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Part 20: Unprecedented Island Adventure (FRLG)

FRLG Part 1: Unprecedented Island Adventure

Cinnabar Island

Phew, seventh badge already, now there's only a short hop to the final leader and we'll be done with this short game. Unless, of course, something happens inbetween then.

Look, it's me, BILL. Long time no see! I hope you're still using my PC system. Well, listen, since we met up here, how about spending some time with me? There's this little island in the far south called ONE ISLAND. A friend invited me, so I'm on my way out there. How about it? Do you feel like coming with me?

Distractions from the main quest? Hell yeah!

All right, then. Let's go!

Let's go on an island adventure.

One Island Town

There are several islands around here, and this is one of them. My friend CELIO sent the boat to fetch me here. He's in charge of the island's PC network by his lonesome. ...Why am I telling you this now? Let's just go see CELIO!

Well, absolutely! How's your research coming along? ...Oh, wait a sec. FUGURI, this is my buddy CELIO. He's one dedicated PC MANIAC! CELIO, this is FUGURI, a rising contender as the POKEMON CHAMP!

That's really impressive. I hate to say it, but I have zero aptitude for battling. Anyways, I'm glad to meet you.

So, bring me up to speed. How's your machine running?

It's running fine, but we're too remote out here. The PCs on this island just can't link with your PC, BILL.

Oh, yeah? Okay, let me take a look-see.

Let me help you, okay? FUGURI, can I get you to wait for me just a bit? ...Actually, can I get you to do me a favor? The island next to this one's called TWO ISLAND. There's a guy there that runs a GAME CORNER. He has this thing for rare rocks and gems. We keep in touch, being fellow maniacs. So, can I get you to deliver this METEORITE to him?

It will let you travel between the ISLANDS ONE, TWO, and THREE. Oh, you should have this, too.

Hmm... how about we try this like this...

I'm sorry for taking up so much of BILL's time. I'm also sorry for being such a poor host on your visit here.

Well that sure was a bunch of setup, hello everyone and welcome to some FRLG content. Similarly to how I did HGSS content in the Crystal LP, I'll be going over exclusive remake stuff that I could've shown in my Yellow LP. Just pretend it's an addition to that instead of Emerald. Oh yeah, why am I called Fuguri? Well, uh, Leaf here doesn't have an actual name, so we'll go with the romanization of leaf cause I'm weird like that.

And we're using the OG team, since they didn't get a huge amount of time compared to the Crystal and now Emerald team. Let's fix that. Is this just an excuse for me to show off the Sevii Islands and not have to look at endless Swimmer battle screenshots? Well, uh, yeah, I knew the end of Hoenn was gonna be a bit repetitive to go over, so hopefully this will break things up a bit, among other things.

Here's the map of the three islands we'll be exploring. Should be a lot of fun!

Treasure Beach

We're not gonna explore the whole of One Island, or indeed the town, which is called, uh, One Island, right now, we have a rock to deliver. But we will have a slight detour down here.

Like with my HGSS content, I'll be going over any new changes or areas in FRLG that aren't in the original games in their entirety and since we're past the seventh badge... you can guess Kanto has barely changed. It's very subtle, a few new items here, a couple of Gym Leader tweaks there, but overall FRLG is just Gen 1, but with Gen 3 mechanics and some bonus island stuff. So I'm not huge on these games, but they're still pretty fun.

And hey, it gives our very first team the chance to strut their stuff, their movesets are pretty similar to how they were to begin with, since defunct TMs from that game are now move tutors, but they'll soar to higher heights than they did in the proper LP.

We've got 3 islands available to us right now and it looks like there's a fair bit to explore.

The stuff that appears on Treasure Beach appears occasionally and the Itemfinder is kinda useful for it? Oh yeah, if you're gonna (somehow) follow along, you should catch a lot of Pokemon while you play through the game. 60 will do.

Off to Two Island.

Two Island Town

Even more uses of HMs. WHat a crazy time.

I won't be going over individual towns since there's usually barely one thing to go over in them. Also I'll be highlighting Pokemon we wouldn't see in the mainland otherwise (which won't happen until postgame), but yeah, it's nothing too crazy.

This boy needs some stuff, cause that's a poor selection.

Ooh, another gambling establishment.

Joyful Game Corner

Have you seen LOSTELLE around? I don't know where she might be. I don't know where she might be. She should've been here long ago. LOSTELLE's a cutie - she got my looks - so what if someone... What if something's happened to my LOSTELLE?! Please, help me find her! Please go search THREE ISLAND!

They said they'd be waiting on the island, so where are they? Hey, you! Is this the only THREE ISLAND around here?

Try waking up before you crawl out of bed, you punk. This is TWO ISLAND! Move it! Get your filthy motorbike out of my place!

Huh... oh, oh, gotcha. Tch... these islands are confusing...

Would you look at that? That punk scuffed up my floor. Hey, but listen! I'm beggind you, you have to go to THREE ISLAND. If anything were to happen to my LOSTELLE... My place is the house with the red roof on THREE ISLAND. She may just show up late here, so I can't run off anywhere. That's why I have to get you to do me this big favor.

Cape Brink

We'll fully explore this island before we head off to Three Island. Something very important is here.

It's not that, though it is very helpful. In FRLG, there are six items you can only find by using it on top of where an item is buried. Such as Leftovers being under the two Snorlax.

But will no one take it for future use? ...Hm? Hmm! Oh! This is the one! This VENUSAUR is worthy of learning my ultimate move! Will you allow it? Will you allow your VENUSAUR to learn my FRENZY PLANT? You will allow it? Then, let me confer my ultimate FRENZY PLANT on your VENUSAUR. Ggggrah-awooo!

Gasp, gasp, gasp... I didn't think I could teach that move while I still lived...

We can still go down waterfalls without the HM. Neat. This is the first appearence of the Ultimate Starter Moves, though only the Gen 1 lot can learn them this gen. They're elemental Hyper Beams and rubbish for multiplayer. But you can use anything in single player, so what the hey.

Bunch of bikers and a cave. Let's go looksee.

Three Isle Path

What am I doing here, you ask? Why, I'm prospecting for gold! When I strike it rich, I'm buying a house in KANTO.

Three Island Town

Is she home?

Doesn't look like it, but at least we can access our PC, seems they've fixed that much.

I just got here, pal. What's with the hostile attitude? It's mighty cold of you!

Your gang of followers have been raising havoc on their bikes. Do you have any idea how much trouble they've caused us on the island?

No, man, I don't get it at all. Look at this place. What do you do for entertainment? You ought to be thanking us for livening up this sleepy village. But hey, if you insist, you can try making us leave.

Grr... you cowards... so tough in a pack...

You wanna make something of it or what? Heh, I like your guts. You'll be losing money to me, but...

These goons are no match for us.

What's the matter with you, getting all hot like that? Totally uncool, man!

Bring out the big guns then.

What are you, their friend or something? Then I guess you'll be battling me in their place.

Ah, just so you're not confused, for whatever reason the box of "Trainer Butts would like to battle" can go away before all six Pokeballs have appeared, going straight to what they're standing out. Sometimes I can get it, other times the right frame isn't there and this is the best option. Oh well.

Humph! Yeah, go right on hanging around with these hayseeds!

It'd be fantastic if someone as strong as you lived here. I hope you'll at least stay here a while. ...I beg your pardon? You're looking for LOSTELLE? LOSTELLE went off towards BOND BRIDGE a while ago.

Our first mart, got the usual seventh gym stuff. All good.

Oh yeah, Zinc wasn't a thing in the original games, being introduced in this gen and all.

Alright, maybe Lostelle will be here.

One sec though girl, gotta get this item.

Curse my hubris.

Bond Bridge

(MEG) We'll show your our favorite POKEMON.

(JOY) Wasn't that fun? I hope we can battle again!

(MEG) Ohh... JOY! JOY, wasn't that fun?

Double battles are in this game, though only set ones like the twins. Multi battles are still a wild dream.

You're raising some wonderful POKEMON. If you keep going this way, you'll eventually reach BERRY FOREST.


Now you might be thinking you don't remember these trainer classes in the original games. Indeed, a fair few trainers that were introduced in Hoenn are only found in the Sevii Islands, since there haven't been many changes in Kanto. How's that for content?

Well that sure was a bridge of bonds.

Waaah! Waaah! This yeah, I'm going to finally learn how to swim!

Isn't it cool all the new levels we're getting? Now if only there was actually something interesting to fight to show how our team is growing...

Wukong is very sensitive about that.

Okay, you've won! Now will you please go away? A POKEMON bit through my swimsuit. I can't get out of the water!

Rip. Literally.

Berry Forest

It's a forest full of berries. Spoilers.

Not every patch has a berry and they regenerate occassionally since there's no berry growing in this game.

I'd say there's a fair few items in this area. Nothing else interesting, alas.

Feels weird finding non-berry items.

Alright this item better be fuckin good.

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh, alright.

Alright, we're berried out.

It kept scaring. It made LOSTELLE scared. I'm too scared to move! But I want to go home... Oh! Here it comes again! No! Go away! It's scaring me! Waaaaaaah! I want my daddy!

Of fucking course.

I feel this is almost too good for it.

LOSTELLE came to pick some BERRIES. You can have this!

LOSTELLE's scared, so can I go with you to my daddy's house? Okay! Let's go home!

Joyful Game Corner

Daddy didn't know you were scared and in trouble!

It's okay, Daddy. I got to be friends with FUGURI! Listen, listen! Please show me you being cool again!

Oh, what's that? You're saying this is for me? How did you know that I love rare rocks and gems? You sure know how to make a guy happy.

You know, you've been fantastic. I want you to have this.

Considering all the Moon Stones you can find in Gen 1 are in the remakes, this makes the fifth one you can get. Little bit overkill. Also, the Joyful Game Corner... we'll be coming back to talk about it later. Ugh.

Thanks to your feat, the people of THREE ISLAND have changed their attitudes about KANTO people. And, I'm from KANTO, you see. The people of THREE ISLAND helped me add to my merchandise.

Hmm, it's better, but keep trying.

One Island Town

We got it done. The PCs are up and running!

The job went incredibly quick. BILL is one amazing guy...

No, no! There was almost nothing left for me to do. CELIO, I have to hand it to you. You've learned a lot.

Oh, really? Ehehe...

Well, there you have it. I'm finished with the job. We should head back to KANTO. CELIO, I'll be seeing you again.

FUGURI, I'm really sorry that we sent you off alone today. I promise, I will show you around these islands sometime.

I'm sure he'd welcome you if you were to visit him again. If you have a TRI-PASS, you can always take the ferry there from VERMILION PORT. All right, thanks for your company!

Well, wasn't that quite the adventure. I learned a lot today.

Kindle Road

Is what I would say, but we've still got the rest of One Island to explore, so let's go baby! Also if you have been clicking the music links and got confused, I'm being 100% serious, these first three islands have the same tracks for their areas over and over. It kinda sucks.

Oh, you're so awful. I like that cap you have. Maybe I should wear one, too...

What should I do? I feel famished again.

Oh hey it's the smashy rockys.

The water in volcanic regions is delicious.

It feels weird seeing the full Swimmer overworld sprite.

Instead of using SURF all the time, you should swim some.

I will surf until I die.

My big brother and I make an awesome combination!

Huh?! I can't believe it! How could there be anyone better than my big brother?

With two exceptions, double battle trainers just consist of two classes just smashed together into a new combination, meaning I only need to use the one image. I wanted to do this with Emerald too, but it just didn't look right, since they're unique sprites unless it's a multi battle.

Dunno where the image of Black Belt Hugh is, but whatevs bruv.

As easy as that. If you're wondering (since I haven't shown off anything interesting we've faced since, uh, we haven't faced anything interesting), opponents are in the high 30s.

Also, even though I haven't really shown what the team can do, it is a lot of fun being able to use them again. I missed these guys.

Shonen protagonist with burning spiritu reporting. Ignore the next frame. Did you even notice it until I pointed it out? Well my job here is done.

I hewed the pool right out of a gigantic boulder by hand. I was using this at the time. I suppose I can part with it.

The OG 5 HMs are in this game, but two more HMs are added into the mix and they're only really used in Sevii. Like I said, Kanto has barely fuckin changed.

Let's backtrack and get some goodies.

I'm such a fool! I'll train even harder from now on!

Fuck rocks.

You were a cut above me. It's clear that you're skilled. I like you!

The sky is immense around these parts.

Y'know, if I was doing a proper LP of this game, I'd be covering it in exactly the same way. Except with more complaining that the trainers aren't using anything interesting, as well as going over the various Pokemon you can find here, like Ponyta and Magmar. I'm not bothering with that since those were the only two notable ones, aside from the Hypno from earlier.

Aiyeeeeh! Please don't splash my face! You'll ruin my makeup.

Not only did I lose, the big one got away from me, too!

Mt. Ember

Alright, this final area better be more interesting.

While we're terrified, would you like me to teach EXPLOSION? You're terribly brave! Which POKEMON should I teach EXPLOSION?

Ah come on guys, I needed this one thing! I'll have to get my fix elsewhere then.

That treasure the ADMINS've been talking about should be here.

What the...? You're in the way. Get lost.

Friendly chaps.

Aww yeah, Strength puzzles.

Atchah! You're shockingly good! When lava at the surface of magma hardens, and the magma inside flows out, caverns are left behind.

Cheer up lass. And don't punch your ex.

And don't punch me!!!

Why is there a dead end behind this smashable rock?

Well ain't that just great.

Whew... that was hot! Sweat's erupting from me! They say there's over 1,500 active volcanoes in the world. Just thinking about them makes me feel all hot and gooey inside!

Let's ignore that guy. Into the heart of the volcano itself.

It's, uh, definitely a volcano.

Alright, what's this then?


Double neat!

Triple ne- wait why did I need to do that elaborate puzzle if there was one right there?

Ah well, into the heart of the heart of the volcano itself.

Legendary Bird

Ooh, it's a Moltres. Now I can get it slightly before the 8th gym instead of slightly after.

With Endure, it encourages you to play chicken. Don't fall for it!

You can only have Ultra Balls by this point because Kanto. Okay, you can have a single Net Ball and Nest Ball. I'm sure it'll make all the difference.

Thankfully I catch it before it wrecks my team and that's everything for now. Next time, it's the FRLG postgame.