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Part 78: The Battle Tower (HGSS)

Update 62: The Battle Tower

Battle Tower Reception GB

It's the final Battle Frontier update! We've made it this far, gotten 4 prints and just have one more to go. You might think I'm crazy, or wonder why I'm going through all the trouble of getting the colour prints. There must be one hell of a reward for all this!

So yeah, let's meet our last 6 Pokemon. We've got some real special ones today, like Santa the Delibird, by Sjs00. It's, well, a Delibird. It's got a nice Blizzard attack, as well as Present, which I'm gonna try and get a kill with, as well as Hustle. Meaning all my moves will miss. Nice.

Next up is DODGE the Ninjask, by BlackPersona. It's a evasion and speed Baton Passer, if it can survive a few hits to pass them on. It can even attack if need be, should be interesting.

Last up is Kimberly the Aerodactyl, by Jade Rider. It's a hard hitting rock dinosaur and that's just what we need in life. Also entry hazards. In 3v3. Let's do this!

Battle Tower GB

The Battle Tower is classic stuff, just 3v3 battles, no gimmicks, Final Destination.

Of course we've gotta go through the riff raff before we get to the actual good Pokemon.

I'm just gonna use this once and then never again.

It worked out well enough, but I'd rather just kill something.

Well that was fun. 6 streaks to go!

Okay let's actually use our other Pokemon. Guess what DODGE is gonna do.

We are guaranteed +1 evasion and +1 speed and we can get +2 speed if we use Protect.

Obviously with +2 evasion we can never be hit again.

Ah, jk.

That's a rude ass bird.

Alright Santa, it's time to DODGE.

Very good, that's what I like to see.

Ah. Yeah. With Hustle, our Attack is basically +1, but Fly now has an accuracy of 76%, while Present is now 72%. Blizzard and all special moves are unaffected by Hustle, but it still has 70% accuracy. Add on to the fact that 40% of the time Present will only be 40BP and this is gonna be interesting. Basically Santa is gonna hit 3 out of 4 times and even then might not do that much damage. Great.

Get outta here monkey boy.

I'm getting shit for matchups.

Very nice.

I'm purposefully not using Kimberly because oh my lord I will need her later.

I would make the loud dodge scream here, but that's too obvious of a joke.

But seriously though, dodge.

See, was that so hard?

Actually wait, don't use up all this luck before we get to the boss, I'll need it then!


The battle facilities are so confusing sometimes...

Santa's taking some fucking names.

...alright it's time for the boss.

: The Frontier Brain has sent word that he is impressed with you. He sees your skill, and he'd like to challenge you to a battle!

Bring it, sucka!

: I heard a lot about you. You are Kotone from New Bark Town, right? You are much younger than I thought. So, I'd like you to show me. Show me the bond you've built with your Pokémon. Show me what you've learned through battles with Trainers!

VS Frontier Brain

This is gonna be an interesting one. Palmer is pretty damn tough, especially when you don't have any gimmicks to muzzle his pretty nasty team. Also when you're using what I'm using.

Milotic is something we just can't break past normally, so we need to, well...


I'm sorry what?

Alright, I think we've got a Rock Wreaker coming our way.


What the hell is going on? How am I winning?

Alright, I think this is the end of the line for us, there's no way we can take this thing out, it's a goddamn Dragonite.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you beat a Frontier Brain with a Delibird.

I think I need to lie down.

Battle Tower GB

: I imagine many great trainers will come to challenge me as you have just done. That's something I look forward to a great deal. You will become even more skilled. Keep battling Trainers from around the world and keep growing greater in stature!

: Your victory over the Tower Tycoon was an inspiration! To pay tribute to your talent, we present you BP!

: Congratulations on defeating the Tower Tycoon! The Pokémon on your team will be provided with commemorative Ribbons. We look forward to your next visit.

: Please accept this trophy for your fantastic achievement! We'll send it to your home. We hope to see you again.

Wowee. The Battle Tower has some extra rewards if you're interested in going for them. Since Gen 3 you've been able to obtain ribbons and trophies after winning enough battles and there are a lot of rewards you can get. I'll talk about it later.

We only won because of Double Team. Nothing else. Since I was showing off the ribbons I forgot to show off the Print we got. Just one more to go!

Onto our last 3 Pokemon! We've got Smogon the Garchomp by rannum. It's a Garchomp, this thing is totally busted and I love busted. I also love Busted.

It's time to hate with Hatred the Blissey, by Dr Pepper. The premium special wall that gives no fucks and will slowly kill you from the inside. That's why it's so fun to use!

Last up is Pain Plane the Togekiss, by a busted-up mailbox. A flinch haxer to end all flinch haxers, aside from maybe Jirachi. Shame that Aura Sphere has no additional effect, but it doesn't miss, so I'm fine with that.

After the last 3 rounds we've had, I'm pretty happy to use these kinda Pokemon.

Mmm, oh yes.

Since the Eviolite doesn't exist yet nothing is surviving this.

That's one way to stop me.

Ah just kidding.

I guess I'm using Garchomp forever and ever then?

Oh, Brightpowder is one way to stop the rampage.

Well we know how to deal with this.


And that's 50 damage a pop, enough to whittle down things eventually. After all, nothing has more HP than us.

Pfft, get out of here.

The pain train is temporarily stopped.

Cause now it's the plane's time.

This is what I wanna see.


That's fine though.

Eh, could be better.

We just went through some Hustle shenanigans, so stick to the flinching.


Slaking is unfortunately quite durable, so Smogon is gonna sit this one out.

What is this bullshit?

Ah goddamn it, stop!

Man, evasion strategies are so... HIT AND MISS

A special Whiscash? It's more likely than you think.

This, however, just ain't right.

Some pretty uneventful battles overall, since Smogon is that good.

Well thankfully that was Life Orb Hariyama.

Oh hey it's a Garchomp, I hear those things are pretty broken.

Maybe what I've got is even more broken.

Oh this is really bad.

Oh never mind it's special. Phew.

Still got reaaaaaaaaally close.

Time for the final fight.

: As the Tower Tycoon, I'll have to give you my best effort. That's how the best Trainers show respect to each other. By battling all out as dedicated students of Pokémon!

VS Frontier Brain

Man, we've been getting real nice matchups.

Though of course it's not that easy, Palmer can be a pretty nasty fight due to his strong legendaries.

Case in point. Though isn't this a special attacker?

And that's that.

That's one pain out of the way.

I feel ya man. This Pokemon shouldn't be a problem, I'm fine with whittling it down with Hatred before letting Pain Plane seal things up.


That's better, but that did take 4 turns. We might be in trouble.

Huh, maybe we'll actually be alright.


It had that move the whole time???

Ah good, you know how to DODGE

And that's that. Flawless.

For whatever reason Palmer's sprite animates at the end, the only time that ever happened until XY.

: My young friend, the world and your future hold infinite promise. The spirits of people and Pokémon call for each other in resonance. The resulting bond is finitely strong! Go on, you can be all that you desire! There is no limit to where you can go!

We get our rewards and we're done!

It took us five updates, but we finally have all the Frontier Prints. And our reward? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. In Gen 3 you got some cool berries and decorations for getting the Symbols, but you get nothing here, not even a star on your Trainer Card.

The ribbon for beating the Frontier Brain a second time is slightly different to the previous ribbon we got. At least that's some kind of reward, I guess.

There are also other ribbons from winning 50 battles on the Double and Multi battle rooms. There's even a different ribbon if you did it with the 5 stat trainers you met in DPP (oh yeah, those guys are in this game in that one area), or if you did it with another player. You could even get another ribbon for reaching Rank 5 in the Wi-Fi battle room, but of course you can't get that anymore.

Here are all the Pokemon that helped me beat the Battle Frontier. Thank you so much to everyone who submitted and I hope I will get submissions in future LPs I'll totally do, probably. It was a blast using these Pokemon even in the worst facilities and it's so cool I was able to win with all of them. Overall, I'm pretty meh on this Battle Frontier. It's a cool concept, but could be done in so many better ways that they're kinda tedious and grindy. And I imagine they take a while to make for something that very few players really interact with to make it worth it. So I'm not bothered they haven't appeared since, though I wish people would stop pining for them and say certain games are bad because they lack this feature. I bet they would still say the game was shit even if it was included cause they forgot how bad they were and then deride GF for wasting time including it when they could've made a REAL postgame that has 100s of hours of content. Somehow. ...I'm ranting aren't I?

ANYWAY, with that all done it is time to do the final update of the LP. Ah, finally, soon I shall be free... to do another LP after this. Cause that's how LPs work. Later!