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Part 6: Finally Some Gosh Darn Purification

Part 6: Finally Some Gosh Darn Purification

Cipher Battle

Welcome back, we've gotta stop Celebi from being captured in a Dark Ball! No, uh, we need to stop the head of Cipher from gaining visions of the future from Celebi's power! Hmm, what were we meant to be doing...?

Bayleef just can't stay away from Secret Power.

Why are the villagers here so ridiculously strong?

Seems like there's another Cipher Peon with Fire Pokemon up ahead.

Aww, phooey! I'm not feeling well today!

Get used to this, Cipher Peons like falling down from above.

This game has been averse to Fire type themed trainers. A shame too, as Baltoy is annoying to take out without Bayleef or Remoraid.

Little boy, you're shockingly strong!

Should be fine if his Pokemon are strong, I'd be surprised if we fought another Ciper Boss so soon.

I can see that you are a senior citizen, but I cannot allow you to interfere with our affairs.

You're the ones interfering! Shady creeps like you, I'll personally run out!

Ahahah. Now, now. Someone so old shouldn't overdo it.

Don't take me for a fool! I'll have you know I was once hailed the most powerful trainer! That isn't all either. I have a comrade with whom I've been through thick and thin! This is the first POKEMON I got, and it's been with me ever since! Okay, PIKACHU! We haven't battled this much in a while! Let's keep focused!

This should be easy enough, a Thunderbolt should take Hitmontop out.


The hell did I just watch?

Grandpa! PIKACHU! How dare you? You'll never get away with this!

Ah... now here's someone who may show me a more enjoyable time. Very well. En garde!

Let's just pretend that previous battle never happened.

Shadow Tag means that Remoraid is a sitting, uh, fish, so I'll revive him next turn so he doesn't miss out on experience.

Hitmontop, 45 catch rate (40%, low health, paralyzed, Great Ball), starting moves: Triple Kick, Rapid Spin, Focus Energy, Shadow Rush/Agility

Out of the few Fighting types in this game, Hitmontop is an alright one, if being pretty limited in options. It's a nice defensive mon since Intimidate is an amazing ability in doubles but Triple Kick is not that great of a move, as it only has 60BP in total and can cause abilities like Rough Skin and Static to activate quite frequently, as we just saw. Brick Break will be an alright option and you'll also have Return and Earthquake, but again, it's three good TMs on one Pokemon. There's nothing else aside from that, but you'll be excellent against physical attacks like Rock or Ground types. Meditite has much more power and Makuhita has better moves, but Hitmontop is definitely a fine choice, if a bit weaker.

While I try to catch this thing, I'll put a Reflect up, since Wynaut will just use Mirror Coat over and over. I would be foolish to use any special move against it, since it seems to think I like using STAB.

Skrub can be a bit tough, but his team is more defensive than anything, so they won't be doing much damage to you. Don't worry, the Clamperl isn't holding its evolution items, that would just be obnoxious.

Geodude went down in one Confusion, so no point giving it precious screenshot space.

Agate Village

Grandpa! Are you okay?!

I'm fine. But my partner! Ah, you're safe! Good, good. You battled with honor. If your opponent was any ordinary POKEMON, you would have won. So, that was a SHADOW POKEMON... ANCA. And THOMAS, am I right? Thank you for helping us. We should go home for the time being.

Those crooks... they said they were out to capture CELEBI and destroy the RELIC STONE. Hmmm... why? Might there be a connection between CELEBI and SHADOW POKEMON?

Oh, no, that's no good. We came here because we thought you would know something, Grandpa.

Hmm... sorry to disappoint you. Oh, yes! Dear, didn't we have a stone tablet? It had something about the RELIC carved into it.

Ah, yes! Yes, we did have such a stone tablet. Now where could I have put it away? Let me go look for it upstairs. It may take time, so please be patient.

Go see an old man named SENILOR. He lives near the POKE MART down the hill. SENILOR is the authority when it comes to CELEBI. That is, if he remembers...

We'll get a very important from Hitmontop first and then head to our destination, Meditite will appreciate this.

He's been getting pretty forgetful lately, though. I'm afraid he might not be much help to you.

Have no fear. No problem! Forget something that important? That's not going to happen! Let me start with the RELIC in the RELIC FOREST. According to ancient lore, the RELIC is said to hold the power of time travel for CELEBI. That mystical power is said to revive the most pleasant, most enjoyable memories of POKEMON. If only it worked on me and brought back memories of my youth. Hohoho.

That is all one needs to bring CELEBI to the RELIC FOREST. CELEBI will surely cause darkness to flee from the hearts of any POKEMON.

"In AGATE's mystic RELIC, CELEBI's power shelters. A heart imprisoned by shadows. Its last door shall be opened By the power within."

The RELIC must have some effect on SHADOW POKEMON. I will leave that for you to determine for yourselves.

Gah! Since when did this thing have an email function?

Man these guys are doing a lot of sequential things. Makes my life easier at least.

We can't let this go on! THOMAS, let's go! Oh wait... Grandpa, where is MT. BATTLE, anyway?

MT. BATTLE is to the northeast. You can see it in the distance once you leave the village. Hurry, ANCA!

Relic Forest

Yeah yeah yeah we'll get to it in just a moment. Let's finally, FINALLY, purify our Shadow Pokemon. It is well overdue.

Celebi is a problem, we should probably put a cap in its ass. And that meddling stone, too.

Our whole team has been at an empty gauge for quite a while now, so this is pretty satisfying, even if it's annoying having to wait so long.

Shadow Rush is replaced by the final starting move and we get all of the exp the Pokemon started gaining from the third gauge on.

It'll go through each level one by one so you don't miss out on any moves it would learn during that time. But that's not all.

Once it gains its experience, then it can evolve. This is why you shouldn't use Swablu much, since it'll evolve at a level later than it first can and you'll miss out on Dragonbreath. I'll try and note any time this happens, but thankfully it's just been the one Pokemon for now. Weird we're first evolving something on the sixth update, huh? BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!

The Pokemon will get a ribbon to show off that it was once a Shadow Pokemon, and we can nickname it, cause using the species name was getting weird.

Thanks to Leraika for this nickname.

Seems we just made it to level 35 as well. Now Magnolia has our OT and ID and is 100% our Pokemon. That we stole. Don't worry about it.

Next up is Flaaffy, getting a much needed power boost.

Darn, I thought I was using everyone equally, but that's a lot less exp than Magnolia. Oh well, means I need to use Flaaffy more moving on.

Here's another much needed power boost and then a nickname by Zack Ater, a real good name that was totally not an accident, since it's a way Umbreon can stay on the team. But, you know, not actually stay on the team.

Well at least he's halfway to 34.

The big question is, did Remoraid get enough to catch up with the team?

Uh, no, not even close. Not even enough to evolve, BARELY! I used it in every fight and everything. Oh well, Mawuh will be caught up soon enough, but he'll need some more babying. Nickname is from Sordas Volantyr.

I used Meditite a bit when I got him, but not enough to evolve, right?

Okay, good, it's always tricky getting all your Shadow Pokemon at an equal level when you finally purify them, since there's no way to check. Shame Umbreon isn't up with the rest of the team, but it's only a bit more exp. Nickname by, uh, Leraika.

We've still got one Pokemon missing out on all the nickname fun, so let's give one to Espeon too.

It is a better name than before! Why, this name's luckiness... why, it goes right off the scale! You'll do well to cherish your CARBUNCLE now and beyond.

We'll also be giving Umbreon a nickname since he'll still have his uses every now and then. Carbuncle was by... Leraika again??? Damn, you were on fire with these. Umbreoff was by Jade Rider.

We've still got a bunch more Shadow Pokemon to purify, but if you're not using them in battles, then what's the quickest way to purify them? Unfortunately, it's walking around, like hatching a really stubborn Egg. Thankfully, there's a way around this, the two cliffs by the village entrance are a bit buggy, so you can walk to the south edge and just hold down. The screen will shake, but it'll count as steps, so just hold the control stick down with something and, uh, have something to eat, go shopping, play the entirety of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, whatever, until they're ready to go.

That's still really boring though, so I'm using an AR code to set the Heart Gauge to 0. Much better, but, uh, see you in like 30 mins while I do everyone.

There we go, that's nearly all of them. I'll be doing them in batches of 6 when the mood strikes me, but we've still got space for one, so I'll be walking Sudowoodo around, it shouldn't be too long, it's only one of the hardest Pokemon to purify. That's not a rock pun.

Okay, now that we're all done in Agate Village, where next?

It's actually the Outskirt Stand! When you get Duking's email, the selection of items expands, including some very important Pokeballs. You can imagine the Shadow Pokemon we'll eventually have to catch, the box art gives it away, after all, so we need some sterner stuff. Timer Balls are pretty great, since they're better than Ultra Balls after 10 turns, which long battles involving Shadow Pokemon will end up doing, so you definitely want to grab these.

Nest Balls, however, are NEARLY completely useless, since they only work better on Pokemon lower than level 30. Well, you start encountering Shadow Pokemon AT level 30 and only Remoraid has been lower than that. Only one other Shadow Pokemon will also be at that level, so if you want a cool Pokeball to shove something in, then go right ahead. And while we've caught a fair few Bug and Water types, there's still 5 more of those we can catch, so get a few if nothing else.

Mt. Battle

Let's go to Mt. Battle. You should get supplied up before you come here, you're gonna need it. The music would also be the Pyrite Building, since Cipher is invading, but that's boring, here's the cool theme instead.

Who knew how easy it would be to take over a place full of strong trainers?

Those attackers... how dare they attack others without any regard for the rules? They're failures as trainers! But anyway... uh... oh, yes, I'm the MOVE DELETER.

Since there aren't HMs that can't be forgotten, the Move Deleter is kinda pointless in this game. This is where a Move Reminder guy should be, but nope, not in this game! There's also the center and the coupon exchange, but we either can't or don't do anything with them.

You see, it was me who contacted DUKING for help. I didn't think you would get here so quickly. But please be careful. The power of their POKEMON isn't normal.

Alright, we need to head out onto the mountain itself. Hope we don't have to do all 100 battles to clear these guys out!

Gotta start at 1.

Trainer Battle

Well this is awkward, Umbreon can't damage these Ground types, since he has Thunderbolt and Thundershock and we haven't gotten any TMs to help with this.

Still, Mawuh is happy, even if he won't be able to take a single hit.

Might as well get most of the team out for some fun, but hopefully this won't be too annoying for Umbreon.

Didn't Mawuh get a level up?

Aw yeah, it's Octillery time. And yeah, I know Octazooka is a less accurate Bubblebeam and an accuracy drop isn't as good as a Speed drop (in most circumstances), but I'm using an Octillery, I can't not use Octazooka!

Time for number 2.

Not only is it two more Ground types, but they also know Dig! Joy! Octazooka lookin good at least.

I'm going to get reprimanded, too!

Not too bad so far, but there's still plenty of battles to go.

The third trainer in a row using solely Ground types. I... I need experience for Umbreon, why are you doing this to me game?

Ah, the joys of double battles. Nice going idiot.

Now what are the chances of four trainers in a row having nothing but Ground types?

Okay, good, this makes things so much easier.

Well it was good enough, I suppose.

The real battles begin after me!

Umbreon is at level 34, so if I can get just one more level for him he'll be all caught up and I won't have to keep switching him out when Ground types appear. But really, what are the chances of another trainer having nothing but Ground types?

How ironic. Still, if I can knock out this Trapinch, I can switch Umbreon out.

Why do you have two???

The way the camera pans round when the weather activates is always cool, especially in important fights.

You can't even knock out your own teammate with a crit! Honestly...

At least it's not a Ground type, even if it resists Electric.

The next time we meet, I really won't let you escape!

Now we're past the halfway point, it's been fun using our newly powered up team.

Ah, not a Ground type to be seen. It's wonderful.

Ooh, that's some good shit, even our starter could use a little boost to keep him competitive.

Nobody would pay to see my show...

I feel like I've heard that before.

Well crap, not only is he using Ground types, but they're evolved too! We'll give Dhalsim some kills.

Since Dig was used before I switched Umbreon, I know exactly who's being targeted.

Alright, let's stop this nonsense by kicking Vibrava. There's no way it uses Dig twice in a row, right?


Ah well, I'm sure Dhalsim will shine soon enough.

Cipher Battle

Ohoh, now these are definitely trainers that don't often have Ground types.

It's been a bit rough, Umbreon, but I think we're in the clear.

No point buffing with Calm Mind when you lose most of your health in one shot.

Okay, just one more trainer to go it looks like. Man the updates where I cover this place are gonna be looooooong.

I hate this place...

And a crit Selfdestruct to top it off. Even at 75% power, these explosive moves are still very dangerous.

Master DAKIM will deflate your pride real quick!

Next time, it's the next Ciper Admin. Have you saved? You should probably go back and save...