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Part 9: The Enemy is in Dragnor!

Threat to Ransei

Welcome back to the final Conquest update! It's gonna be a pretty long one, since it's not something I can split into two even chunks. So let's go do the standard stuff you all know and love.

Ow, Dragon Rage. The Snorunt line is Aya's Perfect Link, but is it with the large angery snowball, or the frozen people collector? (Hint: it's the one with an annoying item to get)

Nice going Yoshimoto, we're about done here. Hosokawa Tadaoki was a samurai and Hosokawa Gracia's husband. He refused to help Mitsuhide after he betrayed Nobunaga and was under Hideyoshi in the Odawara Campaign. He became friends with Ieyasu in order to settle some financial problems and sided with him against Mitsunari, probably because Mitsunari tried to kidnap his wife. At the Battle of Sekigahara Tadaoki clashed with Shima Sakon and was given land in Buzen after the battle. He was succeeded by Hosokawa Tadatoshi, who received the huge area of Higo where his family remained for 200 years.

Glaceon... It's weird, but I sense an even greater strength from you now... Do you get the same feeling? Let's stay friends, Glaceon!

The thread voted on Glaceon, which is a bit of a shame, since I did pick it in my last game, but it makes my life a lot easier coming up and it's cute as hell, so I'll gladly have it! Eevee evolves into Glaceon when you perform an action in Nixtorm when its Attack is 91. We'll go over the others when we see them.

I will grow even stronger if we stay together, and so will you. Let us go together, Luxio!

You should get Luxio much earlier, but I just never used Ginchiyo for whatever reason, probably cause I recruited her too late. Oh well, we've got her Perfect Link now. Shinx evolves when its Attack is 35.

Luxio was a bit unexpected, but I was properly going for Conkeldurr. "Trade" evolutions happen when the Pokemon is past a certain Link (in this case 60%) and you fulfil the Warrior recruitment conditions with that Pokemon. You don't have to actually recruit them (in the case of unrecruitables like Nobunaga's army, for instance), just fulfil the conditions. And yet... Conkeldurr's not Yoshihiro's Perfect Link like Samurott and Motochika. Interesting.

"different too?"

I believe the love we share will make us both stronger, Snorunt! I ask for your help always!

...we all done here? Nice. Onto the next thing.

Guess which Warlord I'm trying to evolve next? Would be nice...

More stuff. Might as well get Whirlipede if it shows up!

Drat... one password a month? Ugh. Well since we've got a lot of peeps in our army, I see a few passwords could be quite useful. We'll see what they do later.

Akechi Shigetomo was a general under Akechi Mitsuhide, participating in the attack on Honnō-ji. And if you can read the jp wiki, you can find out so much more.

Man you guys couldn't have evolved like much earlier, maybe? Still, better late than never. Charmander evolves when its Attack is 50.

They're perfect for each other.

...I dunno why I said no to this. I was thinking that if I evolved it I wouldn't be able to register Gabite when I get Tadaoki's Perfect Link... but you register a Pokemon you use in battle to get the Perfect Link, so I'm just being dumb.

More Warriors! Tsunokuma Sekisō was a military counselor of Ōtomo Sōrin and again, requires the jp wiki to learn more.

Omi no kata was the wife of Saitō Dōsan and mother of Nōhime, who's like 6 screenshots away. She was the daughter of Akechi Mitsutsugu and birthed all of Dōsan's kids and, uh, not much is really known about her. We are a little separated from the main cast after all.

As you'd expect Conkeldurr is a monster. Sure Superpower lowers Attack and Defence, but do you think it gives a shit?

Spectra is where Ransei's Ghost-type Pokemon tend to gather. Normal-type and Fighting-type attacks have no effect on Ghost-type Pokemon... But Dark-type Pokemon should do well against them.


Ugh, Spectra.

Come to see our Warlord, have you? Hey! We have a visitor!

Thank you so much for coming all this way out here. I hate to disappoint you, but you will be going home empty handed.

VS Spectra

It shines so brightly, it scorches the soul... Just like someone I know...

Alright let's get rid of this tree so we've got more room. Spectra is a pretty annoying battlefield, but you'll be staying in one place for most of it. It's everything around it that's annoying.

Ahh... so goddamn kawaii...

Oh yeah, those flames have 2 range, close miss! So there's 3 flames chilling around the arena and if you move adjacent to one then it'll move to you and inflict you with a status condition. Otherwise, if you're within 2 squares of it it'll move towards you at the end of the turn. However, if the type of Pokemon is immune to the status condition it's trying to inflict, then it'll miss. So it was trying to freeze Glaceon, which uh, won't work. Dusclops wasn't so lucky and got badly poisoned (thank god). The AI will quite happily walk into these flames like dumbasses.

They'll then move at the end of the turn to wherever in their range and new flames will appear so there's always 3 no matter what.

...UGGGGGGGGGH. At the end of the turn the Misdreavus statues will move up to 3 squares. Only a few will move to begin with, but it'll quickly start ramping up and 7-8 will be moving around and they're immortal roadblocks you need to go around. So with the flames and the statues, you're gonna be spending a WHILE waiting for everything to stop moving. Not a huge deal for me, since I can speed things up, but oh my god it's frustrating on a normal game. Aside from those two things, this arena is pretty boring, so there's nothing to keep your interest.

It's like the cameras, but worse!

Slowly moving up, always best to get the first attack.

No, not the range up skills!

Nice going dumbass

Gah, more range up skills!

The poison is only gonna get worse.

GET THE PICTURE? I'll stop showing them now, but remember it's now the start of turn 3...

Luxio is pretty good, Discharge is a great move and deals a lot of damage if you can line it up right. Also Glaceon is actually really strong.

Don't underestimate the enemy, though, they're pretty tough and Ghost is a pretty good offensive typing.

I hate the accuracy lowering abilities so much...

Ghosts are a bit tanky too, so this might take a bit of time.

The poison is really helping. I'm not in a danger of being suddenly taken out by a load of damage, but it makes this fight less of a headache.

...Kenshin plz

Nice, now there's only 3 left.


The Misdreavus just keeps hanging in there and the Lampent got around the statue blockade to enter the fight.

Finally Kenshin hit, but maybe having Jigglypuff in the way wasn't the best idea.

Nice Flame Burst there. Also cause of that crit guess there's no pinch healing! Man I'm good at strategy...

While Scolipede is getting around the statues, let's focus on Lampent. Making sure to attack with Gallade first so Glaceon doesn't take extra damage.

Scolipede has dodged 3 Psycho Cuts so far. im not mad.

Ah piss off with that.

Oh hey I completely forgot to do overviews for our opponents and I have to do it now cause it spoils how they faint, so here's where I remembered in the footage! I'm good at this... Nōhime was the offical wife of Nobunaga, said to be incredibly intelligent, beautiful and skilled in martial arts. Her marriage to Nobunaga was political during a truce during Nobunaga's father, Nobuhide and Nō's father, Saitō Dōsan. There was not much love between Nobunaga and Nō, he focused on his concubine, Ikoma Kitsuno and Nō bore him no kids, instead raising Oda Nobutada, Nobunaga's heir with Kitsuno. There's not much of a record of her and she faded into the background after Nobunaga's death and the peace of the Tokugawa shogunate. Supposedly she was a spy for her father, though it wasn't uncommon for a wife to relay info to her maiden family, especially back when Nobunaga wasn't much of a bigwig. After Dōsan was killed in a coup, her worth as a political wife lessened and her lack of heir and suspected spying were held against her.

Izumo no Okuni was the originator of kabuki theatre and a miko at the Grand Shrine of Izumo, later performing, singing and acting in the dry riverbeds of Kyoto. Her father was a blacksmith nearby the Izumo shrine where Okuni eventually joined. She was often sent to Kyoto to perform sacred dances and songs. Her skill in dancing, singing and her natural beauty started to draw larger and larger crowds, until she ignored the shrine's call to return, though she still sent money. From there, she gathered up female outcasts and misfits, particularly prostitutes, and taught them her craft. Kabuki possibly comes from kabukimono, from kabuku, to learn in a certain direction, and mono, people. They mostly lacked plot, but were colourful and daring. She found a lover in Nagoya Sansaburō who supported her financially and artistically and kabuki evolved to become more dramatic and spread throughout Japan, until Togugawa Iemitsu banned women from performing kabuki.

Saitō Dōsan was a Japanese samurai and father to Nōhime and Saitō Yoshitatsu. Originally a monk and oil seller, he become daimyō of Toki Yorinari through Gekokujō, translated as the lower rules the higher, where the previous daimyō is overthrown by their vassals or clerics or peasants. He set up the Saito fortress in Inabayama and went on to defeat Oda Nobuhide at the Battle of Kanōguchi, becoming known as the Viper of Mori for his ruthlessness in battle. He was eventually defeated and was forced to marry his daugther to Nobunaga before falling in battle against his adopted son Yoshitatsu in the Battle of Nagara-gawa.

Inaba Ittetsu was a samurai and general of the Saitō clan, one of the Mino Triumvirate with Andō Morinari and Ujiie Bokuzen when they decided to all join the forces of Nobunaga. He took part in the Battle of Anegawa as well as the Siege of Inabayama Castle. His son, Inaba Masanari, married Saitō Fuku, a woman close to the Tokugawa family who raised Iemitsu.

Ujiie Bokuzen was a samurai and general of the Saitō clan, one of the Mino Triumvirate with Andō Morinari and Inaba Ittetsu. He participated in the Battle of Anegawa, but died in the Siege of Nagashima while under the command of Shibata Katsuie and was the first of the three to die.

Andō Morinari was a samurai and general of the Saitō clan, one of the Mino Triumvirate with Inaba Ittetsu and Ujiie Bokuzen. Before joining them, he was head retainer under Saitō Dōsan after he overthrew Toki Yorinari, the original ruler of Mino. He fought in the Siege of Inabayama Castle, the Battle of Anegawa and in the Ishitama Honganji war. After the fall of Honganji he was dismissed after negotiations for his contract came to a standstill and he died as a ronin.

Jesus, finally. Kenshin usually has great accuracy in most cases, but not in this instance. It's not frustrating at all.

Long Day

Now go, Azai. You must never stop moving forward. He would be disappointed in you if you did.

Ah! You must know what my brother desires? You must tell us!

Well... Why don't you pay him a visit and see for yourself? Go. Entertain him...

Threat to Ransei

Staravia... I sense a greater power than I did before... Do you feel it too? I feel as though I could become stronger if you're around, Staravia. Let's stay friends.

Aw, it's perched on his arm. This game is great.


Finally... The next kingdom is... Ah!

But you're up against Nobunaga now... You're going to need more than a few party tricks up your sleeve...

But you're gonna beat him, Azai! I just know it!

Hehe... You don't need to worry about me, Lord Azai. Let's go!

"go away again"

Let's ignore Dragnor for the moment and focus on PASSWORDS. There's a lot of Pokemon in this game and some of them are rare as shit. That's dumb, so let's make it less dumb.

The Pokemon that have appeared as a result of your entering the password will only be around for this month, so it is recommended that you save your game now. Once you save, you will not be able to use the password again.

We're doing all this for Rikyu, the tea master that has served us greatly over this game. He is the only Warrior to Perfect Link with the Pansage line, so it makes things a lot easier when you can just call certain Pokemon to a kingdom once a month. Oh we will be making use of this system.

Also finally getting Darmanitan helps. Sure it would've been nice if this had happened earli- I've said that a lot this update already. Darumaka evolves when its Attack reaches 110.

So there's a few passwords for this game, ones for the wifi stuff and a fair few released randomly over the months for cool Pokemon to appear. There's not too many though, but I don't let that stop me. I've got a lovely program called PassConqueror that lets me generate all the passwords I could want and let any Pokemon appear at any time. Now of course there are limited password slots for each cartridge, but I've got an AR code that wipes those slots clean. So when I want a Pokemon, I'm getting a Pokemon... a month later.

Finally fixed that earlier mistake, but now it's time for the final battle!

Dragnor is home to lots of Dragon-type Pokemon. Ice-type attacks work well against Dragon-type Pokemon... Lord Azai... I believe in you. I know you're going to win!


I have returned, Ranmaru... But not in the way that you think. I'm here as Lord Azai's friend and ally!

Lady Oichi, it is still not too late. I beg you to reconsider. You are Lord Nobunaga's sister, after all...


I shall not tolerate anyone who attempts to stand in my way. Even if they are my own flesh and blood...


I had almost grown tired of waiting for you. Now, it is time. Time for Nobunaga to take the final step.

VS Dragnor

Show that you are superior to Nobunaga, if you can...

Welcome to Dragnor... it's boring. It's a straight corridor and your guys should be strong enough by now to not have much difficulty beating this map. The colour pillars are the only interesting thing and they do what you expect, stand adjacent to them and they'll hit you with that colour's type and if it's red, tries to burn you, or paralyze you if yellow. Woo.

I'm afraid I cannot make allowances for you, Lady Oichi!

On the first turn the enemy won't move, which is a first.

Range up skills, my one weakness!

Unlike Spectra, the AI isn't dumb enough to walk into the map's traps, but they will if it's to attack someone, or if you smacked them into it.

The lights change each turn and only affect the Pokemon that most recently stood next to it. So if it activates again, you won't take another hit if you're already standing next to it. White lights heal HP and status, while grey lights are inactive nodes.

Hey I remembered the show off the stats a bit earlier this time, aren't you proud??? So, Oda Nobunaga, we can finally talk about this damn guy, but where to begin? Well, his early years, probably. He was a powerful daimyō that was one of the first to have the goal of conquering Japan within tangible reach. He had much of Honshu subjugated at the time of his death, which paved the way for Hideyoshi and Ieyasu to unite the local daimyōs under a shongunate. As a child, Nobunaga was known for his strange behavior unbeffitting of an heir and made friends with the local children.

When his father died unexpectedly, many Oda retainers began to side with Nobunaga's brother, Nobuyuki. Hirate Masahide, a mentor and retainer, committed seppuku in shame at Nobunaga's behaviour, which had a profound effect on him. The Oda clan was divided into many factions, so Nobunaga slew his rival heir, Nobutomo and forged an alliance with the Imagawa clan to secure power in the region. But when Yoshimoto marched towards Kyoto, Nobunaga repelled him and the Oda clan killed him under the cover of thunderstorm. From there, Nobunaga forged an alliance with a young Ieyasu and political marriages with both Shingen and Azai Nagamasa. He also noticed the talents of a young Hideyoshi. And there's still so much more to say.

Mori Ranmaru was a page and attendant of Nobunaga and was known for his talent in the field, loyalty and his beauty. After the fall of Takeda Katsuyori, Ranmaru was rewarded with Iwamura Castle and he was with Nobunaga during the attack on Honno-ji. His devotion to his lord was so much, that he and his younger brother committed seppuku to follow their lord. It was thought that their relationship was very intimate and sexual, following the nanshoku tradition at those times and was a common and widely admired practise, showing the strong bonds of loyalty between a lord and his attendant.

Takigawa Kazumasu was a retainer to Nobunaga and later Hideyoshi and participated in many battles along with his lord. When he was appointed by Nobunaga, he was assigned to keep an eye on the Hōjō clan while in the Kōzuke Province. Following Nobunaga's death, he, along with many other Oda retainers, initially opposed Hideyoshi, but pledged their loyalty after he defeated them. After suffering a large defeat, he retired from battle and became a Buddhist monk.

Oda Urakusai was the brother of Nobunaga and Oichi and since he wasn't an heir to the Oda clan in the most likely circumstances, he became an accomplished practitioner of the tea ceremony, under his master Sen no Rikyū. He eventually started his own school of tea ceremony.

Sassa Narimasa was a retainer to Nobunaga and was granted the Etchū Province for helping Shibata Katsuie fight the Uesugi clan. After Nobunaga's death, he joined Ieyasu in his unsuccessful challenge against Hideyoshi, though he eventually pledged his loyalty and was spared. However, in his new fief in Kyushu, he had a hard time suppressing a local revolt and was forced to commit seppuku by Hideyoshi for his failure.

Hirate Masahide was a samurai who served the Oda clan, first Nobuhide, then Nobunaga, to teach him in the way of the sword. He was a skilled diplomat, dealing with the crumbling Ashikaga shogunate, as well as the emperor. Masahide served alongside Nobunaga in his first battle and brokered peace between Nobuhide and Dōsan, arranging the marriage between Nobunaga and Nōhime. Because of this, the Oda clan was able to focus on fighting the Imagawa clan. After Nobuhide's death, he was one of those who sided against Nobunaga due to his erratic and eccentric behaviour and finally committed seppuku to remonstrate his young master with his death. While this didn't change Nobunaga's behaviour much, he did build Seishu-ji in his memory and grieved for him.

Holy shit Glaceon, don't stop. Keep it up too Gallade.

Okay that's annoying. And something I shouldn't have fell for, oh well!

Yeah Glaceon makes this battle into a joke, especially since it's now got the power to back up its high Link. But otherwise it's not that tough a fight, since we're bringing all the strong people. And Aya. And Oichi.

Haha, just as planned. Zekrom hits like a motherfucker, as you'd expect, so this will help a lot.

Simisage's first attack is gonna sting, but if you can keep encouraging it to attack, then it'll stay pretty weak. Having Pokemon attack one turn and then not the next is definitely a good strategy.

The only interesting thing about the pillars is they do a lot of supereffective damage, so definitely watch out for that, cause it'll really sting.

Thank you Burn!

Oh, it's on 3 health? Does that mean... DOES THAT MEAN...?

God fucking dammit Oichi that would've been perfect. It's frustrating, even though Jigglypuff is similar in Link to Zekrom (maybe even higher), the combination of enemy Pokemon and Warrior stats means it has like a 50% chance to hit. That really sucks and really pushes you to only use good Pokemon so you don't miss all the time. It's a big problem with this game, cause I feel like missing attacks is way more frustrating in this game due to how important it can be and it happens way too often.

And with that we've conquered all 17 kingdoms!




Azai... Dragnor is yours. Hehehe... Hahahaha!

...alright then.

Long Day

I'm... I'm so happy!

You did it, Azai! A battle with all of Ransei at stake... What an experience!

Nobunaga's ambition has been thwarted.


! Could it have been...? Come on, Lord Azai! Let's go to Dragnor Castle to find out!

Threat to Ransei

Well that's definitely a point of no return. But what could be in this tower? What could await us? We'll find out... later this update! Told you it was a long one. But now we have quite the opportunity, with every kingdom available to us. So instead of ending the game we're gonna chill for a few months to do the last little bits we can. Sure, there's nothing in Dragnor for us, but we might as well recruit some last few Warriors and if you've got any Pokemon that are close to evolving, now's the time to do it!

Something I forgot about was that after beating Nobunaga at Dragnor, everyone gets their turn back, no matter what! Very nice.

Floating Rock areas are still awful to recruit people on, so we've missed out on Yoshitaka. In any case, Mori Nagayoshi was Ranmaru's older brother and an officer of the Oda clan. He was known for his bad temper and ruthlessness in battle, giving him the nickname "Devil." His efforts for Hideyoshi in the difficult Battle of Komaki and Nagakute ultimately took his life and his younger brother Mori Tadamasa became the next Mori clan head.

Saitō Yoshitatsu was Nō's half-brother and Dōsan's eldest son. There were rumours that Dōsan was not actually his father and further suspicions arose when Dōsan began to think of naming Saitō Nagatatsu as heir instead. So Yoshitatsu feigned illness to murder his two younger brothers and openly declared war on Dōsan. They fought at the Nagaragawa river, with armies on either side. Yoshitatsu's forces crossed first and attacked deep into Dōsan's ranks before being beat back by the counterattack. With most of Yoshitatsu's forces across, the battle turned in Yoshitatsu's favour and Dōsan was killed. Yoshitatsu assumed control of Mino and was able to repel Nobunaga when he came to avenge Dōsan's death, but eventually died of illness.

Also Darmanitan has Fire Blast, which is an amazing attack that can hit 11 squares at once in a kinda stretched star pattern.

Ah shit. The password allowed Croagunk to appear, since it's a rare swarm Pokemon. However, only 2 Croagunk appeared while we have all 3 Warriors that can Perfect Link with that line. 2-4 swarming Pokemon will appear at once, so we got unlucky, since we had 4 Pansage appear last month. So Kanemori is gonna have to wait, if I remember.

Oh hey Yoshitaka appeared immediately in the new month. Nice. Kuki Yoshitaka was a naval commander under Nobunaga and later Hideyoshi, supporting land based attacks with his large fleet, ensuring the victory of the Third Battle of Nagashima for Nobunaga. Under Hideyoshi he led the fleet towards Kyūshū, as well as the Siege of Odawara and was the commander of Hideyoshi's fleet in the invasion of Korea, though was defeated in the Battle of Myeongryang. In the Battle of Sekigahara, he fought against Ieyasu with the Toyotomi forces while his son, Kuki Moritaka, fought under Ieyasu. With his victory, Moritaka successfully guaranteed Yoshitaka's safety from Ieyasu, but Yoshitaka committed seppuku before the news could reach him.

Takatane's Shinx was really close to evolving for most of this game. Whoops!

As a side note, Beldum knows Iron Head in this game, instead of Take Down, thank god.

Araki Murashige was a retainer of Nobunaga and commanded part of his army during the Siege of Ishiyama Honganji. He was accused of sympathies to the Mōri clan by Mitsuhide and had to retreat to Itami Castle. He held out against Oda's forces before the castle finally fell and he escaped. He lived out his life as a disciple of Rikyu.

Next month! There's no new Warriors to recruit, so we'll register everyone we got last month and go a couple other things.

Like new abilities! As you can see, we've accrued a lot of cash from Developing our castles the entire game, so we're really rolling in it. With all 16 castles (as Azai doesn't Develop, lazy bastard), we get nearly 10k in one month, it's pretty crazy. We'll be wanting some real nice abilities for Pokemon we'll definitely be using in the future.

Delicious. But we've got a lot more cash.

Oh YES, might as well spend our money now, though I didn't spend all of it since I couldn't really think of a lot of Pokemon that would really make good use of it. Solid Rock on Rhyperior was tempting, but Lightningrod is more fun. I'm sure we'll find some more later.

More links and another evolution, excellent! Piplup evolves when its Attack reaches 51. But, hmm, isn't there one more evolution left? One more we absolutely have to do and have spent most of the game gunning towards?

And there we go, that's everyone! All the remaining Warriors in our army are either too far away from evolving, or their Perfect Link just hasn't showed up for whatever reason. Sure, we could grind endlessly... but I'm alright, cheers.


There's no turning back now, Lord Azai. Let's go!

*elevator whirr.mp69*

Ah! Lord Azai! Over there!


VS Arceus

Link with me... Show me your strength...

That's... the legendary Pokemon...

Oh my god... it's... my God.

Ow, God hurts.

Like you'd expect from a legendary, it's tough to link with, the orbs go by so fast, so double tapping them is pretty tricky.

Let's spread out to ease the damage done (take as much damage as you want, it doesn't matter, I just forgot how some of this went down).

I have been waiting for you, Azai...

That's amazing... This means...

Not so fast.


So the legends were true... Hm. Very well. But legends can be overcome. With an army mighty enough...



Hehe... It is time.

Nobunaga and Rayquaza shall defeat this legendary Pokemon... And bring destruction to Ransei. For all our sakes...

VS Nobunaga

You ready for the final boss? Cause even with Arceus, this is not an easy fight. After all, it just replaced our Glaceon and it would be real handy right about now.

There have been some changes to these Warlords since we last fought them, but half of them are still the same. So with Nobunaga, Hideyoshi and Ieyasu on the same team, let's talk about how they rose to power. After killing Yoshimoto and exerting control over most of his territory, Nobunaga then turned to the Saitō clan after the death of Yoshitatsu to take advantage of his inexperienced son Tatsuoki, capturing Inabayama Castle and forcing him into exile. With more and more power, Nobunaga was approached by Ahikaga Yoshiaki to seek revenge against his brother's killers who had set up the puppet shogun, Ashikaga Yoshihide.

Nobunaga agreed to install Yoshiaki as the new shogun and entered Kyoto with force. After driving out the Miyoshi clan out of the city, Yoshiaki was made the 15th Ahikaga shogun. Of course, Nobunaga didn't much care for him and used him as a shield for future conquests. This gave rise to the anti-Nobunaga alliance, featuring Yoshiaki, displeased being used as a puppet; Azai Nagamasa, honouring his alliance with the Asukura clan when Nobunaga attacked them next, despite his marriage to Oichi; Takeda Shingen on prompting by the shogun and Uesugi Kenshin, after Shingen's death while fighting with Ieyasu. Nobunaga crushed them all, in many bloodthirsty campaigns that killed hundreds of thousands as most of west Japan fell to his rule. His death at Honno-ji gave Hideyoshi control of nearly half of Japan.

After the death of Mitsuhide, Hideyoshi didn't immediately take control of Nobunaga's lands, as he still had Oda Nobutaka as the apparent candidate. However, he decided to ignore Nobutaka and advocated Nobunaga's eldest son Nobutada's eldest son Hidenobu. This rubbed the Oda clan's chief general Shibata Katsuie the wrong way and he and Hideyoshi fought shortly after in the Battle of Shizugatake. With Katsuie's defeat, Hideyoshi took over most of the Oda clan and started to focus on the remaining powers in the east. He had trouble when Oda Nobukatsu and Ieyasu joined forces, but after the stalemate that occurred, Hideyoshi made peace and Ieyasu joined him.

He then went after the Chōsokabe clan and conquered Kyūshū and to prevent peasant revolts while he continued his conquest, he made it so only samurai could bear arms, letting him focus solely on the last resistance to his authority, the Hōjō clan. After the Siege of Odawara, Hideyoshi offered Ieyasu the eight Hōjō provinces in exchange for Ieyasu's five, which he agreed to. With his health beginning to falter and wanting a great lasting legacy, Hideyoshi adopted Nobunaga's idea of conquering China and arranged for free passage through Korea. The Koreans (currently an ally of Ming China) refused, so Hideyoshi launched the invasion of Korea. He died during this attack and so Japan withdrew, the Chinese conquest a failure. Since his heir was still young, it meant that Ieyasu's ambitions were able to continue unhindered.

With Hideyoshi dead due to sickness and his heir only being 5 years old at the time, Ieyasu prepared to take control of Hideyoshi's territories and made alliances with daimyos with no love for Hideyoshi. He took over Osaka Castle and opposition to him centred around Ishida Mitsunari, a powerful bureaucratic leader from Hideyoshi's government. Mitsunari succeeded in organizing an army led by Mōri Terumoto and while Ieyasu was marching towards the Uesugi clan, as they were accused of planning a revolt, Mitsunari moved his army to attack. They fought in the Battle of Sekigahara. Ieyasu's coalition was greater and so he was victorious, crushing the western bloc and becoming the ruler of Japan, capturing Mitsunari and others that had followed him, killing them and making his rule unopposed.

For the eastern daimyos that served Ieyasu, he gave them land and even spared a few western daimyos, though their status and power were greatly diminished. Shortly after, Ieyasu was made Shogun by the mostly non-intervening Emperor, creating the Tokugawa shogunate. He rallied his allied forces to remove the remaining remnants of the Toyotomi clan in Osaka Castle, removing the last possible threat to his power. Following tradition, he soon abdicated his position due to his old age and his successor was his son, Tokugawa Hidetada, though Ieyasu remained more or less in power, since Hidetada was the formal head and as a retired shogun Ieyasu still held as much power as before and the Tokugawa Shogunate lasted for over two centuries.

Let's move everyone up, but not too close. Rayquaza, Lapras and Infernape have some insane range to them, so it's best to let them come to you.

Oh shit Gallade was just in range! Rayquaza is super dangerous and can easily do loads of damage, especially in combination with its ability.

Best to deal as much damage as possible while the enemy is bunched up. Omnipotent is the best ability in the game, combining a lot of other abilities into one as well as being able to damage Pokemon of all types, though not supereffectively.

Hmm, I should've attacked Infernape with Samurott at the start of the turn, but maybe not if it misses.

Yeah cool. Why is it only 73%? Sure, some moves have better accuracy than others, but are the stats you can't affect in any way really that much of a gamechanger when the Link is similar? It fuckin blows and only pushes you towards the better moves and Pokemon and Warlords.

Let's keep our healer out of the way and try and convince some of the Fighting weak guys to come down and get smacked.

Lucario is pretty dangerous since its the only Pokemon that can deal consistent super effective damage to Arceus, so we'll try and get rid of it quickly. Also Ranmaru's skill is deadly if he uses it next to Nobunaga.

Did I mention Infernape is dangerous? Cause it is, Fire Spin can be a real nasty move as it hits a minimum of 4 times.

Mismagius seems also quaint in comparison.

Oh SHIT Rayquaza has some range. Guess we're not getting any healing.

Well, except for that. Omnipotent baby.

Arceus does what Samurott continues to not do.

Alright, only Nobunaga, Ranmaru and Ieyasu to go, we can do this!

Glad to see it goes both ways.

Also ow

Mmm yeah that's the good stuff, Yoshihiro is amazing.

Either I hit all three, or I hit one of them. Guess what I went for.

With the steel wall gone, the end is in sight.

Operation Meatshield has been an excellent success the entire game.

And that's a wrap!

Dear brother... Why...?

Do you not understand?


These conflicts continued for years... And more and more Warriors began to treat their Pokemon, their partners, as little more than tools. Many Warriors lost the ability to feel love for their Pokemon.

It is for that reason that I sought to unite Ransei. If I could prove to all that I was the most powerful Warrior in Ransei... Then perhaps all the fighting would stop...

And yet, even if they managed to get their hands on it, its fearsome power would cause them to lose their minds. That is why I will destroy this Arceus! The legend that has stolen the very heart of my beloved Ransei...

Dear brother...

And yet, Azai... Even before Arceus, you have retained your clarity. Perhaps you are the one...

I have seen how much you both care for Ransei. I therefore entrust it to you care. Azai... you are still young. That is why you will not see me again... until you are worthy of me. Farewell.

Azai returned all the captured castles to their original Warlords. They, in turn, agreed, after some discussion, to draw up a set of rules designed to protect the Pokemon of Ransei.

I hope that one day we may share a battlefield again, Azai...


I knew from the first time we met that you were gonna do big things. And I know what I've gotta do now, too... Head back to Ignis and start again from scratch!

The love of a Warrior for their partner Pokemon... The bonds between friends and allies... These are priceless treasures. I shall return to Valora and attempt to adhere to these principles that you embody.

Just as Lord Nobunaga desired... Thank you. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

I thought I should drop by and offer my congratulations.

I just can't believe you did it!

So everyone's gone... But, Lord Azai... I'd like to stay with you, if that's all right...


Phew! There we go, we're done!

I gotta say, this was one of the shortest LPs I've done, but it's definitely been a blast.

This game is pretty damn good, I like the story, the characters and, uh, MOST of the gameplay.

Sure, it's a little short for a DS title, but it's got exactly what it needs in it, it's an excellent experience that I'm happy I showed to everyone.

While the game does have its fair share of problems, I like what's here, so I would love a sequel if it fixes all of these problems. Hell, a pure Fire Emblem crossover would be fantastic too.

I also think it's a bit of a shame that what Warriors and Pokemon appear are pretty random, means a good chunk of your army is just sitting around, cause why use anything but Perfect Links in most cases?

So thank you to everyone for reading, posting in the thread, giving me 1 ratings and enjoying this story alongside me. It was nice having a real short game after the monster that was Crystal and HGSS, so I'm all ready to take on my next project, Emer-

Oh, uh, hello void Oichi?

Oh, but don't worry! Though your link values will be reset, you'll still keep all your valuable items. And when you recruit Warriors or link with Pokemon that are registered in the Gallery, the data you have built up with them will be carried over. By the way...

You're sure to meet a lot more Warriors and Pokemon in the future. And I know that eventually, the day that you return to centre stage will come, Lord Azai. I look forward to seeing you again soon!

What the hell is she on about?


Oh no...