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Part 13: Fast Forward

Welcome back to the postgame! With Hideyoshi's story done, now it's onto the next one: Ieyasu's.

and returned all its castles to their original owners... the following exchange took place in the kingdom of Valora...

Just as I have wished for, all my long life... I have been blessed with such wonderful allies. There is nothing left for me to desire.

Respectfully, Lord Ieyasu, I must disagree. There is much we have yet to accomplish.

Oh...? To what are you referring?

Pokemon, my lord. Partnering with Pokemon is what a Warrior lives for. We should not forget that we Warriors are privileged to be able to communicate with Pokemon in the way that we do.

...Hm. You are correct, Tadakatsu. Very well. We shall seek to increase our Pokemon partners. One hundred would appear to be a reasonable number to aim for.


Alright, hope you didn't enjoy any of the characters too much, cause that's all the dialogue we'll be getting in this story until the very end! Unlike Hideyoshi's story, we simply need to have 100 Pokemon linked to Warriors in our army, instead of conquering the whole region. So how exactly do you get 100 Pokemon in a reasonable time? Well you, uh, conquer... the... region... Yeah. Let's get started!

Slightly different to Hideyoshi's story of just straight out conquering, in collecting side stories, Oichi is in charge of Dragnor instead of Nobunaga, so Azai is in control of Aurora. We can recruit him if we so wish, which we will, cause he's missing 6 Eeveelutions still. We need to fix that.

Since this explicitly takes place after the main story, instead of a parallel dimension where someone else conquered Ransei instead of Azai, Keiji is now in charge of Yaksha, as Kotarō has buggered off somewhere, so both him and Nobunaga cannot be recruited in these stories.

As easy as that. We'll go into more depth when we actually do his story next update, but for now he's just here to get in the Gallery.

Also I've hacked in 99 of every item so I don't have to wait FOREVER to get evolution items. After recording everything for this part, I didn't meet the travelling merchant once, so I'm glad I did.

"go away again!"

Now, here's a good opportunity to form a link!

Still using passwords to get Perfect Links, like Tadakatsu, finally.

A hilarious side effect of hacking in all the items is that it makes them all obtainable in battle, which is absolutely not meant to happen.

It's ya boy.

"go away again!"

I feel as though I could do a lot better if you're around, Sneasel! Let's be friends!

"go away again!"

With passwords we can get the more annoying Pokemon that won't appear with any consistency (and have yet to appear through swarms so far), as well as get Piplup for Ina.

If you're with me, I reckon I can grow even stronger! We're still a team, right, Sceptile?

Perfect. Magoichi is interesting, he needs a 60% link with Grovyle or Sceptile as well as 3 female Warlords in the same kingdom, as well as Masamune not being in an adjacent kingdom.

Froslass... I now feel a strength that is even greater than before... do you feel it also? There is nothing that you and I cannot achieve, Froslass.

Let's stay together, Prinplup!

Piplup evolves when its Attack reaches 51.

Kunoichi evolves when she has 60% link with Sneasel or Weavile.

Y'know, since you've turned into Weavile, I feel an even stronger power than I did before... d'ya feel it too? Man, I feel pretty good! We're still a team, yeah?!

Metagross... I sense a greater power in you, in us, than I did before... I see that you feel it too. I will grow even stronger alongside you, Metagross... I know it.

Beldum evolves into Metang when its Defense reaches 64, then evolves into Metagross when its Defense reaches 111.

So it may look like you've stumbled into the side update where I do all the evolving of Warlords and their Perfect Links, but there's nowhere near the amount we did last time. We might as well get everyone up now since it makes them stronger and there were some awkward Warlords last story that didn't get their Pokemon, mainly cause they're basically password locked.

So pretty! This year's gonna be the best ever! Don't you think so, Crobat?

Happy 2018 everyone! Hope it's better than 2016 and 2017! When you reach January and have some fireworks, then you get a small event, it's cute.

Gracia evolves when she has 60% link with Gothorita or Gothitelle.

Okay! Let's stay friends, Gothitelle!

Gothorita evolves into Gothitelle when its Defense reaches 106.

Ina evolves when she reaches 65% link with Prinplup or Empoleon.

Let's stay together, Empoleon!

Prinplup evolves into Empoleon when its Attack reaches 102.

Good lord this man is a walking castle. Ieyasu evolves when he reaches 70% link with Aggron. Good luck reaching that without grinding loads.

So now you are Mismagius, yes? I feel an even greater strength when I am with you now... do you feel it also? Splendid! From now on, we shall have even more fun together...

Nō evolves when she reaches 60% link with Mismagius, as she only evolves when you've registered all 14 Ghost types to the Gallery, so it'll likely be with Mismagius. This is a lot trickier than all the Poison types since all Dusk and Dawn Stone users are in this game, as well as Dusknoir, so if the merchant doesn't appear, this isn't gonna happen for a while.

Leafeon... it's weird, but I sense an even greater strength from you now... do you get the same feeling? Let's stay friends, Leafeon!

Since we've got Azai, let's get another Eeveelution. Eevee evolves into Leafeon when its Defense reaches 94 while it does something in Greenleaf. We will be seeing him often enough to get the remaining 5 Eeveelutions, but if you just want to get the Gallery filled, just get Warlords to recruit Eevee when you password it to evolve them quickly, instead of having Azai do all of it.

Ooh, I wasn't expecting this, look who's shown up.

It's rare, but Keiji, Mitsunari, Kiyomasa and Masanori can appear to be recruited in random kingdoms. Keiji is easy enough on stories where he's Yaksha's Warlord, but the other 3 are a lot harder, not to recruit, but to get their Perfect Link and to evolve. Hopefully the other two will appear (they won't).

Subtle. Tadakatsu evolves when he reaches 80% link with Metagross, the highest requirement in the game, while being in the same kingdom as Ieyasu and Ina. You'll be grinding SO MUCH to get this, so this is a big reason why I just cheat, fuck doing it legit.

Uh, sure...?

Whoa! Thanks! I just love this stuff. It's the feel of it... its colour... It's a work of art! Here, please take this in return. It's the least I can do!

Nice. When you have Junk in your inventory after picking it up randomly in battle, this guy will buy it for 1000 a piece. Since I hacked in 99 of it, I've got way too much gold now, not that I was using it anyway. Also the guy shivers when you hand it over and it's amazing.

Really? Beldum just randomly appears? Ugh. Might as well get Masanori's Perfect Link while I have him, since I won't be encountering the three stooges until we get to their stories next update.

Fontaine, Greenleaf, Aurora. The rain has put Water-type Pokemon in high spirits.

While this game doesn't have seasons (a real misstep, I feel), it does have weather. It can randomly start raining, hailing, or heatwave-ing in a clump of kingdoms that maximizes the corresponding type's energy in that kingdom. It, uh, has no in battle effect. Wooooooo.

Alright, we're basically done with this story, so time to equip some crystals we obtained, uh, completely legitimately. See, since I got 99 of each item, I kinda forgot this would apply to the crystals too, so I got confused when I reached the requirements for obtaining them and then... didn't obtain them. So let's go over how to obtain them!

To get Ieyasu's crystal, the Unifier Crystal, you need: To be in Ieyasu's story, to have Ieyasu at Rank 2 and Tadakatsu at Rank 1/2 in Valora AND have 15+ Warlords in your army with their Perfect Link Pokemon. When you start a new month, this cutscene happens:

Lord Ieyasu, sir! Something appears to be glowing brightly down in our treasure room.

What could that be...?

Hm. I suppose we should go and investigate.

This crystal seems to be the source of the light.

This appears to be none other than the famed Unifier Crystal...

Indeed... I always thought it was a mere legend. This light... perhaps wearing this crystal will allow me to wield the legendary power... or perhaps...

The Unifier Crystal is said to choose its owner. Only one of great strength is said to be worthy. Lord Ieyasu, you would appear to have been chosen...

Indeed. Please, be sure to carry it with you at all times.

Crystals need to be equipped before they do anything and they boost a Warlord's stats, so there's no reason not to get them.

For the Warrior Crystal for Tadakatsu you need: Tadakatsu at Rank 2 and Ina at Rank 1/2 in the same kingdom. That's it. Doing so has this occur:

Father! There's someone here to see you, Father!

Forgive my sudden arrival, Lord Tadakatsu. I have something that I must give to you...

...what is this?

It is the Warrior Crystal, my lord. It once belonged to a great Warrior... he who holds it is said to be granted a wonderful new power... Lord Tadakatsu... I believe you are the only man worthy of such a powerful item.


Hm? That old man... he's gone! ...Who on earth was he?

Now that we have the crystals, we need to equip them and then wait a month.

I have information to report. A small shrine has suddenly appeared in a cave in Valora. And... there's something inside it. Something... unusual.

Hm? Is it something to do with this crystal? I suppose we'll just have to go there to find out...

Ooh, mysterious. All you need to do is equip the Unifier Crystal, no other requirements.

Hmm... it's the crystal. It has begun to glow.

I see... I was just about to tell you that I heard a mysterious Pokemon just appeared in the Sky Garden. Maybe this is the legendary power of the crystal... Legendary Pokemon are extremely powerful... this opportunity must not be passed up, Lord Tadakatsu!

To get Dialga to appear in the Sky Garden, you need to equip the crystal, end Tadakatsu's turn in Dragnor AND have 50+ Warriors in your army.

Let's go legendary hunting!

VS Legendary

Hey it's Registeel! Getting to it is a bit tough, since Aggron is a bit slow, especially when you don't realise you're heading to a large wall due to perspective tricks. But we should be fine.


Don't fuckin patronise me. Whatever, I'll just recruit it next month.

It's not hard getting these guys since you resist their attacks and it is very worth it to obtain them.


And then Ieyasu's dialogue:

All right, Registeel! Come with me! The power of the crystal... I had no idea it had anything to do with a legendary Pokemon... and yet... your round shape... this is something about you that speaks to me... Allow me to use your power, Registeel. We shall travel this world together...

I just love watching fireworks in the summer. There's nothing quite like it!

I even heard there were some Warriors coming from other countries just to see them!

Sounds like a pretty good chance to make some new allies, does it not?

Having fireworks when it's summer causes another festival to happen. This makes Warriors that usually appear in certain kingdoms to come to yours instead and gives you a better chance of getting the travelling Warlords of Keiji, etc. Oh yeah, I've been at the edge of 100 Pokemon for a while, so to recruit the 50 Warriors for Dialga I had to let some high Capacity Warriors go, including Keiji. When you have an objective of not conquering Ransei, you can still take over the whole region so the AI doesn't hassle you, it's pretty nice.

Legendary Pokemon are powerful, btw. Just thought I'd let you know.

And there we go, 100 Pokemon. Easy.

Are Dialga and Registeel happy? ...I think they're happy.

Earning the respect and admiration of several Warriors in the process.

Well that was an anticlimactic ending, but that's another story done. Tadakatsu's story is Optional, as it unlocks the Pointless story of Ina. Hanzō's story is Pointless and unlocks nothing. Right, what's next?

Shingen and Kenshin. The balance of power was always very delicately poised...

This region isn't big enough for the both of us. We need to settle this once and for all. What do you say? First to win five battles can call themselves victorious?

Interesting... I accept your challenge. Let us begin, Nemesis...

Pretty simple and pretty fun, especially since we can take over Terrera in 3 turns.

I'll be cheating a fair amount from now on, such as using link x32 and being able to upgrade all of a kingdom's facilities with one button. We can finally get Kanetsugu's Perfect Link, since I didn't want to train up Abra. Annoyingly, some Pokemon in level 2 and 3 areas can't be obtained during certain stories. We can just now find Kadabra and it's dumb.

Anyway, nice and quick, just how I like it.

Missing him already, Kenshin? You'll probably never have to deal with an opponent as powerful as Shingen again. In fact, I think you need to think about the next generation. One day, your light shall be extinguished... and you shall be in need of an heir...

Indeed. In fact, there is one who has proven capable in battle...


...and here he is.

...oh, I see. This is a relief.


And the battle between two of Ransei's most celebrated Warlords would be spoken of for many years to come.

Well that was fun. Kanetsugu's story is Mandatory, as it unlocks Masamune's story, which is super Mandatory, for a few reasons. Aya's story is Pointless, unlocking nothing.

Next up is, ugh, Yukimura's story, as its Mandatory.

A Warrior would be selected from each kingdom, assigned a castle at random, and asked to demonstrate their skills on the battlefield. The Warlords themselves were not allowed to offer any help...

The other Warlords, the ones at that gathering... I told them that my lad Yukimura is the very best there is... and that they would all soon see what you're capable of!


Hey, this is great news, Lord Yukimura!

Now, make sure you don't let me down, Yukimura. Or else I'm going to look very stupid.

Yes, my lord. I shall do my best to live up to your expectations... Rest assured that I will put my life on the line to ensure victory!

Yes, yes... that's the spirit. Okay, then, whenever you're ready...

So we're given a castle at random and the objective is to unite Ransei. Again. Sigh. Might as well get started.

It won't take very long, thankfully.

It's the power of love. Kadabra evolves into Alakazam when it reaches 55% link and you recruit a Warrior with it.

"go away again!"

Too many Warlords' Perfect Links are locked behind swarms, or passwords, or grinding out facilities.

Oh this will be easy, we'll paste these guys.

Wait why are you forcing me to use weak nobodies that happen to be in the kingdom this event occurs in?

Well shit.

Oh! My precious Fire Stone...

Heh! Well, we got what we wanted, so you can have Lilligant back! Bye for now!

Thank you, Lord Yoshitatsu... we may have lost material goods, but at least my darling Lilligant came back safely. That's the most important thing. Thank you again.

That's a shame, now I only have 98 left. Oh well, let's just finish this story already, I think we've spent enough time covering it.

But I fear my abilities are not as honed as they could be...

Lord Yukimura! You're way too hard on yourself!

Haha! That's the Yukimura I know! But for once, I would like it if you could celebrate your success.

Whomp whomp

Well I sure am glad we explored the incredibly interesting character of Yukimura. What did it get us?

Ooh, Shingen's is a good one and is Mandatory, of course. Kunoichi's story is Pointless.

Let's play the other part of this story, but since it's the same set up, it's straight to the good part.

Again, subtle. I beelined these stories for a good reason, it lets some cool things happen. Shingen evolves when he reaches 70% link with Rhyperior AND Kenshin's story has been completed. How cute.

A-Are you all right, my lord?!

Yes... but I can no longer continue as Warlord...

My lord!

Don't say things like that! You know Lord Yukimura will take you seriously!

Hahaha... Funnily enough... I was thinking of asking Yukimura here to be my successor.

Oh we'll be seeing this story next update. Alright, what's next?

Let's not conquer all of Ransei for a minute, yeah? How about half?

Central Ransei was entering a period more opulent than any it had seen before. The beauty of its female Warlords had become famous... and there was a growing clamor to find out who was the fairest of them all...

Being the fairest and mightiest woman is of no interest to me. But if I must go through this before Ransei can be united in my name... Muneshige...

What is it?

You are not to get involved in these battles. My own powers alone shall be enough.

Hmm... very well. Then I shall take a little trip.

As you wish. The people of Ransei shall soon learn the name of our clan. It is our destiny... These battles must be won!

Simple enough premise, but the whole Prettiest Competition trope is always lame in my eyes, so I'm showing it off with someone who gives as much of a shit about it as I do.

Only a few kingdoms are available and don't panic, since Muneshige is not playable in any way in this scenario, he appears in his default sprite, so nothing has been reset. Only women are playable in this series, as well as Ranmaru. It's cool that he's aiming to be the prettiest woman in Rans- waaaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute... why is he next to me with 2 Dragon Rage users while all my Pokemon are weak? I call bullshit.

Well wasn't that fun, I hope you enjoyed that story.

Hmm. That doesn't sound like you.

Muneshige... you're back.

I am. I wanted to see your face again, Ginchiyo.

I... you... cease your tomfoolery!

There may be ten kingdoms left for you to conquer, but the armies that protect them are nothing special. It is only a matter of time before you unite this region, Ginchiyo.

I-I know that!

Ha... it would appear that you still do not need me, then. I shall take my leave.

Wh-Where are you going?

Wherever the wind may take me, I suppose.

The story of: Oh Just Fuck Already

Both these stories are Mandatory, so Ginchiyo's is pretty necessary.

Ninjas, anyone?

Among these Warriors were a group, mainly hailing from the kingdoms of Viperia and Yaksha... for whom the protection of their lords was the only goal. These loyal Warriors were known as ninjas. Three such ninja, Kotarō, Hanzō, and Kunoichi, were always bickering about their role in society... and today was no exception...

Oh, not again! You can't keep arguing like this all the time! Now, just give me a minute...

Excitable as ever...

All right, I'm back! Now, I've borrowed some nearby castles so we can settle this once for all. So less arguing and more battling. All right?

Are we really gonna do this?!


Ha... this will be enjoyable.

All right? Now only use your Poison-type, Ghost-type, and Dark-type Pokemon, just like a ninja should! And... we need one more type, so... Dragon will do just fine! I'll be taking part too, of course!

You believe you have a chance against me? Ha. Very well. I shall humor you.

Like with the beauty contest, the Ninja Rumble (tm) only features ninja, as well as certain types of Pokemon. You can use other types if they've been registered to a Warrior, but the AI will only use them. To top it off, we even start with 2 kingdoms!


First thing, let's sort this nonsense out. Act surprised this is Kotarō's Perfect Link. If you're crazy, you can just enter a battle with Kotarō and hope to find a disguised Zorua, but screw that noise.

Very metal. Kotarō evolves when he reaches 60% link with Zorua or Zoroark. Another one off the list.

Zoroark... I sense an even greater power from you than before... do you feel it also? Coming, Zoroark?

Zorua evolves when its Attack reaches 90.

Agreed, let's end this story, I think we've seen enough.

But that was enjoyable, I must admit. Perhaps I shall toy with you again sometime. Farewell...

Huh?! Oh! He's gone... when will that naughty boy even learn?!

Kotarō was the victor... and an increasing number of Ransei's Walords began to compete for his services...

Like with Ginchiyo, Kotaro's story unlocks two more Mandatory stories.

There's 4 stories left to cover in this update and this one is pretty damn good.

Nobunaga, Warlord of Dragnor, had been instigating a series of increasingly brutal battles, and now had eleven kingdoms under his command. Then one day, in Nixtorm, a kingdom entrusted to Nobunaga's trusted ally Mitsuhide...

It was this belief that allowed me to do battle in his name. What we are doing, however... going from battle to battle without ever stopping to reconsider our motives... it is... cruel. Can such an approach really lead to a peaceful world? And even if it did, would it be a world where people and Pokemon could coexist peacefully...? There is not more time to waste. I already know the choice I must make: stop Lord Nobunaga... or wait for him to destroy this world.

Hehehe... very well, Mitsuhide. I shall give you three years. Three years to attempt to overcome me! Hehehe... hahahaha!

This is cool! All we need to do is eliminate Nobunaga's army, which we are in the back of and must fight through. It would've been cool if the first month you could just bide your time and attack Nobunaga when you were ready, starting the betrayal cutscene, but oh well. It is a neat detail that the friendly kingdoms in the cutscene are now unfriendly.

Heh. When you first fight Nobunaga this special dialogue occurs. Mitsuhide has another unique interaction with a different Warlord, we'll see it later. Also like with the main story, defeating one of Nobunaga's kingdoms doesn't mean you can recruit anyone, so it's definitely tougher than most stories, since you've got to stop and build up your army.

The second time you fight Nobunaga, Mitsuhide will say this. There's no more unique interactions with Nobunaga.

Round 2 with the bandits, let's beat them up to get whatever item they stole.

We'll beat them fine.

You did it! You got our Hachimaki back!

Thank you! You are truly magnificent, Lord Mitsuhide!

That's all we need to do! The other armies in the south-west stay weak so Nobunaga will start taking them over if you give him time. We didn't.


Lord Nobunaga...!

You have overcome Nobunaga. Now you must fulfil your dreams. I will not permit you to stop.

My lord... my dream was always to create a new peaceful Ransei in your name. But that would appear to be impossible now... but at least... at least I can try. Try and fulfil your destiny on your behalf, Lord Nobunaga...

Pretty good. Well, we have Nō's story, Mandatory, of course, while Gracia's is Optional, as it unlocks Magoichi's story, which is Pointless.

Alright it's back to the Junior Warlord competition with Kanetsugu. Oh boy I can't wait...

W-What?! You wish for me to do battle in your stead? To take on the responsibility of running the kingdom in your place? Very well! I shall do my utmost! I aim to create a world filled with love and righteousness!

Hm. Very enthusiastic. You shall show Ransei the true path, I'm sure.

Time to unite all 17 kingdoms of Ransei and fight in the same 17 maps as always! Joy!

...who the fuck are you? No, piss off.

One event has a Warrior ask if they can go away for a while. If that Warrior has their Perfect Link, they'll send you letters on their trip with rare items inside and come back with a big boost to their link. If they don't, you get no letters and the Warrior comes back with a random Pokemon they linked with.

Some good shit: sometimes Sky Drop bugs out and never completes, making you lose in most cases. Man, what is it with Gen 5 and Sky Drop being bugged?

"Lord Kanetsugu..."

This event is similar to the Gabite Officer one, but thankfully it's not complete shit. When you have over half the kingdoms, the other Warlords take notice and boost their strength slightly. They also quit attacking each other and focus solely on you. I killed them all the next month.

You are too kind, my lord. We fought with love for our Pokemon and with righteousness in our hearts! Our victory shall resonate with people through the region! Soon, justice will reign throughout the world!

...uh, yes.

...perhaps you did too well.

What do you mean, my lady?

Oh... nothing...

And true love conquers all, yadda yadda. Nobunaga's story unlocks when you've beaten 9 other stories, but Masamune's story is unlocked by beating Kanetsugu's, so it takes a bit of time to get to.

Let's get started.

While the 17 Warlords were engaged in constant battles for its castles and kingdoms... the kingdom of Avia was being visited by a famous wandering Warrior called Magoichi...

Aren't you listening?! I'm going to unite all of Ransei! Don't you want to see that happen?!

Heh! Uniting Ransei? This gets better and better... but I guess that ain't a bad ambition. All right, I'll join you.

Good. With you on my side, it shall not be long until all this is mine!

Hey dumbass, I know you just united all of Ransei five seconds ago, but do it all again. You fuck!!!

Hey, Braviary... I feel an even greater strength when I'm with you now... seems like you know what I mean... From now on, I shall soar even higher!

Ah, finally. Masamune evolves when he reaches 60% link with Rufflet or Braviary AND it is currently his story. You can only evolve him during this time and the game never tells you this!

Since we're right next to Dragnor, let's actually use these two properly.

Ranmaru evolves when he reaches 60% link with Riolu and Lucario AND Nobunaga is in the same kingdom. I would've liked to evolve him during his story, but that requirement prevents that.

Oh, Lucario... I sense true greatness from you now. Do you feel something similar, by any chance? I'm still counting on you, Lucario!

Riolu evolves when it reaches 50% link.

"the sky!"

I could sense an aura of unwordly power! This is no ordinary Pokemon, I'm telling you!

This sounds interesting... we should go take a look.

It's legendary time.

Our reconnaissance team reports that there is a... mysterious presence within it... what do you wish to do, my lord?

Interesting... I had better take a look for myself.

A cave...?

Yes! And there's something inside it too! Something weird! Something big!

Hmm... we had better investigate.

Alright, let's get to linking.

Articuno will appear in Nixstorm after completing Mitsuhide's episode, both battle areas in Nixstorm are level 3 and Mitsuhide ends his turn in Nixstorm.

You're... beautiful. And you look so... strong... Never before have I seen such a magnificent Pokemon... With you, I would become even stronger... I beseech you, Articuno, do battle alongside me!

Mewtwo will appear in Illusio after you've completed Kenshin's story and both Illusio's battle areas are level 3.

You are strong... but your strength must be used for the right cause. Come with me, Mewtwo. I shall lead you on the path of the righteous.

Groudon will appear in Terrera after completing Shingen's story and both battle areas are level 3.

With your help, Groudon, I can become even stronger! Now then... let's go!

Even though we have Mewtwo, Kenshin will only evolve when he reaches 75% link with Gallade and Gallade only (similar to Shingen and Rhyperior), AND Shingen's story has been completed.

Alakazam... I feel an even greater strength when I am with you now... do you know what I mean? I'm relying on your power to help me build a world of love and truth!

Sheesh, finally. Kanetsugu evolves when he reaches 60% link with Alakazam and Kenshin is in the same kingdom. While easy enough, getting his Perfect Link is a hassle and the stories lined up so that getting both him and Kenshin together proved a bit annoying.

And this is just telling us that Mewtwo is the Perfect Link for Rank 2 Kenshin, since we had to use Gallade to evolve.

Articuno... the feeling I have with you is different from what it was before. Do you feel similar, by any chance? I'm still relying on you, Articuno.

Another ah, finally. Mitsuhide evolves when he reaches 70% link with Lapras or Articuno after completing his story. See why I chose the path I did?

As we saw in Mitsuhide's story, Nobunaga can Perfect Link with Hydreigon, though not with Deino or Zweilous, so let's get bowl cut dragon.

Nobunaga feels an even stronger power from you now. Do you feel it too, Hydreigon? Hehe... mwahahahaha!

Zweilous evolves when its Attack reaches 143.

With some strong evolutions and legendaries, I think we're a bit overpowered now. Oh well!

You did well. I really didn't think you had it in you back then...

Hm? What did you say, Magoichi?

Me? Oh nothing... anyway, Masamune... looks like you got what you wanted. Or is Ransei just not enough for you?

I was destined for greater things than the little scrap of land known as Ransei! Next I shall travel across oceans where unknown lands await... Accompany me, Magoichi!

As for what he did next... well, that's another story.

Masamune and Magoichi for Gen 8.

Phew, we've done a lot today, but there's one last story to cover, so let's go.

"legendary Pokemon."

These increasingly brutal battles were causing the Warriors' own Pokemon to grow weary. Then one day, in the northern kingdom of Dragnor...

Nobunaga will prove it. I shall bring the whole of Ransei under my control, and if the legendary Pokemon does not appear before me... then I will have brought dawn to Ransei's long, dark night. ...And even if ths creature does exist, Nobunaga shall be hailed as its vanquisher! Hehehe... hahahaha!

Another unite Ransei story. They've been backended a lot, but they are necessary. Next update will only have a couple of them, thankfully.

Payback, bitch. And to help with something later.

Nobunaga evolves when he reaches 80% link with Hydreigon while in his story. Finally, the man is back.

Nobunaga is also the last recipient of a crystal. For whatever reason there's only 3 of them and 2 are for Valora Warlords. Well whatever, you get the Conqueror Crystal by having Nobunaga and Ranmaru at Rank 2 and Mitsuhide at Rank 1/2 all in the same kingdom. When that happens...


Hm...?! What on earth is going on...?!

I shall go and see, my lord!

I have just returned, Lord Nobunaga. It would appear that the tremor we just felt was as a result of this item falling to Earth somewhere in the mountains...

Is it...?

All I've heard is rumours, my lord, but I do believe it could be the Conqueror Crystal. It is an object that bestows great power upon its owner...

Hehehe... this must be fate. Nobunaga is the chosen one...

It is said that those who bear this crystal have earned the right to meet a legendary Pokemon. I wonder what Pokemon that could be...?

Lord Nobunaga... some sort of sky garden has suddenly appeared in Violight! There is also a Pokemon inhabiting it. One that no one has ever seen before.

Ha... so this is the power of the crystal... Nobunaga shall claim that Pokemon's power for himself!

Boy, I wonder what legendary it will be???

With the crystal equipped, Zekrom will appear in Violight the next month, nothing else required.

So much more powerful than those I have met before... Come, Zekrom. Accompany me. Show this world your true strength.

Agreed, let's end this update already.

You should go. If I bring you with me... then the world will know of your existence. Death comes to us all. Once it has taken Nobunaga, the battles that raged around you would begin again. I do not want that to happen.

In time, however, a number of them came to appreciate the joy of battle for its own sake, without concern for the quest for the legendary Pokemon. And so, the true meaning of battle, and the joy provided by the bond between Warrior and Pokemon was finally rediscovered in the land of Ransei.

Alright, with that story done, we have completed all the ones that had other stuff locked behind them or in them, so we can now do the rest of the stories in any order we choose. Next time we'll be going over the Wi-Fi episodes, the ones surrounding Mitsunari, Kiyomasa and Masanori and the stories that you've voted for me to cover. Hopefully it'll be shorter than this one, but I am terrible at predicting how short or long an update will be...