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Part 6: Seeing Slateport

Part 6: Seeing Slateport

Route 109

It's beach combing time. There's a lot of stuff hidden in the sands and there's also a fair few trainers around, this game is packed with them!

We're going to get all the sand from the beach and make a big castle! And then we're going to be a king and queen. We'll let you be a servant.

I should've given Nobunaga the Soft Sand, but I completely forgot and shoved it in the PC. OH WELL.

A flower and a drunk challenge me to a battle.

Man, he's had too many shots shots shots shots.

What in the heck

When I learn how to swim, I think my POKEMON will become tougher.

I'm usually stronger than this! I'm just seasick as a dog! I'm a SAILOR, but...

In the best port was the best TRAINER...

We da best items

See, it's never that easy.

Did... did Marill need a previous form? Well it's here, it's cute as fuck and it doesn't really, uh, do anything. I wonder why they decided to make it Normal instead of Water and screwed up its gender ratios, but anyway, baby Pokemon are always garbage and they're there for Egg moves and such. Well it gives Marill the exclusive moves of Splash and Charm. Er, it can get Refresh or Sing from Egg moves... at least it can actually use STAB Normal moves with Huge Power, but its movepool is so geared towards its eventual Water typing that I don't really know why they bothered.

Also why is its official artwork so sad? Sugimori why???

Neat. I could probably use Wargreymon super easily right now, since all of the Pokemon we're fighting against are pretty weak, but hey, why not use the Exp Share.

If you look at the beach from the sky, it looks like a big flower garden!

After I showed you my round inner tube too...

Alright, that's the beach cleaned up. I need a frickin drink.

I'm pretty hot.

Uh, maybe not that hot.

I'm all for hot battles though.

If one of my POKEMON knew the move for carrying me across water on its back, I could get rid of this inner tube.

Nobunaga getting levels while our other members don't. Goldeen can have the Water Veil ability, which prevents the user from being Burned, unless the Ability is replaced or removed. When it switches back in, it will be cured of Burn after its turn.

I prefer Lemonade myself, but I'm not too fussy.

"hotter TRAINER than me, matey!"

This buff sailor is pretty hot, not gonna lie.

Introducing the Gen 8 games Pokemon Hot and Cold.

I'm more than just satisfied! As thanks for showing me your hot streak, I want you to take these. It's half a dozen bottles of SODA POP!

Healing 60HP is pretty nice at this point in the game, but they'll become meh soon after the Super Potions, so you'll be shifting to Moomoo Milk like always. What's that? Moomoo Milk is postgame on wild Miltank in the Safari Zone? Well shit. Hyper Potions it is.

Slateport City

Slateport/Kaina City: The port where people and Pokemon cross paths with nature.
From slate and port, and kai (grey or sea) and kaina (arm).

Well that's never a good sign, but who cares about those guys. Let's go shopping.

Good stuff, some Great Balls, Super Potions, as well as Harbor Mail, which we will definitely get one of.

The Market has some cool wares, such as these Dolls. We'll get into this stuff later.

The Energy Guru, however, we won't bother with. The various drinks are still the same, giving 10EVs in their stat, until you get to 100.

You have to go for it a little harder. If you do, I'll give your POKEMON something nice.

This woman gives out a Ribbon when you show her a Pokemon that has 510EVs. Maybe if we were doing a solo run, but I'm not sure if Nobunaga will actually max out. Oh, Ribbons? We'll get to those.

One of our members will give it to you. Come back and show me if you get it. We'll accept you as a member and sell you good stuff in secrecy.

Excellent, finding the Black Market wasn't as tricky as I thought it would be.

To turn BERRIES into medicine, they must be crushed into powder. Did you know that? You seem to have an interest in BERRIES! I've got something good for someone like you.

The BERRY CRUSH machines are at the DIRECT CORNER upstairs. Did you know that? Could you make BERRY POWDER for me using those machines? I can make you all sorts of medicine if you bring me lots of BERRY POWDER.

Alright, Berry Crush. Hands up who actually played this with your friends. Put your hands down you liars, you didn't have friends who played Pokemon. Well, I didn't. Anyway, I'll talk about Berry Powder and Berry Crush and shit over here since I can barely be enthused to talk about it in a Side Notes.

Being the CHAIRMAN, I am naturally the most important! No one can best me when it comes to raising POKEMON. No one! Well, let me tell you about POKEMON CONTESTS. They're events where one can show off POKEMON for the world to see! However, they're held off in far-off towns, so I cannot participate often enough, That is why we gather here to show off our POKEMON, and have others show us theirs.

The POKEMON of a TRAINER who has entered a POKEMON CONTEST... that, I would like to see.

When we (eventually) go over Pokemon Contests, this guy will be pretty important. For now, what else is there?

If you treat your POKEMON with love and care, they'll love you back. When your POKEMON grow to love you, please come show me. ... Your POKEMON really adores you. For you, a most compassionate TRAINER, a gift from the FAN CLUB!

Neat. The Soothe Bell boosts happiness increases by 50%, but only the original value, not when boosted by the Luxury Ball. It's not too important, since there's only 1 friendship evolution to complete the Pokedex (Crobat), though Azurill is only Gen 3 Pokemon to evolve through happiness.

There are a few NPCs that interview you and will show up on tv later. It's fun, but nothing particularly interesting, so we'll be skipping these for the most part.

Since I can change nicknames through save editing, the Name Rater will not be appearing in this LP. Sorry Name Rater fans.

Let's see... um... I think it says something like "the life in the sea is endless." Yup, I'm pretty sure that's what it says.

Let's hope they find one by the time we reach the end of this LP, hoo boy. Right, let's deliver these goods.

Aaargh! I can't make heads or tails of this! Hm? Hi, I'm DOCK. CAPT.STERN commissioned me to design a ferry. Oh! That there... are they DEVON GOODS? But, hmm... this won't do... CAPT.STERN went off somewhere. He said he had some work to do. Could I get you to go find CAPT.STERN and deliver that to him?

He better be in here, I'm running out of patience with these goods.

Oceanic Museum

What a ripoff!

Me? I'm the TEAM AQUA member you thumped before, remember? Back in RUSTURF TUNNEL? Here, take this! You have to forgive me!

Hope I never see you again! Wahahaha!

Hmm, we could actually use Thief later, since we keep the items we steal. GF knows about this, so there are some weird items we can only get by stealing.

Ah! Those must be the parts I ordered from MR.STONE of DEVON. Thank you! That's great! We can prepare for our expedition now.

Wh-what? Who are you people?

We're TEAM AQUA! Our BOSS wants those parts! Shut your yap and fork them over!

Team Aqua's main Pokemon, shame it's a bit rubbish. A physical Water/Dark type makes me wonder why the hell the physical/special split took so long to happen, but it does learn an early Crunch and Water TMs are never a problem, but it'll be using its real bad Sp.Atk instead and that's not fun. Still, when it evolves, it'll become a meh 95 Sp.Atk instead and it will know a few physical attacks for coverage. It's won't be a bad mixed attacker, but that's not really what you're using it for. Oh well, could be worse.

Rough Skin is always something to keep in mind, as any contact move will reduce the attacker's health by 1/16th. Not as bad as Gen 4 on, but still annoying, so try and use a non-contact move if you can. Thankfully there are a few good moves that do just that, including most special moves.

Good job guys.

Now what? If we don't get the parts, we're in for it! Arrgh, I didn't count on being meddled with by some meddling kid!

"simps are held up by a mere child?"

We are TEAM AQUA, and we love the sea! And I am TEAM AQUA's leader, ARCHIE! What makes you interfere with us?! You can't be! You're not one of TEAM MAGMA? Wait, that can't be right. You're not dressed for the part.

POKEMON, people... all life depends on the sea. So, TEAM AQUA is dedicated to the expansion of the sea. Don't you agree? What we are doing is a magnificent undertaking. Ah fine... you're still too young to understand our noble objective. But, I warn you, don't even consider interfering with our plans again. The consequences will cost you dearly! And don't you forget it!

Oh, yes, I almost forgot that you even brought the parts from DEVON!

We have to set out on our ocean-floor expedition really soon. Thanks again, but now I've got to go! Feel free to wander around and check out our facilities, though.

Slateport City

Have I not introduced myself to you? If not, my name's SCOTT. I just saw TEAM AQUA run away from here like they were stung. Let me guess... you drove them away? Hmm... maybe, just maybe, this TRAINER... all right! I think you're going to become a good friend. So, let's register each other in our POKENAVS.

What I'd like to do is tag along with you, but I do want to keep an eye on the talents of other people, too. So, I'll be off to roam other towns a bit more. Be seeing you, YUKI!

Until the day we meet again, Scott Person.

Yeah! That's a good idea! That's a really great idea! After all, a tough TRAINER is the perfect fit for the BATTLE TENT! Give it your best effort!

U-until the day we meet again, weird guy.

Battle Tent

So, Battle Tents, with all the Pokemon Contests moving to Lilycove City, there are now 3 vacant plots in Slateport, Verdanturf and Fallarbor which now have these Battle Tents. These are cool little things to do on the side, but they're definitely not a smaller part of a bigger, horrendous facility looming in the distance. Let's get to it!

And he wouldn't hear me out, like, hey! So, like, total bummer, man! Hey, like, you! Zip it, you know? Just, you know, take this!

Like, it won't let the other guy use the same move twice in a row, see? Hey, now, you listen here, like, I'm not laying a torment on you!

While the Contest Halls have moved, any non-Contest related items are still around to grab.

I am your guide to the Battle Swap Tournament. Would you like to take the Battle Swap challenge? Please step this way.

So these Battle Tents are all different and the Slateport site has you rent Pokemon instead of using your own. We will need to use our own in the other two though. Let's see what we got.

Well... so long as we have at least 3 Pokemon that aren't shit, we can make it work. I won't be going over any new Pokemon we see in these areas, since we could go through this place endlessly finding new stuff to use each time.

Let's fight some rational, normal trainers.

Trainer Battle

In these battle facilities, no one's normal. Not even us.

Fuckin murdered. All the Pokemon we fight are pretty random, with various sets and the like you'd expect in battle facilities. Shouldn't be too tough.

Though if things go south, we have our OH SHIT button.

awooooo to you too, or whatever.

Before starting the battle, would you like to swap a POKEMON? Right this way, please!

Uhhhhhh, maybe not. After finishing a battle you can swap one Pokemon for one that your opponent used, if you liked the look of it. I think my team is gonna be just fine for what we're gonna be facing.

Easy enough.

Holy shit why does that do so much? Oh yeah, I'm a fragile seagull.

Well let's nip that in the fuckin bud eh?

And that's fight 2.

So the trainers you'll fight have various phrases set by those you'd find in the easy chat system. Why yes, that could be hilarious, let's hope we see some good ones.

Haha, can't you see how good I am at this franchise in this facility? My years of playing these games were all for this!

Numel is having a party over here.

And there we go, hopefully all tough battles go thiis smoothly and easily. Hahahahahahaha...

I must also save your event results. In recognition of your 3-win streak, we award you this prize.

For beating 3 battles we get a prize. Nothing too crazy, but hey, it's neat, if nothing particularly out there.

Next time, it's on to the next city!