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Part 28: Access All Areas (FRLG)

FRLG Part 3: Access All Areas

Five Island Town

Welcome to Five Island. There's nothing here.

Known for her logical, calculated and cool battling style, LORELEI has a surprising secret!

I suppose here's something vaguely interesting: now there's a bunch of gossip magazines dotted in Pokemon Centers, perfect for the Fame Checker.


The north part of the island is optional, so we'll have a look around before seeing this Rocket business.

That sure was a labyrinth. Land ho!

Let me take a look. ... Oh, impressive. You treat your POKEMON right. I think you can be entrusted with this. Please, I'd like you to have this.

I'm glad I met someone like you.

What's in the egg? Well, we'll find out in a minute, but there's more to explore first.

You know, I think you have the talent to be a good BREEDER.

Now that we're facing normal trainers in the postgame, you can see their levels are actually pretty good and they're using Johto Pokemon! It's pretty neat.

New areas mean new fishing encounters too.

It's another version exclusive. Seriously, there's tons of those in this game. In LG it's Remoraid, so yet again those players get a slightly better Pokedex deal.

As you've probably figured out, since Johto continues Kanto's route numbers, Sevii has no real routes of its own, just differently named areas. Also, here's a Smeargle.

The sky and the sea... they are so fickle. Their changing expressions make them difficult to capture.

Neat, it's the second ever Nest Ball.

We should be seeing a new Pokemon every two or so trainers. There's a fair few Kanto Pokemon mixed in, but don't expect to see fully evolved Pokemon, unless it has two stages and the trainer is already using the first stage.

I find it pleasurable to battle in the gentle sea breeze.

"Please keep out of my sight!"

Smeargle are great to fight cause you never know what they'll have!

There! That's the look I want!

Do sheep like swimming? I guess they might...

Sheep only exist on foggy hills, so I dunno if they'd like that either.

There's a lot of hidden items that have a chance of appearing, which means I spend a few minutes searching the beaches for washed up stuff.

The shame of this... I'm red-faced... Uh-oh, my paint tubes scattered everywhere!

Oops! I rushed things! When I run with the wind, it feels like I could fly!

A very lucrative time. Everyone's getting up there in levels!

He mad.

Lost Cave

And the end of all that, we've got this Lost Cave. Sounds like fun. Lost Cave.

Aiyeeeeeh! Mercy! I'm trying to get out of here, but I always end up at the same spot. Maybe the number of boulders is a hint...

As you'd expect from the name, there's a few paths you can go down in this cave, otherwise you get sent right back to the entrance. Let's get this ite-

Cool. It seems I didn't catch anything in this area, but there's only one new version exclusive encounter that's a lot more common in item rooms. Murkrow in FR, Misdreavus in LG. Since we can catch Wobbuffet later, this incense lets us get Wynaut, the only Hoenn Pokemon we can get in this game (since Marill is LG).

So yeah, if you don't go the right way, you'll end up back here. The puzzle is a weird one to get, but it's pretty cool.

All seeing birb

Great advice, let's go item hunting.

The second incense is obtained by going Right, Up, Down, Up from the starting room. Also the only way to get Azurill in these games, making those babies the only Hoenn Pokemon you can get.

The Max Revive is from going Right, Up, Down, Down, Right, Right, while the Rare Candy is Right, Up, Down, Down, Right, Left, Down, Left. Simple, right?

Where have we heard this name before?

I grew rather bored of walking, and I am feeling fatigued. May I ask you to take me home from here? reward? Bit rude.

I am exquisitely bored. Please, hear my wish. I wish to see a POKEMON. A darling SEAKING. I want to see one right away. Please, make my wish come true.

Okay we need to do a bit more for her. Selphy will want to see a random Pokemon that you've seen in the Pokedex. If you can get it to her within 250 steps, then she'll reward you with some items you can sell for a high price, Nugget, Stardust, Pearl, etc, as well as Rare Candy and Luxury Balls, which is only place in Gen 3 that can net you them at a consistent rate. It's kinda worth it, but that step limit is a bit rough if you don't own the Pokemon.

If we return to where Selphy was, so by going Right, Up, Down, Down, Right, Left, Down, Right, Up, we can get a neat item. So did you solve the puzzle? I would be surprised if you did. The Ruin Maniac was right that the number of rocks in each room is the key. There can be 3, 6, 9 or 12 rocks in a room and that correlates to which direction to go. 3 is right, 6 is down, 9 is left and 12 is up, like on a clock face. On every other room starting with the second, if you go the opposite direction you're supposed to, you'll get an item. Cool, right? What's also nuts is you can find Haunter at level 52 in this place.

Let's see what we get. There's no good place to really hatch eggs in this game and you want to stay close to the Day Care, so going back and forth on the island will have to do.

Who could've seen that coming? I'm not gonna be filling out the Pokedex in this coverage, so I'll only be obtaining all the new Pokemon you can obtain easily enough in the postgame, but I won't be evolving anything, cba.

Now that we've hatched an Egg, we can get another sticker.

Let's never talk to this guy again. To get the 4th Egg sticker, you need to hatch 300 of the damn things. That's a tall order, ESPECIALLY in a game where breeding is slow and awkward. Like hell I'm getting the Multibattle sticker either, let alone winning 100 of them to get the best sticker. Cool idea, but GF are pretty shit at achievements.

Five Isle Meadow

Alright, let's go south, since Five Island is pretty darn big.

You don't have any business here! Go home!

It's the seed cat thing. You can also find them while surfing, which is a cool detail.

That's all the new Pokemon on Five Island, alas, but the last two islands are pretty damn packed.

You won't be able to get in without the passwords anyway.

You're wanting to know what's inside this WAREHOUSE? It's better you didn't know. For your own sake, I mean.

... Another password is needed to open the door...

Guess we've got some more exploring to do. Maybe the password is just down here and makes my life easier.

You can fly to FOUR ISLAND from here.

Still finding berries, still no use for them aside powder.

I think you can see a theme here.

There was a really somber guy over that way.

Reading these names just makes me hungry, if anything.

Ah, finally something new. I was getting worried there for a second.

It fills me with happiness when bird POKEMON beg playfully...

Hello... your POKEMON look healthy... This is where I buried my ONIX... it was named TECTONIX...

Th-thank you... That was my TECTONIX's favorite drink... I don't even know you, but your kindness... it's uplifted me a little. Can you please take this as my thanks?


Some good items here, including the Facade TM. We've got an evolution item, but we still need another one to complete the dex. What are the chances of finding another one?

Six Island Town

We're done with Five Island for now, so on to the next island.

It looks like it's impossible to get all the POKEMON by hanging around just these parts. Maybe there are POKEMON we don't know about somewhere far away... Well, if I can't do it, there's no way for you to get it done. I'm not going to get all desperate over this. I'll keep collecting POKEMON at my own pace while I train them. That's what I'll do. So there's no point staying here. I may as well leave for home. That's that, then! Smell ya later!

Water Path

Seems Green is realising National Dexes are bullshit. There's nothing in Six Island Town, so off we go to explore.

Six Island is the largest island and Seven Island is completely optional, so we'll be finishing the gem quest first.

As a performer, I don't want people to know about the effort I put in.

Never before has so many of these been hidden so often.

I lost my way while I was busy battling! Aren't there any mountains around these parts?

Hey hold this for a second, Aquamemnon.

Cheers, Aquamemnon. TM10 can only be obtained from Pickup, so might as well grab this. And hey, let's use a fuckin Kingdra for once!

Ruin Valley is a pretty big square that kinda looks like a valley. Strength puzzles too, how wonderful.

You don't need to be so pushy. I'll be happy to tell you. The door to the ruins... it has these strange patterns engraved on the outside. I don't know what they mean, though.

There's even more Pokemon to catch here and no version exclusives!

Now we can get a Wynaut.

Oh, the heartbreak of losing so easily to you! Experience the joy of climbing!

Around and around in circles.

Hmm... I suggest that you, too, give a thought to the secrets and mysteries of our world once a day.

Ah finally. We never see Golem in the original games, so here's the first time we can see one if you're not completing the dex like I am.

The majority of them date back a long way.

Oh, interesting. Those ruins over there... I haven't had any luck in finding how I can get inside.

Can you solve the puzzle?

Dotted Hole

Yep, as easy as that.

Can you solve the puzzle???


Moley. There's the gem.

Fufu... fufufufu... I guessed right. I was right in tailing you!

...d-don't glare at me like that! If you want it back, why don't you go get it after I sell it? I'll even tell you one of the passwords to TEAM ROCKET's WAREHOUSE. The WAREHOUSE password I know is "Yes, nah, CHANSEY." I'm done. Don't think badly of me!

Well that was a bit rude, we should do something about that.


The area easily wraps around...

So we can pick up a neat stone and then head back to Five Island.

Next time, we've got a gem to pick up.