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Part 30: End of the Elite

Part 27: End of the Elite

The Pokemon League

It's been a long journey, but here we are, at the Elite Four. Let's begin, shall we?

Elite Encounter

That's good! Looking real good! All right! You and me, let's enjoy a battle that can only be staged here in the POKEMON LEAGUE!

VS The Elite Four VS Sidney

Sidney/Kagetsu: They said I was a punk, but I'm one of the Elite Four!
From sinister, and kage (shadow), getsu (evil), getsu (moon) and kagetsu (jade plant).

Like with Gen 2's Elite Four, our team is at the level of the lowest opponent. The Hoenn Elite Four can be pretty tricky, but we've fought a lot of trainers to get to where we are, so I think we'll be alright.

While a couple of changed Pokemon are obvious, a lot of the Pokemon we'll be facing have slightly changed movesets from RS, which is a change I always appreciate. Though, uh, this Cacturne is a bad example since it hasn't changed at all.

Pfft, whatever, we've got this.


Quit it!!!

Oh look, here's something to make me... crabby! Wait that doesn't really work for a lobster.

That could be a problem.

But it won't. Like previous Elite Fours, unless I'm having trouble, I won't be using super effective moves and I won't be looking at movesets beforehand. So it should be a lot of fun.


Okay I won't be exploding in every battle, Cold Gregg does need experience after all.

I also don't mind using Fly against this thing because, man, fuck this thing.

I'm getting owned by my least favourite status.

Wake me up inside. Can't wake up.

Well this is one way to make this battle go on longer.

Thank god for that. Sheesh.

The Pokemon League

You've got what it takes to go far. Now, go on to the next room and enjoy your next battle!

Hopefully the next battle won't be full of annoying statusy Pokemon.

While I trained, I gained the ability to commune with GHOST-type POKEMON. Yes, the bond I developed with POKEMON is extremely tight. So, come on, just try and see if you can even inflict damage on my POKEMON!

VS The Elite Four VS Phoebe

Phoebe/Fuyō: I wonder how my grandma at Mt. Pyre is doing?
From phobia or phantom, and fuyō (cotton rosemallow, the flowers in her hair) or yōkai (phantom).

Cool. Yet again we have a prominent Ghost type user without many Ghost types to use. What, Shedinja too good for you?

Curse might seem pretty bad, but you can just easily switch out and it means the bulky user just got rid of half its health. It's pretty nice to see. Just missing out on fainting, however, is not.

What spooky foe is next?

Well that was fun. I just wanted to see if Calbrena could knock it out in one hit. Turns out she can, cause she's great.

Alright Wargreymon, just hit one Iron Tail.

Good job there. Sigh.

...why does this have Ice Beam? Bah.

But hey, I won't turn down wonky accuracy rolls. Let's get some hits in.

I always forget that end of turn effects come after switching before Gen 4. Just something I never got used to.

It's a close fight, but Calbrena has it in the bag.

Oh yeah

Curse strats it is. Since the AI rarely switches, it's a nice little four turn timer against foes that won't be broken down before that. Mainly used because the one mon that could've taken them down just fainted.

This Dusclops has a wild moveset.

I think we've got this.

Yeah just fuck off.

The Pokemon League

I didn't recognize it, so it's only natural that I lost. Yup, I'd like to see how far your bond will carry you. Go ahead, move on to the next room.

Ohhhhhh, we're halfway there.

But all I have seen are challenges by weak TRAINERS and their POKEMON. What about you? I would please me to no end if I could go all out against you!

VS The Elite Four VS Glacia

Glacia/Prim: The Ice type can be better trained in this hot land.
From glacier, and Primula, flowers that grow in an alpine climate.

Hey we've seen this thing before, it's the big seal thing but not the really big seal thing.

Did Glacia send something out? I blinked and missed it.

Ah okay, she's got a mad ball as her first mon. Neat.

It's not doing much, but it is being annoying.

Let's see if we can boost up and blast past it.

Of course.

Another one? It's like there's not a lot of Ice types in this region. And yet here's a trainer to specialize in that type.

Haven't seen that effect in a while. Which is a shame since it does nothing for us.

Always got something for the Ghost type it seems. Oh well.

I am loving the Elite Four's Pokemon variety here. Hoo doggy.

Get outta here with that.

Here's the big bulky walrus. With high HP and pretty good stats across the board aside from Speed, this is one mon that won't be going down very easily. It takes any Ice attack you send its way and basically has a resistance to Fire as well. While you're trying to whittle it down, it will deal some damage with its STAB moves and various physical options. It really hasn't changed much since Spheal, it learns the same moves and now hits harder. When you think of a big sack of HP, this is what you think of, it's very good at what it does, but it really does nothing else due to its limited options. Its various weaknesses are easy to take advantage of, but up against the right Pokemon, this thing just doesn't die.

Alright Cold Gregg is not the best member to fight this thing, yikes.

Close, but barely not enough. As always.

I think Wargreymon would've lived had it not crit, but I say that every time, so you never know.

Cleanup crew

The Pokemon League

It's no surprise that my icy skills failed to harm you. Advance to the next room. And there, confirm the truly fearsome side of the POKEMON LEAGUE.

What, is it gonna be Dragon for the third time? Sounds too predictable.

At times, they hinder us. At times, they help us. For us to battle with POKEMON as partners, do you know what it takes? Do you know what is needed? If you don't then you will never prevail over me!

VS The Elite Four VS Drake

Drake/Genji: I dedicate myself to the Pokemon that saved me.
Take a guess, and from genjin (Chinese figwort) and genjū (mythical beast).

While this dreamer cooks in its shell, it hits pretty hard and can take a few physical hits. Like the other psuedo mid evolutions it really can't reach evolution just as it is, it just doesn't have the stats for it, nor trainers in the entire game, unless you want to grind loads, which I never want to do. Its best physical move is Headbutt, so unless you want to use Dragonbreath or Ember, you should give it some TMs. It gets some nice options, but it really can't use its STAB for much, so you've got Return and Brick Break, which ain't too bad, but what it really needs is a nice strong Dragon move and higher Special Attack. Guess this shell will just have to keep on dreaming.

Aw yeah, I love when Protect is used in single battles. Great fun.

Alright, you've had your spotlight, get going now.

Out from the swirling sands comes a Dragon that will absolutely get everything it deserves and more over the coming years. Ahem. While its Attack is now back to Trapinch levels, Flygon is a very well rounded attacker, with great STAB that has the Speed and the stats to use them, as well as pretty alright defenses. It won't be blowing you away unless you're using full Attack Earthquakes, but it has Fire Blast, Crunch and, uh, Giga Drain to deal some nice damage. Or you can go with Return and Steel Wing, it has a lot of options. I'm sure it'll be a remarkable Ground/Dragon type for years to come...

As you might expect, Drake has a lot of very scary Dragons. Thankfully they're mostly 4x weak to Ice, so we really need Cold Gregg right now. Always have an Ice user on your team, since GF just cannot stay away from endgame Dragon users. Literally every generation. Seriously.

Well someone grew up! Salamence is a super dangerous attacker, with fantastic stats and real firepower behind it. While it's STAB isn't much to write about, only Aerial Ace and Dragon Claw, no Outrage, its wide movepool and ridiculous Attack more than make up for it. While Dragon Dance is an Egg move, it can very easily go mixed and roast you with Fire Blast, or wreck you with Earthquake, along with Return, Brick Break, Crunch and Steel Wing. Having Intimidate just adds even more to it, giving it a fair few options against physical attackers and letting it rampage even more. Sure, it drops to an Ice move, but this thing will absolutely destroy you with very little effort, so I hope you've got a fast and bulky Ice Beam user.

Let's be honest, Wargreymon is not going to win this fight, but that's not what he's here for.

This is. Salamence is something you should not sleep on. It's scary!

Now it's time for floofy birb.

Neat, Calbrena will survive a Curse.

This line's affinity for Dragon Dance will always be its downfall.

Hey remember when Juan had one of these? Well now it's back, in elite form! I would've preferred another Flygon...

Thankfully Dragon Dance doesn't boost Special Attack.

Since we've taken out a lot of Pokemon quickly, Drake still has his healing items. Joy.

Well this is fun.

I sure am glad there's no more bulky Water types in our future, hahaha. Let's finish this.

The Pokemon League

Yes, what a TRAINER needs is a virtuous heart. POKEMON touch the good hearts of TRAINERS and learn good from wrong. They touch the good hearts of TRAINERS and grow strong. Go! Go onwards! The CHAMPION is waiting!

That was... a lot... of stairs. Phew. Well, anyway, there's no going back, it's time to face the Champion... RIGHT NOW! And come on, we all know it's Steven.

Champion Encounter

Oh good. More Water Pokemon. Just what this game needed. I'm thrilled, you can tell.

"to that crisis all by yourself."

Oops! It wouldn't be fair to say that you alone ended the crisis. You overcame that difficult situation by working as one with your POKEMON. We TRAINERS raise POKEMON by giving them items and by teaching them new techniques for battle. But we ourselves also learn many things from POKEMON. And this is where your achievements are put to the test against what others like you have achieved. Now! Who can most elegantly dance with their POKEMON in HOENN? Show me right here and now!

VS The Champion VS Champion Wallace

Wallace/Mikuri: I represent beauty as well as intelligence.
From William Wallace! Probably. And mi (beauty) and mikuri (branched bur-reed).

So I heard you liked Water types in your region of half water, so here's a Water Champion after a Water Gym Leader after a load of Water trainers. Yeah, it's a bit excessive.

Right out of the gate you need to damage this Wailord as soon as possible, as Water Spout will basically annihilate anything you've got out, so get its health down.

Watch out, it could become fully powered again, unless you keep up the pressure.

Annoying, but it did just do 3 damage.

Alright, one down. This is gonna be a pretty rough battle, since my team doesn't like Water types that well. I only have 1 resistance to Water after all, who drops immediately to any Ice move. Which half of Wallace's team has. Well, less than half now.

I'm gonna go all out against his entire team, since it's pretty scary, just a lot of bulky mons everywhere with lots of lovely attacks to wear you down. It's great fun.

Thankfully Tentacruel cannot take physical hits. Onto the next foe.

I hate this thing so much. Why did they do this?

Because of how evasion and accuracy works, you could just get walled completely by this Ludicolo as it slowly saps your health. Great design, absolutely love it.

Alright Nimbus, you did your best, but I dunno how we're gonna get through all that evasion.

How about we use a move that doesn't require accuracy?

But seriously, you could get lucky and hit a load of moves through Double Team and then he just heals the fuckin thing. Stall is just the antithesis to how Pokemon should be played. Fuck it.

Okay, I think I can see the finish line. There's only one thing Cold Gregg can do now!

Well shit. I know what's coming, so I might as well heal.

Revival Herbs are SO GOOD. Second best healing item, behind Moomoo Milk, of course.

Surprisingly, Calbrena can survive an Earthquake, so she gets the kill! Now it's time for quite the terror.

Okay we might be in trouble here.

Now sure, Curse strats are pretty cheesy, but I kinda have a +1 Attack Gyarados with Hyper Beam in my face. It's a bit of an emergency.

It's neat that Nimbus survived that, but being the final battle, Wallace has a million healing items.

During a recharge turn, down it goes and out comes the final Pokemon.

Yeah I'm not sorry. It was either this, or Ranmaru using all of its Thunderbolt PP.

He can even take a few special hits so I don't have to waste time healing. Just attack attack attack!

And there we go, Calbrena wins us the game. The rest of the team helped, I guess.

Champion Victory

And yet it was utterly glorious! Kudos to you, YUKI! You are a truly noble POKEMON TRAINER!

At times they danced like a spring breeze, and at times they struck like lightning. It was with light, yet surefooted, elegance that led your POKEMON. Even I felt bedazzled by your masterful performance! You now stand at the glorious peak of the POKEMON LEAGUE. I now proclaim you to be the new HOENN region...

May Encounter

Huh? What, what, what? YUKI... could it be that... it's already over?

YUKI, you've finally done it. When I heard that you defeated your own father at the PETALBURG GYM, I thought perhaps you had a chance... But to think you've actually become the CHAMPION! Ah, yes! What became of your POKEDEX? Here, let me see. Hmhm...

One can get a very good idea about the POKEMON of the HOENN region by looking through your POKEDEX. Anyways, congratulations! Now, go proudly into the final room!

No, let me rephrase that properly. The new CHAMPION! Come with me.

From here on, only those TRAINERS who have become CHAMPIONS may enter. You'll have to wait outside with PROF. BIRCH.

Groan... ... I'm just joking! That's okay! YUKI! Honestly, congratulations!

Hall of Fame

This is where we keep records of POKEMON that prevailed through harsh battles. It is here that the LEAGUE CHAMPIONS are honored.

Let's go over the team that won it all!

League Champions

That's a wrap. Man, nearly 37 hours, there was a lot to do in this game!


It's the end of another adventure. As per usual, it was quite the ride these past couple years doing this LP, I've changed jobs, had two kids, bought a house and... wait... I did this entire LP in THREE MONTHS??? It's still 2018???

While some of the credits play, it shows us various Pokemon we've caught. Since we're nearly done with the Pokedex, there's a lot of Pokemon to cycle through. I'll show off whenever our team comes up.

So yeah, since I made around 30 updates in the space of 81 days, I may have ever so slightly really enjoyed making this LP. Holy shit was it a blast. Sure, it was during a relatively quiet time in my life, so I don't think I'll be this crazy again, but I have really liked every aspect of making this LP.

Sure, the LP ain't over yet, this will be the only time we'll be seeing the credits though, and Emerald's postgame isn't that long. Sure, it's not as dire as RS's, but it'll soon be time to move on to another LP. And of course I'll be doing another one. I've really gotten into the groove of SSLPs, so much so that's I really don't fancy doing normal video LPs right now. Well, maybe another time.

There's a few things I wouldn't mind changing about my LPs, I always wanna improve after all, but overall, man this game has been great and I've had great fun. The team was really fun, there was so much to do and I just really enjoyed making this stuff for ya. It's only a couple of months until I've been doing Pokemon LPs for 3 years! Mental. Here's to many more.

And as always, cheers to those who read my stuff, reply, contribute, all that good stuff. While it makes me a bit obsessed, checking the thread every couple hours, it's always a joy to see people interacting with it. It's a lot of fun going on this journey and I'm real glad I can show it off in its entirety for you.

Thanks for a great reboot, Mr. Iwata.

The End

Next time: it's the postgame. Shit, the thing I don't like is approaching!