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Part 23: "As if nothing had happened..."

Part 22: "As if nothing had happened..."

Seafloor Cavern

Welcome back to PLOT. Since Freesample is no longer with us, Wargreymon needs to learn Rock Smash again. Thankfully we don't need Cut for the rest of the LP. Or at least that's what my greatest wish is.

There's only a few grunts in this place, it's mainly navigating this maze. Oh yes, it's definitely a maze.

That submarine we jacked, man, it's brutal as a ride. It's way too tight in there!

Alright, we'll go right.

Lost it... I can't find the way out! I'm not afraid. Don't get me wrong!

I failed to win! My partner forgot the map in that submarine! How's that for being useless?

Hmm, going through that cave opening led us back here.

What's this way then?

...oh, it's gonna be one of THOSE caves.

Going up from the first room leads us here, so let's see where this goes.

Okay, loops are fun.

We'll head left first and ride the currents.

We've got an exit at the top left, or this cave island in the middle. Where does it lead?


Continuing on... we have a pretty simple strength puzzle, or this other exit back down.

Okay, this is the other current puzzle we could've done.

Since it's a dead end going that way, we have to go through it anyway.

Simple enough. There's now just one way left to go!

What an impressive child! But... it won't do to have you meddling around here. And, I do want payback for what happened at the WEATHER INSTITUTE... I'm going to give you a little taste of pain! Resign yourself to it!

But meddlers like you use the power of POKEMON to mess with us even at a place like this! Life just doesn't work the way we need it to!

It's our final fight against Shelly... and whoever the hell this grunt is.

Nothing particularly crazy, both of these villain teams haven't been that interesting, especially cause our team is just pretty damn strong.

Hopefully there's just two more Mightyena left to fight in the game, I think I've seen enough of them.

Ahahahaha! You're so darn strong. It's terribly disappointing that you're not a TEAM AQUA member. You could have enjoyed the fabulous world our BOSS has promised as one of us...

You know, we don't dare question the motives of our leader. But here you are, just some punk, going up against our BOSS. Maybe... you must be something...

Can you solve the puzzle?

Ah, finally. While a lot of our team would love this move, Nobunaga won't be getting it naturally for quite some time and could really use an excellent physical move instead of being covered in shitty Water HMs.

Y'all ready for an awakening?

Fufufu... so it was you, after all. Behold! See how beautiful it is, the sleeping form of the ancient POKEMON KYOGRE! I have waited so long for this day to come... It surprises me, how you've managed to chase me here. But that's all over now. For the realization of my dream, you must disappear now!

VS Leader Archie

Finally we're facing Archie, with a team identical to his Sapphire one. It's alright, I guess.

Enough with the Mightyena.

Another fast boy.

And again, I just don't get these healing items.

Should be easy enough regardless.

O-Or not...

Final Pokemon!

Alright enough with the crits.

Enough with the confusion too, sheesh! Just die!!!

Seafloor Cavern

Fufufu... I commend you. I must recognize that you are truly gifted. But! I have this in my possession! With this RED ORB, I can make KYOGRE...

Kyogre Awakens

I didn't do anything. Why did the RED ORB... where did KYOGRE go? Hm? It's a message from our members outside... Yes, what is it? Hm... it's raining heavily? Good... that should have happened. That is why we awakened KYOGRE, to realize TEAM AQUA's vision of expanding the sea.

It's raining far harder than we envisioned? You're in danger? That can't be... that's just not possible... Hold you position and monitor this situation! There's something wrong... the RED ORB is supposed to awaken and control KYOGRE... but... why? Why did KYOGRE disappear? Why?!

ARCHIE... you've finally awoken KYOGRE, haven't you? What will happen to the world if this downpour continues for all eternity? The world's landmass will drown in the deepening sea...

W-What?! Don't get all high and mighty with me! Wasn't it you, TEAM MAGMA, that infuriated GROUDON? So long as I have this RED ORB, I should be able to control KYOGRE... I should be able to control it...

We don't have the time to argue about it here! Get outside and see for yourself! See if what you're wrought is the world that we desired! YUKI, come on, you have to get out of here, too!

Abnormal Weather

DId I... make a horrible mistake? I... I only wanted...

Do you understand now, ARCHIE? Do you finally see how disastrous your dream turned out to be? We have to hurry! We have to do something before the situation goes completely out of control!

But the way things are now, I doubt that we humans will be capable of doing anything about it. But neither can we stand by and just watch helplessly. The responsibility for putting an end to this falls to ARCHIE and me... This defies belief. Those super-ancient POKEMON... their power is unbelievable. They upset the balance of nature...

After the scorching heat wave ended, this deluge began. If this doesn't stop, all of HOENN... no, the whole world will drown. This huge rain cloud is spreading from above SOOTOPOLIS... what in the world is taking place there? There's no point arguing here... SOOTOPOLIS might provide answers... YUKI... I don't know what you intend to do, but don't do anything reckless. Okay. I'm going to SOOTOPOLIS.

I'm sure whatever the problem is, I can just beat it up like always.


Maybe another method is required.

Calm down! KYOGRE! It's no good! It's not responding at all!

I know the extent of your power now! If you keep going, all HOENN, not just SOOTOPOLIS, will be utterly ruined!

And now they are smashing each other with their uncontrollable energy... ...YUKI. You being here now I'll take to mean that you're prepared to become involved in this crisis. Well, then, there's someone that I'd like you to meet. Come with me, please.

Does seeing GROUDON and KYOGRE make you think POKEMON are to be feared? But that's not true. POKEMON are really more... ...why am I asking you this? You already know.

Inside here you'll find someone named WALLACE. I think you have what's needed to help him...

Cave of Origin

Since the two Pokemon are battling outside, I wonder what we'll find in the depths?

My name is WALLACE. I was once the GYM LEADER of SOOTOPOLIS, but something came up. So now, I've entrusted my mentor JUAN with the GYM's operation. GROUDON and KYOGRE, the two POKEMON wreaking havoc here, are considered to be super-ancient POKEMON. But there aren't just two super-ancient POKEMON. There is one more somewhere. Somewhere, there is a super-ancient POKEMON named RAYQUAZA. It's said that it was RAYQUAZA that becalmed the two combatants in the distant past. But even I have no clue as to RAYQUAZA's whereabouts...

Ooh, multiple choice. I think I know the answer to this one.

The CAVE OF ORIGIN? But that's right here! I need you to do better than that!

Hmm... oh, I know!

But when I met the old lady there earlier, she made no mention of it. I very much doubt that the old lady would try to hide something from me...

Man this is a tricky one. I'm not sure.

Alright Wallace, you're getting a bit annoying. How about this place I've never been to, never heard of and wouldn't be able to suggest in any way?

That's it! It must be the SKY PILLAR! YUKI, there's not a moment to lose! We'll head to the SKY PILLAR right away!

Abnormal Weather

That's a good question, where the hell is it? There are some water routes we haven't explored yet, so I guess that's our best bet.

A TRAINER who has knowledge and experience of many kinds of POKEMON. If such a person were to appear, I was instructed by WALLACE to lead that TRAINER to this CAVE.

Alright, let's head over to that small town and see if we can't find this Sky Pillar place. Can't be that hard to see, right?

The constant switching of rain and sun stop when we reach Route 129. It hasn't spread this far yet.

There's nothing for a loser. Time for me to beat it home.

I hope you're not sick of swimmers and water routes already.

Weren't too many trainers on this route, nor really much of anything at all.

Route 130 seems like it'll have something totally wacky on it that we'll cover later. Or not.

A big chunk of it is pretty empty.


It's been ages since Ranmaru tried to learn a new move and it's just Future Sight??? Ugh.

Goddammit, I get called on the tile I enter Route 131 and didn't notice.

Hmm, sounds intriguing, but we'll go searching in a minute.

Rip to this guy.

Preach, brother.

Oh neat, took long enough.

It's been a long road, but you finally have a defensive monster with the attack to back it up. The rest of its stats really suffer, but hey, it's only 4x weak to Fighting and Ground, what's the big deal? While you don't learn any more good moves through level up, pick any TM you fancy and Aggron can probably learn it. It's movepool is disgustingly large, but it will never have the Sp.Atk to use it, so just pick the best physical moves and go from there. No, you're still stuck with Rock Tomb. At least you can Surf.

Holy crap that Defense. It's only been 17 updates since we caught Wargreymon, but he's finally a big bad kaiju, just what I've always wanted!

I still despise the sea.

(IAN) I'm doing my best together with my sis!

(RELI) The people of PACIFIDLOG are together with the sea and POKEMON from the time they are born.

(IAN) I did my best with my sis, but we still couldn't win... You know PACIFIDLOG is a floating town? So, wherever there is the sea, that's a part of PACIFIDLOG!

Pacifidlog Town

Pacifidlog Town/Kinagi Town: Where the morning sun smiles upon the waters.
From Pacific, an inversion of gold and log, and ki (yellow), kin (gold) and nagi (calm).

Hey, I remembered to do this. I think our team's items are set for the rest of the game.

Pacifidlog is pretty damn small, but there's not nothing here. It's got a lot of important areas nearby, at least.

"younger brother."

I'm here enjoying my vacation with POKEMON, yes, indeed. Ah! Your POKEMON... it has a vicious look to it. A frightening POKEMON like that deserves a TM like this.

If it doesn't like you, FRUSTRATION's power goes up.

While we've already gotten Return from Prof. Cosmo, this is the only place we can get Frustration, which is like Return, but worse, since it's much easy keeping a Pokemon a full happiness than zero happiness. Only use it to screw over Imposter Ditto, since nearly all competitive Pokemon have full happiness from the hacki- uh, I mean, care and attention.

Oh, I can see that you want it! After all, it's priceless! I'll tell you what, I might be willing to trade it for a BAGON.

I dunno what that is, so no. Horsea can be fished up on Route 132, so this trade is kinda pointless.

Cool. Here's Sky Pillar.

Sky Pillar

In my haste, I didn't notice that I'd left you behind! I've opened the locked door of the SKY PILLAR. YUKI, let's be on our way!

This isn't good... the weather distortion is spreading even here... YUKI. RAYQUAZA should be further up from here. I'm worried about SOOTOPOLIS. I've got to go back. Everything is in your hands now. Don't fail us!

Seems pretty straightforward going up. Being the chosen one is pretty easy in this game!

Can you solve the puzzle?

There we go, pretty tough, but we did it.

Oh yeah, aren't there some cool Pokemon here?


Alright, up to the top.

So do I need a Green Orb, or...?

I am not at fault if that giant green dragon destroys everything.

Rayquaza Descends Rayquaza Fixes Everything

Well... that's one way to end a villain plot in, like, 2 minutes.

Sootopolis City

Haha... hahaha... maybe what we were trying to do was something small, even meaningless, to POKEMON...

So the super-ancient POKEMON weren't only GROUDON and KYOGRE... after all our fruitless scheming and frantic efforts, that one POKEMON's simple action puts everything right again as if nothing had happened... fu... fuhahaha...

So that's RAYQUAZA... it's incredible how the two rampaging POKEMON would flee from it in fear... it looks like both MAXIE and ARCHIE have gone away somewhere. Perhaps they've gone to MT. PYRE to return those ORBS...

YUKI... the leaders of TEAM MAGMA and AQUA, I don't think they meant harm. YUKI... my eyes didn't deceive me. Thanks to your help, SOOTOPOLIS... no, all of HOENN was saved. On behalf of the people, I thank you. This is a gift from me. Please accept it.

If you have the RAIN BADGE, a POKEMON that has learned that HM move can force its way up waterfalls. And where does one get the RAIN BADGE? You know, don't you? That's right! You have to beat the SOOTOPOLIS GYM LEADER. When you're all set to go, step through that door.

Now that the plot is finished and I didn't get the chance to beat anything up, it seems there's only JUAN thing left to do. Haha, kill me now.