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Part 24: Hot and Cold (FRLG)

FRLG Part 2: Hot and Cold

Vermillion City

It's more remake stuff! Using totally legit methods, we can go back to the SS Anne after getting Surf and...

The truck is still here! It still does nothing, but it's cool they kept this easter egg. Whatever the truck was for in the original games, now it's a cool piece of trivia.

There's even a hidden item here! Well that was fun.

With the Itemfinder we can also get some important shit. Don't forget it!

With that, we've beaten the game again. Now in the originals, all that was left was Unknown Dungeon, but as you'd expect, there's more to this game than that!

Pallet Town

How much have you filled in your POKEDEX? May I see it? Let's see... you've caught... 67?! Now, this is impressive! There's something I wanted to ask of you, FUGURI. Come. Follow me.

Oak's Laboratory

I'm talking about POKEMON that have never been seen in KANTO. I would love to go see things for myself, I'm too old. Since I can't do it, FUGURI, I'd like you to go in my place.

Green Encounter

Gramps, what's with favoring FUGURI over me all the time? I went and collected more POKEMON, and faster, too. You should just let me handle everything.

I know, I know. Of course I need your help, too. Now, I need to see both your POKEDEXES.

This time, you really must work towards filling your POKEDEXES. I urge you to make them the best and the most complete of all time! Truly, this is a monumentally great undertaking in POKEMON history!

Gramps, calm down. Don't get so excited. I'll get the POKEDEX completed, don't you worry about a thing. I think I'll try looking around ONE ISLAND first... anyways, I'm outta here!

Alright, with 60 Pokemon in the Kanto Dex, we've got the National Dex and are ready to explore all that's changed in Kanto now that we're in the postgame. ...what do you mean nothing's changed? Seriously? Ugh, fine, we'll go the Sevii, where all the cool shit happens. Did I mention this only happens when you catch over 60 Pokemon? That's right, the postgame is locked behind a task and it's pretty freakin bullshit if you want to casually play through this game.

Gimme the good stuff!

Ah there it is. Sure getting the best healing item in the game in the postgame kinda sucks, but at least we can buy as much as we want for so little money. I love it.

One Island Town

Oh, is that right? You've caught more POKEMON. Do you know what? Maybe I can be useful to you. I'm modifying the Network Machine right now. I'm changing it so it can handle trades over long distances. When I get finished, you'll be trading exotic POKEMON from TRAINERS far away. But, there is a slight catch. For the link to work, the Machine needs a special gemstone. It's supposed to be on ONE ISLAND, but I haven't found one yet. Who knows where it could be.

"the hot spring pool."

BRUNO, who's a senior ahead of me, visits the spa on occasion. He comes to rehab injuries, both his own and his POKEMON's.

Okay, there's a few very small changes both in the first three Sevii islands and Kanto, more NPCs have appeared to talk about the Elite Four for the Fame Checker. Oh, the Fame Checker is a pointless item that records gossip on important characters. Like always, I'll go over it later.

Mt. Ember

...Oh, and what're the passwords? At the ROCKET WAREHOUSE, I mean.

What, your forgot the password? There're actually two. The first one's "GOLDEEN need log." And the second on is...

Hey! This snoop's been listening in! You've been eavesdropping on us, haven't you?

Alright, some postgame trainer battles. I believe the original games had, uh, none of those, so let's see what we've got.

...I'm starting to seriously dislike Team Rocket.

Alright that was... fun? Yeah, we'll go with that.

What a setback. We'll have to regroup. You! Don't even think about taking a step inside here! If you know what's good for you, don't even think about this!

K. Also man there's a lot of next frames hanging around, what an amateur I was, uh, two weeks ago when I got these screenshots.

Hmm, not much here so far.

Oh, something wild, something new?

Eyyyyyyyyy, it's ma boy Slu-

My boy Slugma! After a whole game of only being able to obtain Kanto Pokemon, to the detriment of Pokemon you couldn't evolve into Johto Pokemon, now the postgame is when some cool critters start showing up. No, seriously, Pokemon that evolve from happiness just suddenly stop evolving when you try and do it before the postgame, it's bullshit.

A lot of the new Pokemon will have pretty low levels compared to our team, so having something with False Swipe is a good idea. Hey doesn't Marowak learn False Swipe in Gen 3? You're right, if I only I remembered to keep it until after I'd recorded everything. I'm a fucking idiot.

Oh yeah, Braille is in this game too. I'll translate it when it comes up, but this is just the alphabet.


And there we go, back to Celio.

One Island Town

Thank you! FUGURI, you're simply amazing. ... Um... may I ask one more giant favor of you? It... it's not anything weird. Please, I need your help. While I was studying gemstones, I discovered something important. There is another gem that forms a pair with this RUBY. That other gemstone is supposed to be in the SEVII ISLANDS. FUGURI, please, I need you to go find the other gem. FUGURI, may I have your ferry PASS and the TOWN MAP?

This is my own ferry PASS. It will let you get to all the SEVII ISLANDS. FUGURI, please, I can't do it without your help.

We now have all seven islands available to us. Let's just start by going to Four Island and working our way through them.

Just before that though, we'll head to Three Island to see that... something has changed in the postgame??? Woah.

You remembered that I was prospecting, didn't you? You can't begin to image just how happy I am. So, I'll show you! This is for you!

I can't give you any nuggets of wisdom, so that'll have to do!

We've got a path carved to this secret area. And we're also really rich, but I think I hacked in max money earlier to buy all the Game Corner stuff. It's been a while since I played this with the intention of recording the endgame, so I don't remember everything I did.

All that's here is Dunsparce and that's a fantastic reward! That guy can keep his dumb gold. Right, on to Four Island.

Green Encounter

What are you doing here in the SEVII ISLANDS? You should quit copying me, you know? Anyways, I already got my POKEMON EGG, so I'm done with this island. Heh, I bet you don't even know about POKEMON EGGS. You'll never fill your NATIONAL POKEDEX that way. By the way, I saw someone we both know on this island. Why don't you go look around if it makes you curious? Me, I don't have the time to waste. Be smelling ya!

Four Island Town

Okay, now you should be clicking the music links. Mmm, that remix. There's not many, but at least it's something!

Oh yeah, if you were wondering why I wasn't surfing in some places: you can't. No surfing between these islands.

The last four islands are split two apiece, with this island seemingly a bit small. There's plenty to go over though!

I don't expect these items to change much now that we're in the postgame.

Man I'm jealous of this collection. Is that a lifesize Slowbro doll???

While the Day Care on Route 5 is just to raise a single Pokemon for exp, this Day Care is actually useful and lets you breed. Yes, breeding is postgame for some fuckin reason. This remake is weird, okay. Since we can catch a Ditto it's no problem, but this game does not have an easy route to go up and down and Flame Body isn't good yet so, uh, just breed in Emerald.

If you were to join us, you'd be squashed like a bug, though... How about I teach BODY SLAM to a POKEMON of yours instead?

That was weird but good, why not?

I wish I could show them off... Oh, excellent! You've come to the right place! Look, look! See? See? These are my STICKERS! Look how many I got! I bet you want some. I bet you do! I'll give a STICKER if you can tell me something awesome about yourself.

Hey, I hope I can peel these damn things off again!

There's a lot to talk about the Trainer Card in this game, like with Emerald, but the new addition are the stickers on the top left. When you reach certain milestones in beating the Elite Four, hatching Eggs or winning Multi Battles, you get the corresponding sticker and they're thankfully separate from trainer stars. If you have more than two of these stickers (the first Hall of Fame and Egg sticker), you're insane, since to get to the fourth level of the first sticker, you need to beat the Elite Four 400 times. Mate I don't think I've beaten the Elite Four that many times across my Pokemon career!

Hey there cutie, there's a lot of version differences in these games, with Marill being the LG exclusive.

Oh yeah, since Pokemon in this Pokedex can be grouped on area (completely pointless and never returns), Pokemon that aren't related can be on the same page, even if they don't really have anything in common with each other.

Icefall Cave

Okay so only a few Gen 2 tracks have been ported over and remixed, so there's nothing too crazy going on.

Ooh, cracked ice is today's puzzle, pretty interesting.

Did I pick the wrong hole?

Lot of dead ends, so hopefully we're getting somewhere.

Pretty neat, what else?

Ah, finally. I dunno why Waterfall is really in this game. There's like, three waterfalls total (one of which is in Cape Brink) and none have been added to Kanto.

Well not like Aquamemnon was using his moveslots anyway.

I smell idiots ahead.

Aww, shut it, lady, and leave us be. Don't let your glasses get all steamed up!

No, we can catch up later. Right now, I need your help. Help me kick these poachers out before they do anything else. They've been catching POKEMON here, then selling them off! Are you ready? You take that one, please!

W-what?! Who says we can't do what we want with the POKEMON we catch?

You! Tell me! Where have you taken the captured POKEMON? I'm smashing your ring once and for all!

N-no way! I'm not telling you that!

If you won't confess, we'll deep-freeze you. My LAPRAS is furious for what you've done to its friends. Go, LAPRAS! ICE BEAM...

Wawaah! Okay! I'll talk! The POKEMON are in the ROCKET WAREHOUSE on FIVE ISLAND. There! I said it! We'll be going now! ...But I doubt you'll ever make it into the ROCKET WAREHOUSE! Heheheheh!

I was born and raised here and these islands. I had no idea that those horrible criminals were loose here...

Meeting Lorelei again was cool and she's the only Elite Four member to do anything in this game, but we've got some new Pokemon to catch.

Good snuffle boy.

We can vaguely catch stuff with Quick Attack if we're lucky. Delibird is a version exclusive, along with Sneasel.

With one packed island done (the exception, not the norm), next time we're off to Five Island to see about these Rocket men.