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Part 15: Second Finale of Conquest

Oh wow, is it the final Conquest update? It's been a long journey (for me, these take forever to make), but we've reached the final story. Will it be a good end to a pretty awful postgame? Yes, actually. Let's go!

Nobunaga entrusted Dragnor to Ranmaru and set out on a journey around the region. Just as he was visiting the kingdom of Aurora...


It has been too long.

You look well, Lord Azai. As do you, Lord Nobunaga. That is good to see.

Right, niceties are over with. Let's talk shop.

We cannot do battle against each other anymore. We have fought amongst ourselves for too long.

That's why we're here! To challenge you two!

Very well. Nobunaga shall fight alongside Azai... and the world will know... know what we are truly capable of!


Threat to Ransei

A final one for the road. With Azai, Nobunaga and Oichi we need to conquer Ransei one last time. Though there are some interesting things about this story.

Firstly, everyone is a lot stronger than normal and are in their second evolution, though they won't have their Perfect Link, simply a strong (or evolved) version of the Pokemon they're usually with as the AI. Also, every kingdom has every facility at level 3, so money is kinda useless in this story. But if you've been missing the last few Pokemon to complete the Gallery, or want to see what cool buildings are in each kingdom, then here's your chance! We've done all we need in the past, so I'll be ignoring all the buildings and the like.

We also have Azai nearly decked out from recruiting him a few times during other stories. However, you can't get all the Eeveelutions as he has a Capacity of 6. This is definitely a misstep, but oh well, we have all the important Eeveelutions everyone cares about anyway.

VS Ignis

So let's get started! Now I won't be covering everything that happens in this story, but I will take this opportunity to give my final thoughts on each kingdom and go over the evolved Warlords, since I haven't really done that in the LP yet.

Fire Spin is pretty nasty to face as the first opponent, but we'll also be using every Eeveelution throughout the story. Vaporeon has Hydro Pump, which is a fantastic attack with great range. It's definitely a good choice since Water has good coverage and only two weaknesses.

It can miss though... Anyway, unfortunately neither Hanbei or Kanbei are in this story for whatever stupid reason and unless Mitsunari, Kiyomasa, Masanori or Keiji pop up, we won't be seeing them either, so let's go over them and Hideyoshi and then talk about Ignis in general.

Oh, uh, maybe I should've made more screenshots, but anyway, Hideyoshi has the skill Great Uniter, which makes the enemy drop two trasure boxes on defeat and increases Energy and Attack for 3 turns. Combined with Reshiram, he becomes a super powerful ally that can easily solo kingdoms. Hanbei has Lazybones, which blocks critical hits and status ailments for 3 turns on all allies. While Raichu isn't too amazing, that skill is pretty good and means you don't have to worry about anything. Kanbei gets Extinguish, which disables all enemy skills, but can only be used when a skill is active, making it much less useful than just disabling enemy skills for a few turns and means it doesn't do anything against skills that only last for a turn. Still, Chandelure more than makes up for it.

Mitsunari has Cunning, which increases Speed and attacks will always be successful for 3 turns. Bisharp has the great attack in Night Slash, which always does a lot of damage, and being able to increase crits with Speed and never miss is always nice. Kiyomasa has Belief, which raises Defense by one stage and blocks status ailments for 3 turns. This would be great if Haxorus's Outrage confused you, but it just makes you unable to move, so it's not exactly the same. Overall, skills that increase attack are better than defense, so eh. Masanori has Sacrifice, which increases Range and Attack to the max, but reduces HP to 1. Uh, Krookodile is good and all, but not THAT good it can just solo enemies at 1HP, especially since you take a lot of attacks each turn. Good in a 1v1 situation, but otherwise nah. Keiji has Carefree, which raises Attack by 1 stage and increases flinch chance for 4 turns. With Stone Edge's crit chance, this makes it quite the nuke if it crits and if you flinch the enemy. Of course, this is if you actually find these guys to use them.

Okay, now let's talk about Ignis. For your first map, it's a pretty good one, the lava means it's not a big brawl in the middle since the Fire types can just snipe from afar and the falling rocks and fire plumes means you don't know what's gonna happen. The hot springs are a nice touch and appreciated for tough battles, though the item corner guarded by plumes has never been entered, just can't be arsed going over to it. Still, overall I like this map.

Hah, we're not finished with AR codes just yet. We won't be using Vaporeon for the rest of the story, so it can be boosted up...

So Azai can evolve again! He can only evolve when you're on the final story and an Eeveelution reaches 80% link. Since we'll be swapping between them, that's definitely not happening without cheats. Okay, NOW, we've evolved every Warlord as much as they can and Azai now has enough capacity for Flareon!

VS Fontaine

But we've got more kingdoms to conquer before that, so let's beat up Motochika.

Even though everyone is strong, we're stronger. Also, only Warlords will evolve their Pokemon, the normal Warriors are stronger, sure, but they're still using weaklings, so it's not much of a contest. Fontaine is a bit bland, with the water cutting up the area and not really dealing any damage and the fountain on the side being too out of the way to matter. Definitely could've done more with this one.

I suppose we should go over Nobunaga and Oichi, as well as Motochika, since Azai will have time to strut off his rank 3 stuff. Nobunaga has Ambition, which let's him move twice and gives a chance to flinch. With how powerful Zekrom is, letting it move twice is amazing and if you flinch the enemy, then you can attack it 3 times before they can hit you. Amazing. Oichi has Soft Light, which heals 50% health and removes all status ailments. We used Oichi's skill every battle in the first story, so it being even better means we'll use it when we need to, it's super good. Wigglytuff is good too, with Hyper Voice hitting everything around it, so Oichi is real helpful in support and attack! Motochika has Rebellion, which increases accuracy and critical hit chance for him and adjacent allies for 3 turns. Samurott is a wrecking ball by itself, so being able to hit and crit is super nice, but it sucks it doesn't affect all allies, since adjacent skills are awkward to utilise properly. Still, could be worse.

Since we still have a million evolution items, we'll give Rikyu a Simisage for being so rad during the LP.

VS Greenleaf

Alright, Greenleaf time, shouldn't be too hard.

Super effective damage is king. Motonari has Strategist, which blocks enemy criticals and increases Speed for all allies for 3 turns. While it won't blow you away, it's still nice to not get a sudden crit while Serperior is weak from Leaf Storm. Overall, Motochika is the better pick, but Motonari has his moments.

Hrm. Greenleaf has a lot going against it, banner maps are a bit annoying, since it's super easy to beat all the enemies and then having to waste time claiming them. The random holes are frustrating, but they don't stick around and the grass bridge is never used by me or the AI, so it's just another waste of time. The flowers that throw you are too unpredictable and again, never used by me or the AI and the tree never sees use either. But aside from literally everything about this map, it's alright since the grass tunnels are cool and the weird amount of variety this map has is at least interesting, so I'll give it points for that. The battle gets pretty spread out and varied and that's always a good thing when you're fighting on it many many times.

Ah, the final Eevee, now I don't have to hack them in anymore.

VS Violight

Sure, Azai is a bit busy right now, but we don't need him just yet, so it's Violight time.

Zap! Violight is a tricky map, since it has holes in it everywhere and the large pillar in the middle forcing you to split up, but it makes it kinda fun. The spaces make it rough for Pokemon that attack a space away from them and the lightning is pretty random and annoying, but that's all part of the fun. The switches are hardly used and the AI never gets in place for you to use them and they're too out of the way to make use of, so oh well.

Fire Spin strats! Ginchiyo has Thunderclap (Raijin's Voice) which increases all allies Attack and Range by one stage for the turn, UNLESS Typhoon (Fūjin's Voice), Muneshige's skill is used the same turn, then it boosts them both by 2 stages. Since Typhoon does the same thing and boosts stack, this is a +3 for everyone for the whole turn, which is very very nice. Since I only just found that out, I, uh, never used their skills on the same map. While Ginchiyo is saddled with Luxray and Thunder, Muneshige gets Staraptor and Brave Bird is stupidly good, so having massive Range and Attack with level everything. Love it.

VS Pugilis

Off to the easiest map!

Seriously, because of the knockdown and the single file entrance this map is so incredibly easy to get through. Thankfully you don't have to wait the 5 turns for the banners after knocking everyone out, but aside from that, there's not much to say. If you knock everyone off, you can easily whittle them down and it's very easy to bait the enemy with banners and not get knocked off yourself. The fight bell is never used, aside from the main story and, uh, yeah. It's a fun and quick map and that's why I like it, cause it doesn't take forever like SOME maps.

Yoshihiro is a monster. His skill, Chesto!, is also nuts. Boosts Attack by 3 stages and lowers Defense by 3 stages for himself and adjacent allies, an easy way to counteract the drops from Superpower, so you can smash something in the face really hard. It's great, I love Yoshihiro.

Threat to Ransei

These huge ruins just suddenly appeared in Aurora! I can't work in the fields with those in the way!

What's more, there's a Pokemon there too!

And it's no ordinary Pokemon, either! Please, you've got to come see this!

BOY, I WONDER WHAT THIS COULD BE??? Yeah we'll come back to this at the end of the story, Azai's had enough time dicking around.

There we go, we have every Eeveelution! Took long enough... Eevee evolves into Flareon when you finish a battle holding a Fire Stone.

Very nice. While we're here, Azai has the skill Motivate, which raises Attack and let's you move twice. Regardless of the Eeveelution, this is super nice, letting you deal a lot of damage very quickly, since you'll most likely be using the Eeveelution that has super effective damage. It's not a good idea to give Azai all of the Eevee, since it's a hassle to do and they're annoyingly rare. Just activate a password and let various Warlords recruit them. Much faster.

VS Terrera

We'll do Chrysalia in just a second, so we'll go for Terrera first, cause like hell I'd choose Illusio given the option.

Since I actually want to recruit everyone, I won't use the 3 turn strat, but it's pretty funny you can end the battle that quickly.

Delicious. Aside from the towers, there's nothing much to Terrera. There are oases around, but I've never used them and maybe the AI has used one once. I dunno. The wind is annoying cause it seems random, so when you're actually trying to get all the banners it can get super frustrating. Also the lifts put you as far away from the other towers as possible and that's annoying. This could be an alright map, but if you don't end it quick, it can take way too long and that's never fun.

At least there's a lot of weaknesses to exploit. Shingen has Fūrin Kazan (a banner quote used by Takeda Shingen from Sun Tzu's The Art of War), which increases Attack and Defense by one stage for all allies for 3 turns. Very standard, but very useful, since Groudon is a powerhouse. Rhyperior, not so much, but at least you can change it pretty easily. Yukimura has Willpower, which increases crit chance and lets you move twice. Very nice, since while Charizard doesn't have great Range, Flamethrower definitely does, so you can deal a lot of damage if you time it right. And then you crit, mwahahahaha. Kunoichi has Trickster, which increases Speed, lets you jump up to high places and increases crit chance. I always forget to use it for moving to high places, since a lot of kingdom maps are flat, but the increased crit chance with Night Slash, a super good move, is fantastic and all you need.

VS Chrysalia

Alright, Chrysalia time!

Fences still suck. Chrysalia is a pretty good map cause of the Pokemari Balls, which create new walls, are fun to smack into enemies and there's usually a fair few dotted around. The fences are annoying when you first discover them, but it's also fun trying to avoid them when they're discovered. Regardless, it makes this map more enjoyable than it should be and I'm a big fan of this map, since it plays differently pretty often and the Pokemari Balls let you claw back to victory when you're facing a tough opponent. I like it! Though it doesn't have much to do with Bug types, so that's a knock against it.

C'mon Flareon, work with me here. Flareon isn't a great Eeveelution, since Fire Fang only hits one enemy at a time. Still, you don't get to use Fire types very often, so it can work well in some matchups, but other Eeveelutions with bigger attacks are a lot more effective in most cases. Now, Yoshimoto has Grace, which fully heals him and adjacent allies... and then puts them to Sleep. You're right, that's worse than his Rank 1 skill that just prevents you from moving for 3 turns. At least you can still attack after using it, but this skill makes you completely useless until you get woken up, which is terrible. Along with Forretress being worse than Pineco, Yoshimoto gets worse the worse the more you use him, it's absolutely intentional (hopefully). So, uh, don't use him.

VS Illusio

Ugh, Illusio.

So Illusio really sucks, like it's super bad, cause it takes FOREVER. The warping portals could be interesting, but they don't change often enough and to where you want to go for them to be all that useful. The floating cubes are cool, but they're set up so it's pretty tough to get from the attackers side to the defenders side, probably on purpose. The general fractured look of the map also means it's a pain to move around unless you're using Flying types, so it's just miserable to get around. It's one of three maps that I seriously dislike playing on and I'm always glad when it's over.

Oh yeah, it's also a shitty banner map, so you'll just be waiting for the warps to line up so you can get the last Pokemon standing on the banner and refusing to come to you to die. Anyway, Kenshin has Inspiration, which increases all allies Attack and Range by one stage for 3 turns. Very nice, just what we need more of and very helpful for the terror that is Mewtwo and its great range. Kanetsugu has Love and Honor (of course), which raises Attack by two stages and restores HP to him and adjacent allies. Very useful in a pinch, but again, adjacent skills are awkward and you'll want the Attack boost more than the HP restore (hopefully). Still, it'll make Alakazam nice and helpful and one hell of a nuke with Psychic. Aya has Compassion, which raises Defense by two stages and heals her and adjacent allies. Well it's not as good as Sweet Song, that's for sure, only healing adjacent allies is bad compared to every ally. Also the Defense boost is meh, but Froslass is a good overall attacker regardless.

Oh? This better be good.

Goddammit game, where's my Blitzle or Anorith swarm?

VS Cragspur

Alright, we're over halfway there, so next up is a nice easy map in Cragspur.

You'll only discover there's a switch on the other side the AI will press when you're spending time moving your team around. Otherwise you'll press the switch on the first turn and completely miss that it was a thing.

Like Flareon, Leafeon isn't too amazing, but getting Run Up and a higher crit chance with Leaf Blade makes it super potent given the chance. Not a bad choice. Ujiyasu has Father Figure, which blocks enemy crits and increases Energy for all allied Pokemon. Wow this is a bad skill, like it could be nice for defense, I guess? But man, it could be so much better, like actually boosting Defense, maybe? Ah whatever, Gigalith is still good regardless, Stone Edge is just a real nice move. Kai has Warrior Woman, which increases Speed and makes enemies flinch. Considering the monstrous range Fire Blast has and how much of a wrecking ball Darmanitan is, flinching every enemy in range and getting to attack all of them twice will rack up the damage. If only it was an Attack raise too...

The Rolling Stones are alright, but they only go in one direction and it can be tricky getting the enemy in position (not that it'll affect them if they're Rock type anyway) and they don't do much damage anyway. Overall, Cragspur is pretty straightforward, splitting into three groups to take on everyone means a lot of shifting battles and the terrain is pretty varied, so yeah, it's cool.

VS Yaksha

Ugh, Yaksha.

There's nothing particularly bad about Yaksha... it's just boring. Like with Fontaine, they definitely could've done more with the type, instead it's just an open field that has water breaking it up. Woo, how crazy.

Actually, the Roulette fuckin sucks. Sometimes it's nice when it gets rid of a Pokemon that was hassling you to let you regroup, but most of the time it just wastes turns and the big reward of loads of items is... meh. Kotarō has Mayhem, which increases Range by 1, makes enemies flinch and lets him go to high places for 3 turns. The Range is nice, since Zoroark can deal a lot of damage if it gets into position, but flinching and Night Daze don't play nice since it lowers accuracy, which doesn't matter if it flinches. Still, if only one of those things happen, it's something at least. Oh yeah, Illusion isn't too amazing since it's random which Pokemon it copies and it's always better to attack first, removing the Illsion. So oh well.

It's July time, so the AI has woken up, taking various kingdoms and not focusing on the real threat... thankfully.

VS Viperia

It's Viperia! I'm glad, Viperia is good.

Espeon, my favouritest Pokemon ever, is also good, having great range with Psybeam and deals a lot of damage, though it's useless against Dark types. Still, it's definitely a great choice.

Psychic types are just too good for this map. Nene has Nene Ninpō, which lets all allies avoid all attacks for a turn. A free turn is pretty nice and Crobat can take advantage of that with its great range with Cross Poison. Good overall. Hanzō has Ninjitsu, which increases Range, increases crit chance and lets him climb to high places. Well, it's alright, more Range is always nice, since Gengar has a lot with Shadow Ball, but it's not an amazing skill. Could be worse, I suppose.

Despite being a banner map, Viperia is... good??? With the secret passages, you can zip around this map pretty quickly and the AI sticking to banners is fine on this map, since if they get poisoned by the goo on the floor, then it makes them much easier to deal with. There's also a secret area in the top left, but I always forget it's there, you can see the opening in the screenshot. Anyway, with all the jumping in passages and moving around the poison, this is a pretty fun map. Thankfully it's also the last banner map, so the rest of the maps are good right? ...right?

VS Avia

We're up in the clouds with Avia.

It's a shame that most of Avia is unused, since it's a pretty fun map. But to get it over with as soon as possible, just head to the middle and let the AI come to you. No need to bother with literally any other part of the map, which is a shame cause the jump ramps and the up and down nature of the arena is a lot of fun.

Well that's some Range. Masamune has One-Eyed Dragon, which increases Range by 3 for 3 turns for him and adjacent allies. That's an amazing skill that can get everyone moving real quick at the start of the map. Also means you can just fly over to whoever you want with Braviary and remove them from the battle for a turn with Sky Drop. It can be a buggy move, so I have moved away from using it, just in case, but it's still a fine move. Magoichi has Cupid, which raises Attack in proportion to how many female Warriors are on the battlefield, because of course it does. This is great to offset Sceptile's Leaf Storm, but it's very situational unless you bring a load of female Warlords with you. It's perfectly possible, a lot of them are very powerful, but again, it depends if you can bring them, or even want to bring them. Still, good skill.

With everyone clumped up like this, you can do a lot of damage very quickly, so they're flying down to their doom. The bridge sucks, but at least you use it, unlike the Greenleaf one. Also sometimes the camera doesn't show the various elevations well, which can be annoying.

VS Spectra

Ugh, Spectra. My second least favourite map.

Wait why does Registeel have some much moveme- oh. I have been bamboozled by Illusion.

Jolteon is a good pick, with a good attack in Thunderbolt. Sure, it does nothing against Ground types, but Electric is a damn good typing otherwise. Definitely one of the best choices.

So Spectra sucks cause aside from a couple houses, it's a large field that constantly shifts cause of the FUCKING STATUES, as well as the FUCKING FLAMES. It's super frustrating to get trapped by them and they move each turn and it's so, so miserable, I hate it so much, especially when they block your attacks. Thankfully the AI walks into the flames like idiots and the aesthetic of this map is fantastic. Everything else is shit though.

Nō has Viper's Bite, which gives moves added bonuses against male Warriors for 3 turns. These bonuses include inflicting status ailments, decreasing a stat, or increasing the crit chance. Very nice if you want to destroy men like the vile, disgusting pigs that they are, but it's situational and you never know what you're gonna get. Also Mismagius doesn't have good range with Shadow Ball, so it can't inflict many enemies with these bonuses, which is a shame. Still, it can be fun. Okuni has Kabuki Dance, which raises Attack and Energy of all allies for that turn. If it was 3 turns, this would be really nice, but it isn't, so it's okay. Not that Volcarona needs much of a push to wreck fools anyway, so if you can stack Attack boosts, suddenly it becomes incredibly deadly. Funny that.

VS Valora

UGH, Valora. Welcome to my least favourite map of the game.

There's a reason this map has a 25 turn limit, IT TAKES FOREVER. You have to use the gears to lower barriers and you can't really go through the cameras unless you time it just right. Also the area looks ugly and it's awkward moving around cause of all the thin walkways.

Also where you'll meet the enemy is in this area, which is the worst place to fight in all of the maps in the game. More often than not, you might not have any moves to hit the enemy with, or the enemy will just walk in front of a camera like a dumbass and then get moved halfway across the map behind a barrier that they never lower cause they're fucking idiots so you have to go over to them and waste even more time and then the cameras move every turn and the gears move everytime you land of them and AHHHHHHHHHH I HATE THIS MAP.

Okay, that makes it better. Ieyasu has Resolution, which increases Defense by 3 stages for 3 turns. That's pretty nice, but Aggron has a lot of weaknesses, so it works better for Registeel. Since Flash Cannon has great range, Registeel can dish out a lot of damage without taking much in return, so it's pretty good overall. Tadakatsu has Unrivaled, which boosts Attack and Defense by 1 stage for 4 turns. An excellent skill that lasts for a long while and makes Dialga super deadly... if it could attack every turn. Metagross is a bit better with consistant damage, but Dialga has much better range with Roar of Time and it's cool as hell, so it's up to you which one you want. Ina has Elegance, which increases Range by 1 and ensures attacks will always hit for 3 turns. Very helpful for Empoleon, which could use some more Range and an accuracy boost for Hydro Pump. So yeah, pretty nice, but with an Attack boost it would've been amazing.

This Aron just stared at these barriers endlessly until we lowered them and beat it up. Fuck this map.

Oh hey, it's the travelling merchant for the second time ever. Seriously, they never appeared off camera, these rare random events suck.

VS Nixtorm

Only two more kingdoms left, so we need to have Dragnor as the final one.

If you don't have Ice types, this map kinda sucks, but being able to slide from one side to the other and smack the enemy in the face is a lot of fun. The cracked ice does, uh, nothing really, so you can ignore it. The floating icebergs aren't in the best place to use them consistently and the various ice blocks that sit on the ice are just annoying to get through. The snow reducing everyone's Range is annoying, but thankfully not too bad, unless you're using a bunch of slow guys that now have 1 range. Overall, not a great map, but it's alright.

Zzzzzzzzzzap. Mitsuhide has Cold Eyes, which increases Speed and ensures all moves hit for 3 turns. For Articuno, this is very nice, since Blizzard has great range, but not so great accuracy. It's not necessary for Lapras, but Articuno is just the overall better Pokemon. As always, wish it was an Attack boost but OH WELL. Gracia has Bewilder, which gives all allies' moves the chance to confuse the opponent for the turn. This will never apply to Gothitelle, since Future Sight takes a turn to hit, but it could be useful for others, though only have the chance to confuse is a bit of a shame. Still, confusion is a pretty good status in this game, so it could work out (I've never used it that effectively).

Our final Eeveelution is Umbreon, which is... alright. Assurance deals double damage if the foe has already taken damage that turn, so it's best used at the end of the turn. With Motivate, you can bounce between weakened enemies and take them down, so it's definitely usable, but only being able to target one Pokemon at once is always a shame.

Threat to Ransei

Alright we've got one last kingdom to take over to end the story. But of course we're not gonna do that just yet, we've got some stuff left to do AND we need Dragnor for something, so if Ranmaru could leave it and attack this completely helpless Spectra, that would be great.

Since we've shown off all the Eeveelutions, let's get Azai's final Perfect Link, Arceus. Yeah, the max for every other Warlord is 2 or 3, but Azai has 8. Mental. Oh yeah, Arceus only appears when Azai reaches Rank 3.

But I'm not done yet! I must become even stronger! And you're going to help me, Arceus! We're going to be together from now on... we must watch each other's backs!

Oh noooooooo, how could this have happened???

VS Dragnor

Mmm, that's the stuff, let's give Arceus a test drive.

Alright, Arceus might not be all that strong, but still, it's powerful enough (only cause of Omnipotent, otherwise it's basically a stronger Wigglytuff).

Now that ain't right. We'll talk about Dragnor when we actually properly conquer it at the end of the story, so let's talk about Aurora's battlefield. It's alright, pretty bland, as you'd expect. The logs are a bit annoying to move out of the way, but it does make fighting in that arena different each time, so I guess it's cool, especially when you smack one into an enemy. Otherwise, we're not missing much not being able to fight on it this story.

Easy enough though, does this appease you Arceus? I think it looks happy. Please don't smite me.

But... none of the people who tried going in have come back out! What on earth could there be inside there?!

Ha... very interesting... Nobunaga shall see to this personally.

Wait a minute, if we already have Arceus, what's in the Infinite Tower?

Oh yeah, this thing. Shiny Rayquaza only appears in Dragnor when you've obtained every other legendary Pokemon (aside from Reshiram) and are in the final story with Rank 2 Nobunaga.

Accompany me, Rayquaza! With your great power beside me, Ransei shall be Nobunaga's at least! Hehehe... hahahahaha!

Final month of the LP! With Ranmaru taking back Dragnor, we're ready for the final battle.

VS Dragnor

Uh, after we take back Spectra... but who cares about that, it's Dragnor time!

Even without cheating, I'm still completely wrecking fools. It's way too easy in these stories to completely overtake the enemy and make the end of the story a real snoozefest, especially if you can avoid the Gabite guy, because then it turns from a snoozefest into a real tedious dreck. So a lose-lose situation.

Use all the skills! Dragnor is a cool map, pretty simple, but has a lot of variety due to the elemental pillars. Smacking enemies into them for massive damage is great fun, especially if you can burn them. The bottom right of the map is never used, so I dont know why it's there, aside from making the map mirrored. Still, for a climactic duel to the finish, Dragnor is a great way to end a story.

Feel my wrath! Admittedly it's a little weak right now, but who cares, Arceus and Rayquaza are literally endgame prizes you get five minutes before the game is over.

Finito. Ranmaru has Faith, which lets all allies attacks hit for 3 turns. An excellent skill that frees your worries for a few turns and affects a lot of Pokemon very positively. Lucario doesn't need it, since its Aura Sphere smacks everything around no problem, but it's great, though shame he doesn't have a healing skill anymore. Oh well.

If I ever hear the phrase "Unite all of Ransei" ever again, I'm gonna flip.

Long Day

You showed the world... you showed us all that people should aspire to great things. That they should not content themselves with being weak... I, too, believe this to be true. And we must continue to believe. We cannot restrict ourselves to Ransei.

Cross the oceans. Spread your message.


Indeed, the legend of Azai continues to inspire the people of Ransei to this very day.


And there we go! Conquest is finished! For finishing the final story, we get some special credits with everyone and their Perfect Link, which is super neat!

Overall, while this LP took forever, I'm incredibly happy with how it turned out. This game is great and I loved playing it, even after beating the same maps over and over again.

The gameplay is great, the music is amazing, I love the characters and the setting and the main story is great fun.

Having characters emote with their Pokemon was an amazing choice and added so much to the story and setting. I love Pokemon stories that focus on the Pokemon themselves, so having humans share that space so closely was great to see.

However, the big Donphan in the room is the postgame. The main story was really good, the progression was very well done and the battles were fast paced, pretty tough and really enjoyable to get through if you weren't as strong as the enemy. All of that gets thrown out of the window for the postgame.

The repetitive nature of the postgame (like a lot of stuff Koei Tecmo makes, alas) really drags it down. Everything's the same level, nothing is particularly engaging and there's so little variety beating the same map over and over and over again. It's super draining and it's a shame, cause the postgame can be fun.

Being able to play as everyone else and having the map all shaken up with different Warlords in different kingdoms could've been great if there had been more to it. But having to conquer the region over and over again and having everyone pretty weak is just hard to get through.

Still, because these characters are so enjoyable to see, the postgame stories can be great fun IF you pace yourself. Maybe I should've recorded this over a year and then did the LP nice and quick, but even after doing all of this and more than I should've, I still love this game.

I would love for a sequel to this game, if it fixed its problems, I think we could have something super amazing on our hands. Hell, I think Pokemon and Fire Emblem would work beautifully, the system is there and I really enjoy playing this game, it's just a shame its problems are super big ones.

Also having evolution items and a good chunk of Pokemon locked behind rare events does suck and I wish there was a better way than passwords. Still, I think there's a good variety of Pokemon in this game and it's not too tough to complete the Gallery. I got 190 out of 200 Pokemon without trying tooooooo hard.

But anyway, I hope you enjoyed this LP, I adore how this turned out and I love that a game like this got a full playthrough, cause it absolutely deserves it. I hope you enjoyed, I'm happy I showed off everything I wanted to and I know I had a blast... despite some things!

Main Theme

We don't get anything for beating the final story, but we're definitely done with the game.

God, was it really 65 hours? This was even with cheating and speedup, so the same legit playthrough to the end will take even longer. I hope characters from this game appear in future, they're great, this game is great and this LP was great(?), well I hope you enjoyed it regardless. I'll leave you with the female player, since we didn't see her once in this whole LP aside from the start. Later!

El fin.

No but seriously, thank you everyone who read this LP, I think this turned out great. A big thank you to Ragnar Homsar for letting me use her site, I'm super happy with how this LP looked and even though it wasn't incredibly long, a lot of work went into these updates and they're the longest I've ever made. And I'm glad, this game is great and I'm super happy I was able to show everything off and play this game, cause it's super good!

But I'm glad it's over, getting everything in the postgame recorded was quite tough to get through, but I'm glad I did it.