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Part 16: Last Leftovers

Part 16: Last Leftovers

Welcome back to the last of the postgame! We're, uh, getting accused of assault by our boy Dash? That... doesn't seem right, let's see what the problem is.

I've got nothing to say to you!

The last part of the postgame is a bit annoying, since you're just jumping from one area to another to get emails to progress the story. Actually, how did Dash get our number anyway?

Outskirt Stand

Ah. Shit. Well that's definitely me. Did we catch a Togetic? It's a garbage enough Pokemon that I don't even remember, it was probably a Pokemon from the Lab or something, who cares.

Nett might hate us right now, but he still says please.

Truly harrowing. But interesting that they've developed a camera that can show Shadow Pokemon auras.

Good thing I keep going back and forth to where there's an easy TV.

Aw damn, we're battling Willie in the Outskirt Stand! While... I'm watching TV... in the Outskirt Stand...

I feel like I'm missing something here.

What's going to happen here? I, ANCHA, will remain on the scene to bring you this breaking story!

I feel like I'm getting the wrong end of the stick here...

Well at least I gave you a good battle.

I can see that you don't understand. But there is one thing certain! You're going to battle me!

VS... Thomas?

The final challenge of the game! It's not exactly easy, but we've overcame stronger foes than this.

Thomas has a lot of items, so it takes a bit to wear him down, but his relatively fragile Pokemon make things a bit easier.

We're getting foiled by Lightningrod more or less by accident.

Still, it's not a big deal, since the Gyarados isn't going for Earthquake even though Manectric has Protect. Handy!

Two bulky waters over here, sheesh.

Always have an Electric move, Gyarados are everywhere.

Oh look Mawuh is out with Garchump again. Ah whatever, it gets rid of Milotic.

Here it is, the final Shadow Pokemon in the game. It's shit.

Togetic, 75 catch rate (50%, high health, paralyzed, Ultra Ball), starting moves: Yawn, Sweet Kiss, Charm, Shadow Rush/Metronome

It's the end of the game, as I probably keep annoyingly mentioning, but even if this was higher level and had a better moveset, Togetic is still really, really bad. For stalling or being annoying, Shuckle is infinitely better and it really doesn't do much otherwise in the various battle modes. Some Pokemon just feel like they're missing an evolution, right? Thank god for Gen 4, honestly. But hey, this mon is usually pretty rare and annoying to find, so here's a good prize to send over to the main games. There's nothing else, it's fuckin Togetic, the weakest Shadow Pokemon in the game.

Nice job me, you beat... me. Hm.

Oh right, it's just a Cipher member. Cool, what a way to end the game! You noticed how Rui hasn't said anything all postgame?

And he would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for your rotten journalistic standards.

Huh? You mean I can stop running now? You know, you really are a bighearted kind of guy! Thanks! From now on, I'll be hoping for your safety while I run.

That's everything we can do in this game, we've caught all 48 Shadow Pokemon first time with only 10 resets! That's not bad, so I guess we should purify the last ones.

There was only 7 left, so a full party purify and the final Time Flute goes to Togetic. I, uh, did not plan it that way, but it's cool it worked out like that!

And there we go. We're done with this game! There's nothing else we can actually do in story mode, unless you want to rematch all kinds of trainers, from the ones down in Duel Square, to Trudly and Folly in the mayor's house in Phenac. Despite being a pretty short game, there's a bit more than I expected.

All that's left is the various battle modes this game offers. In Battle Now, you can, well, battle right now, just jump straight into a single or double battle.

If the Ultimate AI is what bosses in this game use, then, oof, it's not that great.

You're given a set of 6 Pokemon to use, but if you don't like what you're offered, you can just cancel out and go back in. Now, I am using the second set, but I didn't realise the name changed for each set, using the standard names from the start of the game. So the fact I chose the THOMAS team is purely coincidental.

Oh, we're just facing another preset team. Uh, cool? Now we're seeing the Stadium features of this game, you choose 3 or 4 Pokemon depending on the mode and get ready for battle!

And now we're battling. All Battle Mode, uh, battles don't have items and no Call option, so no cheating out Sleep. But since I've got a Calm Mind Suicune, well...

It wasn't exactly tough.

Let's go into the other, more important modes.

Using three other GBA games you can participate in 2v2 battles with friends. If you had 3 other friends around Gen 3's release. I didn't. Or just 1v1 battles if you only have the 1 friend. The models of the RS protagonists are in this game, so if you hook up your GBA you can fight as them in 3D!!! You can use the other Gen 3 games to fight, but the models for those PCs are only in XD.

There's quite a bit to this section, huh? Here's where you can exchange Pokecoupons to save you having to go into the Story mode's Mt. Battle to exchange them, which is nice. You can also transfer your Pokecoupons to a GBA game, so they're not lost if you start a new game, letting you pool a lot of Pokecoupons if you want. The prizes are the same.

Before you can actually use any of these modes, you need to register 6 Pokemon to use, either 6 Pokemon from the Colosseum main game, or on a GBA game so you don't have to trade them over 1 by 1 to then register them. If you want the good stuff, then you should get used to doing so via Colosseum.

We'll register our team, even if we're not going to seriously tackle these modes, since I've had enough battling for one game. Still, despite the size of these modes (and they're pretty meaty), you can resume them at any time, which is quite nice.

So Mt. Battle is in this mode and it's a bit different to the story mode version. Like in story, we can use 6 Pokemon.

But like the other battle modes, we only use 3 or 4 Pokemon out of our 6, and our opponents are the same. If you remember, the story mode version of this guy was a completely different trainer with completely different Pokemon, so you can't rely on that knowledge. Still, they start off very easy, so it's similar in that the first 70 or so battles are gonna be pretty tedious. Unlike the story mode, however, you can't change your party in any way, nor resume from a previously beaten area, though you can save progress between each battle.

Pretty easy. Mt. Battle does get harder quicker, since the Pokemon you face will always match your highest level, so if you want to have a similar time to a battle facility, then bring over some level 100 Pokemon and go to town.

Since they always use a certain amount of Pokemon, the battles are quicker in this mode AND you get continues for a perfect fight, similar to the Stadium games. This makes this place a lot easier to get through, since you'll be burning through those continues towards the end. But of course, I'm not going to go through this place, even though there are some nice rewards for it. Let's go over them!

The main draw of doing the Battle Mode Mt. Battle is, if you've purified all 48 Shadow Pokemon and go through the entire facility with the same 6 Pokemon registered from Pokemon Colosseum, you'll get a Ho-oh. Just bam, a level 70 Ho-oh placed in the box. You'll also get the Earth Ribbon for your party if you do this is story or battle mode, but Ho-oh is only available in battle mode. It's the only way to get Ho-oh in a Gen 3 game, unless you luck out and haven't done your Navel Rock event in FRLG and Emerald. You'll also get Pokecoupons as a reward for clearing each area, though as we saw when I went over them earlier, it starts low then quickly goes up. If you use a legendary Pokemon, they'll each cut the reward amount by 13%, so watch out. Oh yeah, there's also the final trainer, which is different from story mode and slightly different depending on if you chose Single or Double Battles.

In Single mode, you'll face 3 of Mt.BtlMaster Infin's Pokemon while Double mode has you face 4 of Mt.BtlMaster Inity's Pokemon. You might wonder why Inity doesn't have a Groudon, well battle 98 has one instead for a Chlorophyll team, while battle 99 has a Kyogre for a Swift Swim team. There's also a lot more legendaries in general, including Jirachi! It sounds like hell to get through, so no, I'm not doing this mode. Next!

The final mode is the Colosseum mode, where you do eight battles in a row in the various story mode colosseums. Like with Mt. Battle, they're full of strong trainers with proper movesets and can be challenged in either single or double battles. There's also an unknown colosseum, the Orre Colosseum. If you conquer each of the colosseums in either singles or doubles in their level bracket (3 level 50s or 1 level 100), then you can challenge that level of the Orre Colosseum. What kind of place is the Orre Colosseum? Well, you'll see.

Annoyingly you can't do any Colosseum battles if you have any kind of Mt. Battle challenge going on, and vice versa, since only one suspend data can be saved at once.

Also if you want to challenge the Tower Colosseum, you're not brought up in level, whereas the level 50 modes rise to match your strongest Pokemon. So you should probably take this mode down with level 100 Pokemon.

Alright, that's everything to do with Battle Mode. There's a lot there, but since I want to do other things in my life, I won't go through them. But is there anything else to go over? Well, yes, lemme just reset first...

So let's dive into bonus content, especially stuff you wouldn't be able to access at all! This is the Celebi Bonus Disc, given to preorders of this game to preview a bunch of GBA and GC games, such as Pokemon Box RS, Donkey Konga, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and Mario Party 5, as well as give you a Celebi for your Colosseum game as well as your Gen 3 games (originally RS, but any is fine), so long as you've beaten the game and saved in a Pokemon Center. This is slightly different to the Jirachi bonus disc, also given to preorders of the game with previews of Pokemon Colosseum and the 6th movie: Jirachi: Wish Maker, but you did not need Pokemon Colosseum to receive it, just a copy of Ruby or Sapphire, to obtain one Jirachi on one save file. These methods are the only way of obtaining legit Jirachi or Celebi on a Gen 3 game, so I hope you can still find them.

Before we get the main reason of obtaining this disk, here's a little bonus within your bonus.

In honor of your impressive achievement, we present you with a PIKACHU holding a LIGHTBULB and this PP MAX!

The English is, uh, mostly there. Still, depending on how many Pokecoupons you've obtained in your saved game, you can get some little prizes, with a PP Max for a Bronze rank, a Pikachu holding a Light Ball for a Silver rank and a Master Ball for a Gold rank. Pretty interesting stuff.

Like with the feature in Battle Mode, this lets you transfer your Pokecoupons to a Gen 3 game so you can keep them if you want to restart, or have another pool to exchange for prizes.

So, how goes it? Is your quest to purify SHADOW POKEMON proceeding smoothly? Ah! You've managed to purify all the SHADOW POKEMON in the ORRE REGION?! That's amazing, THOMAS! But it is you, after all! Hm? Wh-What's that?! It... it's CELEBI!

THOMAS, if you have a friend who would like to receive CELEBI's blessing like you did, you should bring them here.

Sounds good, you can only get a Celebi onto your Colosseum game once you've purified all 48 Shadow Pokemon, letting you then transfer 48 different Celebi to 48 Gen 3 games! How neat. You can only get one Celebi for your Colosseum file, but I'm using AR codes not only to access this to begin with, but to get myself unlimited Celebi. And that's not all...

Another AR code changes the Celebi I'm obtaining into a Ho-oh! Saves me having to do all of Mt. Battle again in Battle Mode! You need a slot in your party to obtain these rewards, aside from Ho-oh, but that's three new Pokemon we've obtained that doesn't require any trading with Gen 3, which Jirachi would require.

These aren't the legit Pikachu and Celebi, since their English versions were never released (though are in the game), they're only proper if they're Japanese, which is why the Celebi is sometimes referred to as the Agato Celebi, the Japanese name of Agate and its translated OT.

This is, however, the perfectly legit Ho-oh from climbing up Mt. Battle. I'm so glad I was able to obtain it via cheating instead of the shitty legit way.

But there we go, that is absolutely everything there is in Pokemon Colosseum. It's a fun game with a lot more to it than you'd expect, especially after you finish the game and can dive into the various postgame modes. If you're not a huge fan of battling, then there's not much for you, admittedly, but if you want to fight against your friends on the big screen, there's this and there's XD: Gale of Darkness, which we're heading to next, since Colosseum is finished!

...welllllllllll, I suppose there's one more thing.