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Part 12: Middling Intermission

Part 12: Middling Intermission

Agate Village

Saving the world can wait, an old man needs to see us!

We got it, but... it was cut off before we got to anything worthwhile, Grandpa.

Oh? Is that so? That's odd... well, since you're here, it would be just as well to tell you in person. Hohoho. I have a little something I'd like THOMAS to have. Please, take this.

Now, THOMAS, ANCA, it's time for you to go. Bring down the criminal syndicate threatening world peace.

Well I think that was worth it. Now is the time to resupply with healing items, since we're going straight to the end game. Since we have the infinite ball glitch, you should really use the Master Ball on all the remaining Shadow Pokemon left in the game, it'll save you money and sanity, but of course I'm not going to do that.

Realgam Tower

Alright, let's continue on. Oh it was fun backtracking through all those domes, not annoying at all.

Of course it's never that easy.

Okay, with levels that low it, uh, kinda is that easy.

Hmm, I've still got some Net Balls left...

But nah, let's get rid of the Master Ball immediately. No, I didn't clone it. Yes, I'm a crazy badass. I'll be using it more strategically in XD, as fun as it might be to instantly use it there too.

Heracross, 45 catch rate (100% with Master Ball. Just kidding, 78% chance, low health, Net Ball, paralyzed), starting moves: Brick Break, Counter, Endure, Shadow Rush/Reversal

By far one of the best Pokemon to use in this game, if you really, really haven't gotten anything to finish of your team, or you have a physical attacker that's just not cutting it anymore, then god damn this thing is a monster. Sure, not having Megahorn sucks, but at least you'll get it postgame, while being frustratingly close in the endgame, so it needs Earthquake to deal some nice coverage damage. Brick Break will easily do you unless you want to get fancy with Focus Punch or Reversal. The Salac Berry is in this game, but you'll be able to buy it as the last thing you can do in the game, so hey, you can surprise your friends with that deadly combo. Otherwise, while it's bulky, there's a lot of heavy hitting mons around, especially those with Psychic and Flying moves, so it's a risky venture, but Heracross is really good. Use it if you have something to dump.

Finally, the base of the tower. This seems to be where most challengers are hanging. Also gah I guess, I started writing this sentence before noticing the email notification.

We've caught around 35 Shadow Pokemon, so yeah, I'd say there's more.

You are the thousandth guest to enter REALGAM TOWER since its opening! Yeah, like, as if. We just opened today. So that's not likely!

Everyone in Orre is so mean...

Okay I was worried Nuzleaf was gonna explode (since it learns that move as a Seedot in RS), but nope, just a Fake Out. Also damn, this is the first regular optional Story trainer we've faced since... The Under? There's gonna be quite a few.

Boi just got the freakin double!

Alright well that was a fun strategy. That was sarcasm, oh yeah!

Heheh. I bet I made you happy when I said you were the thousandth guest. Isn't that right?

I could tell I could battle you, since you weren't like every other receptionist in the game. Though of course it's still a female receptionist.

Since you bothered to come, you may as well enjoy yourselves. Hohoho.

You're lucky. Before anyone, I'll show you how skilled I am at battling!

Man, do any of these trainers have strong Pokemon?

Well it's something.

Our goal is the tube behind that dumb looking guard, but let's head into the side rooms first.

Holy shit a guy with sight. Haven't seen that since... Pyrite Cave? Oh god.

Hehehe. I've been hoping that I'd get a shot at battling you. Let's see this high-level battling that everyone's been talking about!

Sure thing buddy.

You're on the other side, but I still have to hand it to you!

But you need bait to get the attention of people like that. Something big and exciting. Yep, you guessed it. SHADOW POKEMON battles!



Ah well, it was all part of the plan.

There's gonna be some real exciting battles coming up, let me tell you!

...the Pokemart employee?

You Snagged my BAYLEEF back then! Yeah, you remember now! Well, pal, today's the day! It's payback time!

If we had missed out on Magnolia at the start of the game, then NOW is when we could have another chance of capturing him again. Unlike most Shadow Pokemon trainers, the skittle peons don't replace the starter if you catch it.

Alright, to the other side, nothing in this room anymore, despite looking like there should be. In this game about villains fighting villains in a miserable hellscape, even gambling is a step too far.

That's not important, though. The word is that CIPHER's boss is waiting for the both of you at the top of the TOWER. And, he's supposed to have the ultimate SHADOW POKEMON! THOMAS, ANCA! Good luck, and please be careful always!

Yeah yeah yeah, we'll do that in a minute. Let's see what's behind this door first. But wait, I didn't open it?

I've been waiting behind the door for you to come along. Been waiting a looong time! Next, I'll shock you even more with my POKEMON battle!

I suppose the good thing of Dhalsim constantly fainting is I'm always having it up front and sometimes it gets some good match ups.

Do you know how hard it is to just wait and wait and wait without moving. Try imagining it. Now think about it, eh? I doubt very much that you could keep at it for long! Wahaha!

Cmon, don't let this be the FIFTH LP where I can't eat anything. But at the same time, I think I could keep this joke up for my entire Pokemon SSLP career, which says a lot about Pokemon society.

Some opening day this is.

You know this game uses crazy far out there Pokemon when a trainer has a Chimecho.

While this isn't challenging, we are really going to need these levels. Like the final boss is gonna be this weak.

Alright, fun time's over, here's where shit gets real.

My name is NASCOUR. Do you remember? The time that we met in PHENAC CITY? I did have the feeling that I would one day face you in battle... but I never imagined that you would be the one to seek me out here. Very soon, we will be ready to greet your arrival in style. I will go ahead and wait for you. Don't keep me waiting for too long.

Of course, we're not fighting the final boss just yet.

One more naff trainer for the road. This is the last one, promise.

This is your last opportunity to save and heal. Are you ready? If you don't know what's coming, then I can definitely say you aren't.

Oh nevermind, guess we're stuck.

You're not going to break my heart and tell me you've forgotten my face, are you now?

That face! It can't be... TEAM SNAGEM! But why here?

Even if you don't want to believe it, you're absolutely right, little lady! I'm GONZAP, the boss of TEAM SNAGEM. And don't you forget it! Did you ask what I'm doing here?

Yes. Isn't this CIPHER's HEADQUARTERS? TEAM SNAGEM shouldn't have anything to do with this.

Uhehe. Well, surprise, surprise. We do have a lot to do with this, missy. We were just thieves before we got hold of the SNAG MACHINES. And where did we get them? From CIPHER. What they wanted was this: Go Snag superior-grade POKEMON from trainers everywhere!

What?! So this is all one big plot hatched by CIPHER?

That's what I'm saying. Aren't you the brainy one, missy. Master NASCOUR's waiting for you upstairs, but you've got me to deal with first. We've got a little score to settle here. It's time you paid up for wrecking our HIDEOUT and wiping out TEAM SNAGEM! Don't get any ideas about beating me! Gwaahahah!

VS Gonzap

Double Dark types is really bad for Carbuncle and while Crawdaunt doesn't know any Dark moves, I don't know that when recording. But I see a Solarbeam target.

Sure I activated Shiftry's Cholorophyll, but that's not gonna matter, right?


Haha, just kidding, we're fucked. I'm trying to conserve items for the final few fights, so I won't be reviving Pokemon unless I absolutely have to.

Gonzap is a damn though fight since he's all about hyper offense, like me, and I know how deadly that strat is. Like they gave Pinsir Cut just so it would have all attacking moves.

Good, great, awesome, outstanding, AMAZING

Still that's what Garchump is here for.

Hey, remember that Skarmory in the opening cutscene? Here it is.

Alright, time to start breaking out the Revival Herbs. Best item in the series.

I knew it would be a safe switch since Garchump is low health and the AI loves a dogpile.

Ah shit. I really don't want to use more of these herbs, but I might not have much choice.

Skarmory, 25 catch rate (28%, low health, paralyzed, Ultra Ball), starting moves: Steel Wing, Air Cutter, Metal Sound, Shadow Rush/Drill Peck

This is your last chance to replace something before the postgame, since anything else you might happen to obtain before the postgame can only be a Shadow Pokemon. Yeah, it sucks going alllllllll the way back to Relic Forest, but Skarmory is a really good pick before the final fights. Something very tanky that takes no shits from most moves AND can contribute with STAB? It's an excellent choice, since any Flying type before Gen 4 is worth your time if it knows Drill Peck. Then it's Brave Bird. Power creep, huh? Anyway, the only moves it can really use are Toxic and Protect, as the rest of its moveset is pretty nice, since even Metal Sound will be quite clutch. With healing items and the Sharp Beak it comes with, it'll stay around forever and deal some nasty damage while it does so. If you were using another Flying type before now, well, it's garbage, cause Skarmory is king.

Shit, Skarmory was breaking out of too many Pokeballs and we REALLY need them, so I'm just going to reload from a save, since there is no way in hell I'm heading all the way back to Outskirt Stand. That's how tight the endgame is gonna be.

Shadow Pokemon Resets: 6 7

While that's scary, we paralyze it unlike last time. So we should be able to catch it easily.

Eh, it'll do.

You, me, and the SNAG MACHINE... we can do whatever we please. The world will be ours, hey? ...yes? Humph. I can tell when you're just joshing me. But that doesn't matter anymore... there's no going back for you now. Get going.

We've gotta heal and save, cause next time, it's the final Colosseum. You're not ready.