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Part 9: Mini Update: How to get gen 2 pokemon in your very own pokemon blue!

Here you guys go, something to hold you off until I'm done with the first half of AP exams Friday

Mini Update: How to get gen 2 pokemon in your very own pokemon blue!

Hello everyone, last time we left off on a special cliffhanger screenshot. One that involves me encountering a marill in glitch city in Pokemon Blue. I regret to inform you - if you haven't figured it out already - that to have such a thing happen under even the most glitchiest of circumstances is impossible. So how do I have a marill appear in a first gen game, without the use of photoshop?

You will need 3 things if you want to mess with your friends:
A ROM of pokemon blue/red (Not sure if it works in yellow)
A ROM of pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal
VisualBoy Advanced Emulator

You can not do this on a regular gameboy unfortunately, unless you can somehow mess around with the internal structer of a gameboy like you can with the VBA emulator. So uh, sorry for those who were hoping to do that.

The process is remarkably easy, load up the emulator and start playing your gen 2 pokemon ROM as normal. Get your pokemon, doesn't matter what it is, and venture out into the unknown. (I guess you could do this without pokemon via gameshark but that would probably require more effort than needed)

Go out and encounter whatever Johto pokemon you can find. For our experiment we will use a sentret because it is the earliest one you can encounter.

We will now put our emulator god powers in use. Go to the tools bar of VBA and select the Memory Viewer option.

You will be met with this very scary sequence of numbers and options. Do not panic, there is no math involved on your part. Instead, choose the save option!

Input this address and size and save it under whatever name, as long as it has the proper extension (the one it gives you by default) don't sweat the filename too much.

Now go ahead and close the G/S/C Rom and open Red/Blue. Go ahead and encounter an enemy, even a pokegod! It won't matter.

For the hell of it let's horribly transform an M for our experiment.

When you encounter a pokemon, go to Memory Viewer and click load, choose your file, and then type in the address shown here. Like I said it doesn't matter if you use this trick on a glitch pokemon, but in my case the pokemon that I encounter are mirrored...

Because of the mirroring this lovely Dali painting shows up. Sentret what have they done to you!? For some reason while trying to replicate this ALL the pokemon I saw were mirrored, but hey you already have this picture:

You don't even have to take my word for it either!

There are tons of youtube videos showing this off