they don't harm your cartridge (From what I heard) so it's safe to fool around with them.

Using fm gives us... A white screen? Well that's pretty lame. Oh wait


FEIGN EXCITEMENT AS YOU TALK TO INVISIBLE NPCS IN PURGATORY. Actually I used this item in Celadon City, and I'm talking to one of Celadon's NPCs. See when you use this item you just enter this white void and as NPCs walk around they'll flicker in and out of existence, but you can talk to them. As you may guess screenshotting flickering sprites isn't really something easy to do, and I ended up short handed with them. There is a way to leave this hell though, just go through a door! Everything will be back to normal, like nothing ever happened.

Using wsm gives you a weird message. Your pokemon box is full, so you can't use the item? That doesn't even make any sense, that's silly, this item is silly.

Feeling a bit underwhelmed by just those 2 items, I decided to go shopping. At the Celadon Mart I picked up B2F, completely free! That's new.

Using B2F makes a giant white box appear at the top right, a little victory jingle plays for some reason...

Then as if a blast to the past (Update 1) a random pokeball appears and tries to catch this jumbled sprite mess out of nowhere. People say it's a bunch of messed up sprites from the Pokemon Center but I think its a bunch of bullshit. Not because I know where those sprites are from, but how can you tell where those sprites are from?

Some posters have theorized that the jumbled sprites come from the area you are at. So if you use them at the pokemon mart like I am, then there will be mixed pokemon mart sprites, likewise pokemon center usage will result in sprites from that area.

To my huge disappointment it seems impossible to "catch" whatever it is the game thinks it's catching when using this item. I bought like 99 of this item and try as I might the ball would always break open. Again, I couldn't take a screenshot of the ball because it flickered like mad during the whole sequence. After missing, the game goes back to normal.

Our fourth - and last for now - item is 10F. It was free, so I decided to just buy a bunch of it for giggles. When you try to use it like half the text of the screen will be replaced with people sprite bits. In this case it looks like a fisherman got caught in a nasty accident. Also there's a guy standing on the elevator at the top left for some reason. It would seem like the game freezes here, but pressing the start button and exiting out of the menu puts things back to normal, sort of.

That man is not supposed to be there, and apparently there are invisible barriers in tiles where I should be able to walk, WTW code saves me from this situation.

This hallway was not here before, if you don't remember the rooms in Celadon supermart are just simple rectangles like pretty much every room in the game. I'm actually amazed how authentic this looks excluding the dude walking around the black void.

So that's what happened! I was able to walk into the black void with no codes on and talk to the dude just fine. When talking you can see how the room went back to normal. Apparently 10F mixes around the tile sprites and teleports you to a location that is kinda near to your last spot but not exactly. Again, everything goes back to normal when you live the room but otherwise have fun hugging the wall for an escape.

Just showing off the item working in other places, doesn't flow as well here.

For some reason, when taking the elevator after using 10F, it appears as an option for floors. It takes you to the first floor of the Market, but maybe gamefreak was planning on having more floors for this place?

That's it for now for glitch items, I think we've stalled a bit too long in Celadon, and I don't want to spend like 4 episodes stuck in here like I was in Cerulean (at least I was cause I had to keep going back to that fekking cave). There are two ways to Fuchsia city, our next destination. Of course, we can only take the more stylish route.

Walking down Cycling Road like it's nobody's business. What's actually funny is that gamefreak put what I call "door border" for the building that separates Cycling road and Celadon. Basically you could enter that building even if you were trying to walk through it by ways you shouldn't, I guess gamefreak was either really paranoid about people going into cycling road without a bike or they were a bit lazy in programming certain buildings.

If you feel so inclined you can hold the B button to "Break" on cycling road despite not being on a bike.

And with no trouble we arrive at Fuchsia! Fuchsia City is great, as a matter of fact it's AWESOME. It has one of the best abusable areas in the game glitch wise, you probably already know what it is, but I'll leave you guessing while I show off some small things that I've been able to discover after having them perplex me as a kid forever.

Look at that, gamefreak actually put text for the little zoo pokemon on display! All of them have explanation marks for dialogue, it's both surprising and disappointing because if they didn't input text for these dudes, something interesting may have happened as a result (like the game freaking out).

Almost all of the zoo animal signs show half-pokedex entries for the pokemon they're showing off. All except for this one. It's not because I'm reading this from behind, front or back this sign for an... Omanyte(?) is ellipses on both sides. I have no idea why this is, because I could have SWORN this sign was just like the rest.

I have seen these motherfuckers too many times, I remember when I thought they were rare.

And this, this is the Safari Zone. Gamefreak's wonderful experiment within an experiment. The safari zone is, quite frankly, one of the more... loose areas in 1st gen pokemon if you wanna do glitches. That is because it has one very popular glitch, that can be done without gameshark. How about I walk you through it?

Start off like normal, go in, be a gentleman, buy your balls, and go outside.

Don't go anywhere. As a matter of fact go back into the safari zone building and say "no" to the guy asking if you're leaving. Do this twice.

Save your game afterwards. I know this all sounds stupid and convoluted but trust me we're getting somewhere with this. I love how I only caught 9 pokemon at this point in the game, with half of them not even being legit pokemon.

When the game properly resets and you're back in the safari zone, go back into the building. You are actually offered to join the hunt again, but you're already in the hunt? Refuse this man's offer, and be free to do what you want. Saying yes will only get you back into the Safari Zone with nothing special.

Welp, we're out now. That doesn't seem to have done much right? Well, we gotta get a couple of steps of first, what better place to do that than...

The cycling road! No better way to burn off those glitchy calories like taking a walk uphill.

Huh? But I'm not even in-

Wait, I, huh

What just happened you may ask? Well, basically when we "Left" the safari zone, our sprite may have been able to walk willy nilly in the open world, but the game still thought we were still playing the safari game. You see the fact that the safari zone was more of an experiment by gamefreak than anything meant that they would mess up on it's development, one big overlook is the ability to save inside the safari zone. Somehow, doing so while rejecting to leave before saving and then resetting the game, has the game temporarily forget you are playing the safari game when you reenter the building (dear god what a run-on sentence). Then, if you refuse to go back in and are let out into pokeworld, the game is like "welp I think he's in safari zone again" and then your steps being to be counted until bam, you're transported back here. That's not the best part though, you see normally when you use the safari zone you get sent back into fuschia right? Well, when you are timed out of the safari zone in an irregular area the game will take you into one of two places after leaving the safari building.

1. If the irregular area has any door tile like a cave or a.... door it will take you out there, as it is most familiar to the door that you walk out of the safari zone sign up building.
2. If the irregular area does not have a door or any building period...

Welcome to the Other Side. The Glitch city. There are several things to know when wandering around glitch city.

1. Do not save here unless you have a pokemon with fly/teleport/dig. If you do save and you do not have such a pokemon, you are stuck here forever.
2. Walking around here is tricky, unless you have WTW code on you won't be able to go much anywhere, then again that may depend on what glitch city you go to
3. There are no defined borders, you can quickly freeze the game by walking somewhere you shouldn't be, it's hard to tell where so be careful where you tread.
4. Please keep your hands on the rails at all times, please do not spit over the handrails

Glitch city is a myriad of tile sprites that can appear and change as you walk along, you may never see the same thing twice. To be honest kinda doing it in cycling road was sort of a bad idea because I can't stop walking down, because the game thinks I'm in cycling road still.

Despite what the game thinks, you can still find tiles of buildings and landmarks that can be found all over Kanto. Here you see the lower half of the elegant pounded land that some old dude's machop was planning to use for construction. (It takes him over 3 years to finish)

Unfortunately we can not interact with any of the signs here, but we can go into the grass!

But all they have are the pokemon that can be found in the particular route you were transported out of...

There are plenty of trees to cut down here, aspiring corporate bosses may practice their deforestation techniques. However doing so in my experience only results in 2 things:
1. The tree will keep standing, no matter how many times you use cut on it the tree will stay there
2. The game crashes

You can find Kanto's largest gym here! Too bad there's no door.

Hello, what's that in the distance?

Behold our splendid sea of numbers and blocks and who knows what else! It's actually quite safe to swim (or walk like I do) here.

Just be wary of the fact that the numbers can engulf you, don't worry it's very safe. Yep no innocent slaughter here.

If you have the privilege of freezing time with the start menu like I do, try it out in glitch city! Some figures change and turn into letters and japanese symbols. Collect them all! (oh god a q)

Ah, it seems that we are leaving glitch city. The tiles are readjusting themselves and the game doesn't think we're in cycling road anymore. As a matter of fact we are at the location below the hill! Thanks for taking the wonderful tour of glitch city.

Wait, water? Why is there water here? What's that piece of land doing floating around there?

Oh, haha there we go, all normal now besides the water making a big gap in the path. What happened before must have been imagination, I'll just walk around this, go back to Fuchsia...

The trainers that are usually out here, aren't here. I guess they're taking a break in the city! Standing in place must get tiring after so long.

Oh my GOD the city's been flooded! Gotta get out of here.



we told you to keep your hands on the rail at all times. we told you not to spit over the handrails.

there is no escape.

Oh yeah, I beat this guy up too. I can surf now!

Also some nightmare fuel extra:

You know how you guys thought A was laughing at us?

I think you guys were right.


thank you


I didn't know a good way to incorporate it into the middle of the post so I'll just put it at the end here...

Cleretic knows more than me about glitch city!


Actually, the reason Glitch City happens is because of the door slot used to enter Fuchsia City, which I... believe is door slot 5. Glitch Cities happen when the route you end in doesn't have an entry in door slot 5. Most cities do, most routes don't (I believe Pallet Town brings a Glitch City with it).