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Part 11: Started from the Bottom

Part 11: Started from the Bottom

Let's finally complete our team before we basically end the game. Nickname by MissileWaster!

Before we head to Realgam Tower, we really need to prepare, so here's the hardest Story Colosseum to test our latest addition in. Oh yeah we're also purifying these Pokemon, as well as Piloswine, since it's a little tricky to see.

Colosseum Battle

The level disparity is pretty big, like the other colosseums, but we'll be facing pretty tough Pokemon. Not right now, it's still early, but it's an uphill struggle.

Garchump will spam Earthquake for the most part and our team will be able to accommodate that easily enough, but as a Vibrava, he's pretty frail and even with the Dragon Fang, Dragonbreath really doesn't do much. Sure, we're facing really strong Pokemon, but there's plenty of them in this game.

And for the love of god keep him away from Ice moves, jesus.

Remember that Twister has a chance to flinch? What a crazy world we live in.

Nothing too scary so far, but stupid Double Team will follow me to the ends of the earth.

Garchump nearly gets an OHKO, but hey, maybe later.

Well darn, it nearly stayed out the entire battle too.

Mawuh is not a fan of the final trainer, but really, who is?

Stop that.

Aw yeah, special attacking Sharpedo. That's the first round!

We're gonna need some money so we can stock up for the final area, and we also need some sweet TMs. Don't need Sandstorm, though, since it doesn't really do much compared to other weathers.

Anyway, Flygon time.

Perfect, now three of our team like the sun. Carbuncle can also get Morning Sun, but we've got items and he doesn't have the space for it anyway.

Don't bug me.

Why the hell does this Beautifly have Flying STAB in Gust? I forgot it even learned STAB moves.

Alright, smooth sailing so far. These Pokemon could be pretty deadly, since they're higher level, but we haven't encountered anything too deadly.

Meet something deadly. Grumpig is fast, hits hard, is pretty bulky and spreads the love. This third fight is real nasty.

Volbeat ain't no slouch either, having a strong attack in Signal Beam and of course outspeeds our entire team. Who knew 15 levels would make such a difference?

And to top it all off there's a Masquerain. While it doesn't do much offensively, it becomes annoyingly bulky with Intimidate and will quite happily sit there weakening your team to be knocked out by Grumpig.

Its attacks HURT, so we need to put that boy on a timer.

Since this was Venus's domain, her Attract strategy is everywhere, sucks that everyone is male so our team falls right into it.

We're gonna start seeing a lot more evolved Pokemon, which is a bit of a pain, we all know how good Politoed is.

Aside from that, we're just roasting some bugs.

Halfway through and we get a real nice TM! If you need some physical coverage, Sludge Bomb is great for that. Mawuh is the only one who can learn it, so we'll get rid of Psybeam, since it's not gonna cut it moving forward. Not like we're gonna need it, right?

Fuck. Well, Carbuncle is now our unique Psychic attacker.

But of course.

Sludge Bomb will also be nice dependable damage, as all of Mawuh's other moves are a wee bit inaccurate.

Ohoh, now that is a cheeky play.

Too bad it doesn't matter.

In fact, since this is such a Poison filled fight, let's bring out our shiny new toy.

Relatively bulky and deals a LOT of damage despite being a spread move. I love it.

Light Screen, eh?

The running theme of the LP is Carbuncle doesn't give a shit.

This is the whole reason for coming here: Shadow Ball. You need this move somewhere and Dhalsim is the perfect candidate, giving him excellent coverage where moments ago he had none. It is a hassle getting it though.

Oh look, a perfect example.

Now we don't have to kick Kadabra really hard, we can just throw shadows at it instead, it makes perfect sense!

Dhalsim takes a team apart, while Magnolia gets into a slugging match with a mushroom. Surprisingly comes out on top.

Okay he's not the perfect Ghost killer, some ghosts just do that too well, as we know.

What's the final trainer like?

Well, the Grumpig trainer was the hardest.

Our final TM is Iron Tail, if you need some more physical coverage. Garchump will only need Earthquake.

With all our cash, we can finally get some Revival Herbs! Oh boy are we gonna need them.

Finally, the rest of our money goes on Pokeballs. Don't stock up on healing items just yet if you've still got a few. I wonder if I got enough balls...

Realgam Tower

As far as final areas go, this is definitely different.

Well that's ominous. We've got three directions, so let's head left, I wonder what we'll find?

But, you know, we're not about to lose over and over to you. This time, I'll win. And I mean it this time. Let the music play! ...Oh, never mind that. We'll battle right away!

Miror B.'s Theme

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, best fictional character ever is back! Now for this battle the boring Cipher Admin theme will play, but we'll have enough of that going forward, since this is a boss rush! I know, it hasn't been that long since we faced some of the Admins, but for the most part, their teams are completely different, though the overall strategies remain similar.

There's some more Swift Swim and Rain Dish shenanigans, but he's not completely decked out with Ludicolo, alas.

Let's cut that bullshit right out.

Bit annoying, but our training in the Colosseums make us more than a match!


This Loudred has annoying type coverage. Oh well, Dhalsim will take care of it.

Oh boy.

Oh hey, it's the Sudowoodo replacement. This is your second opportunity to catch it, but there will be others if you wanna save your balls.

...was that an item? That makes you as evil as Justy!

Okay this Loudred has been on 1HP long enough, this is not a difficult fight.

Realgam Tower (The music is actually the Cipher encounter theme past the main entrance, but holy shit it makes this place even more boring than it already is, so no thanks)

This just won't do! But I'll admit you've beaten me thoroughly. Okay, since I'm done. I'll give you this. Here!

Think of that as a little gift from our great leader NASCOUR. Don't leave without it, because you'll get nowhere. But, you know, maybe it'd be for your own good if you didn't go on. Fuhohoho!

And off he goes again, where we'll see him next, no one knows. Anyway, from the entrance, we'll now head up.

It contains the healing machine and PC! (Ignore the old man, he's not important) Saves going to Phenac or something dumb. Alright, from the entrance, we'll head right.

Ah okay, hope you like empty rooms, this relatively simple maze has a few of them.

Cipher Admin Battle

Oh hey it's the buff boy. Last time we fought he could wreck us quite handily. What about now?

I think you know what's coming next.

Yeeeeeeep, this is why you need Reflect, cause Dakim's Earthquake users are pretty damn dangerous. He also mixes in Sunny Day, so his Fire attacks are gonna hurt and soften your Water attacks.

You should try and deal with Forretress asap, as they will try to use Explosion. Thankfully it also likes using Protect as well, so we'll see if we get asploded on.

If you thought Carbuncle wasn't being all that impressive with Psybeam... well guess what, he doesn't give a shit.

Alright, fair enough, that's one way to get through Reflect.

We're not strong enough to knock out the Earthquake user just yet, so incoming!

Well this is going swimmingly.

Might as well use the sun myself, since Magnolia really doesn't care about these Earthquakes.

Whatevs bruv.

Okay please stop doing that.

Alright, we've gone through Dakim's whole team while Forretress just sits there. Wonderful.

Like with Miror B., this battle could've gone a LOT smoother.

Okay, Forretress is now actually attacking and isn't using Explosion, that's great!

Tempting, but I'll stick with Hi Jump Kick like the fool I am.

And we didn't even need Fire Blast. Cool.

Realgam Tower

Now, take this. It's your passport to terror and despair!

If you're thinking of turning back, now's the time to do it. Go on home to Mommy! Daahahahah!

My mother's dead. Or in Johto. Either or.

Ah, then I shall be happy to take you. Oh? Where am I going to take you? Hohoho. Well, since you ask, you deserve a reply.

This man is not fun!

Oh yeah the boss battles in this area are pretty tough, but regular trainers are so ridiculously naff. Like our first Shadow Pokemon was level 30 and here we are, trainers only 10 levels above that? Well, I have gone through all the Colosseums and fought every trainer, imagine if I had gone through Mt. Battle with this team too. They gotta keep levels low, since exp is low overall and if you rush straight to the end, you'll be in trouble.

Anyway, off we go, past the healing room. Who's next?

Alright, more peons to fight, hopefully they're better than the last guy.

Even this late into the game, there's still plenty of Shadow Pokemon to obtain.

Sunflora, 120 catch rate (100%, low health, paralyzed, Great Ball), starting moves: Solarbeam, Ingrain, Growth, Shadow Rush/Sunny Day

The lategame Pokemon are pretty tricky to use, since there's some real nasty fights coming up and you'll want to purify these asap if you want to use them. If you're missing some coverage, or feel like a Pokemon here would be a nice upgrade, then go right ahead, but there's not a lot of battles left, so better make your final team choice fast. Sure, I waited quite a bit until Garchump, but he's very easily slotted onto the team no problem.

Oh yeah, Sunflora, it's a sun "sweeper", but something else should probably set it up first, while Sunflora protects. There's a lot of strong Pokemon and attacks flying about, so it's really fragile, even on the slightly better SpDef side of things. Outside of sun it's really slow, so hopefully Chlorophyll is enough to save you, a Solarbeam attacker is very useful, Magnolia is a very dependable member, but he can easily set up the sun himself. Aside from Solarbeam, you have an alright Sludge Bomb and then, uh, Light Screen? Safeguard? There's not a lot here, you missed out on Petal Dance by 8 levels, so Solarbeam is what you got.

We didn't get to use the sun this time around, but that's fine, Sunflora is a super easy catch. Not that I know, I don't look up catch rates before recording, though some you just know through being really good at games.

That's the way up cleared. But of course there's one more trainer.

So obviously you're the Fire themed dude, being right next to the Grass themed girl.

Nope! Here's another cool Shadow Pokemon to add to the pile. They're really bringing out the big guns.

Ice types? Fly? Like that's gonna be a proble-

Huh. Neat.

Delibird, 45 catch rate (50%, low health, paralyzed, Ultra Ball), starting moves: Fly, Present, Attract, Shadow Rush/Blizzard I have to? Well, it's a bugger to catch if nothing else, but Delibird REALLY does not have the stats to join you. Sure, you could give it a go, but the best attack it'll get is Blizzard. No Water Pulse and no Aerial Ace cuts this mon's options by about 75%, I'd say, since it really can't do much else. Unless you grind Mt. Battle, you're not getting the Ice Beam TM, so just hope you hit and then get knocked out because christ these stats and weaknesses. In the early game, this would've had some real nice type coverage, but here, just before the final boss? Oh nonononono.

This took a bit to catch, which is not good, since I really want to conserve my balls in this place. Hell yeah I'm gonna keep making these jokes, they write themselves!

At the very top left of this area lies...

Oh god. I dunno if I can get lucky a second time.

Cipher Admin Battle

Okay phew, I led well despite not knowing her mons (even if I did who knows what she would choose), but Venus's team is a lot less deadly than it was in The Under. She can and will absolutely screw you over if you get unlucky, but hyper offense is just how I like it!

The bad romance begins.

Hopefully this works out though, or I'm gonna look real stupid.

Okay phew, that worked out quite nicely. Let's keep it up.

Hmm. I'll take it.

When the Venus pain train starts rolling, it is really difficult to get off, so let's hope this is the worst of it.

Well that was pretty damn lucky. Now for Garchump to finish off Bellossom!

Annnnnnnnny minute now.

Oh for- I dunno why I bother sometimes.

Here, take this thing away! For that, I want your silence that this battle never happened!

I shall forget that I ever battled with you. Yes, that's what I'll do. Ohohohoh!

Only one admin left to find! Where's he lurking?

There's a lot of travel time in this area. It would suck if we had to backtrack for some reason.

I hope you've changed, I did fight you like 300 images ago.

Well he's still using his Thunder + Rain Dance strategy, but added in some Lightningrod mons to catch you out. Also some better Water users, so this can be pretty tricky. Carbuncle, well, you know the joke.

Between Dragonbreath, Body Slam and Thunder Wave, we're pretty well equipped for the more tougher Shadow Pokemon that's ahead. Thankfully we didn't have another four to catch in this area, I'm ball starved enough.

Guys... double battles are really good.

The rain onslaught is a bit much, but we should be alright.

More Carbuncle food?

Oh hell yes. Slower than a Starmie, but faster than a Crobat, how neat.

No need to get rid of the rain.

The sun will always shine.

Realgam Tower

Here, use this. Go on, open the door with it.

Fufufu... what awaits beyond the door? Why, you should see with your own eyes!

Alright, nothing left to do but continue heading up the tower.

GAH, this feature is something I forget about!

But hey, let's go all the way back to Agate, hopefully it's worth it. Next time, the second floor of the tower beckons. And maybe... beyond???