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Part 31: Hopefully the Final Frontier...

Part 28: Hopefully the Final Frontier...

Littleroot Town

Woah, it's postgame time. Thankfully this is Emerald, so it won't be like two parts long like it would be in RS, there's a lot of stuff to do!

Hey, it's YUKI! It's been a while since I saw you, but you look... stronger, somehow. That's the impression I get. But your old man hasn't given up yet! Oh, yes, I have something for you. This came to you from someone named MR. BRINEY.

If I recall, there are ferry ports in SLATEPORT and LILYCOVE. I'd better get back to PETALBURG GYM. MOM, thanks for looking after the house while I'm away.

He comes home for the first time in a while, but all he talks about is POKEMON. He should relax and stay a little longer.

We bring you this emergency news flash! In various HOENN locales, there have been reports of a BZZT... colored POKEMON in flight. The identity of this POKEMON is currently unknown. We now return you to the regular movie program.

Uh, blue? It's not gonna matter in the slightest.

Don't push yourself too hard, dear. You can always come home. Go for it, honey!

I knew there was something special about you when I first saw you, but I never expected this. Oh, yes. Do you still have the POKEDEX I gave you? I have something to show you. Let's go to my LAB.

Prof. Birch's Lab

Thanks to you help, new facts are coming to light. It appears that in the HOENN region, there are also POKEMON from other regions. It goes to show how rich and varied the natural environments of HOENN happen to be. That's why I think it's necessary for me to upgrade your POKEDEX to the NATIONAL Mode. Here, let me see your POKEDEX units.

It's so cool that even my POKEDEX is getting updated! It's because you went out and caught so many POKEMON, YUKI!

But listen. You've become the CHAMPION, but your POKEMON journey isn't over. There is no end to the road that is POKEMON. Somewhere, there is a grassy patch that's waiting for you!

I think I'll take a short break from fieldwork. I think I'll help the PROF here for a while.

Unlike in RS where you only got the National Dex for trading with another Gen 3 game, or in FRLG where you had to catch 60 fuckin Pokemon, we just get it in Emerald, no question. Before you ask, NO, I will not be completing the National Dex, only the regional Pokedex, but I will be catching any new critters we come across, like in the FRLG updates.

Slateport City

I'm aboard the S.S. TIDAL now. It's feels great to be on the sea! By the way... there's this place that I'd like to invite you to for a visit. If you're interested, board a ferry at either SLATEPORT or LILYCOVE. I'll fill you in on the details when we meet. I'll be waiting!

We couldn't have done it without your friend MR. BRINEY. Please go for a short cruise on it!

While we can easily Fly between Slateport and Lilycove, sure we'll go for a spin. Scott's waiting for us.

S.S. Tidal

Something's come up, so I have to disembark, but am I glad to see you! Congratulations, LEAGUE CHAMPION! There's a place I'd like to invite someone like you. It's the... BATTLE FRONTIER! What's the place like? You'll understand when you see it! I've spoken with the ship's CAPTAIN about this. The next time you take a ferry, you should be able to sail to the BATTLE FRONTIER. Okay, YUKI, I'll be waiting for you at the BATTLE FRONTIER!

We hope you enjoy your voyage with us. Feel free to explore the ship. It'll be some time before we make land, I reckon. You can rest up in your cabin if you'd like. You cabin's No. 2. The bed in there is soft and plushy. I can attest to how comfy it is!

While the Battle Frontier sounds positively riveting, we've got a ship to explore.

(JED!) I feel a little shy about this, but... we'll show you our lovey-dovey power!

Well the postgame battles are off to a, uh, good start.

(LEA) I can't believe it! Our lovey-dovey power failed... you must be an awesome TRAINER!

(JED!) Sigh... It's the first time that our lovey-dovey power couldn't prevail! You must be an awesome TRAINER!

While I remember, our entire party got a ribbon for beating the Champion! There's a fair few ribbons you can get for various tasks around the region, not just from contests, so we'll be sure to get them.

Unlike HGSS, we won't be seeing new and wonderful Pokemon immediately, no standard trainer has any, so it'll be a little while before we see anything crazy.

Perhaps I shall get Father to acquire a yacht for me. A yacht for me and POKEMON!


Your friends are, indeed, strong. Friends need not be human. For me, POKEMON are treasured friends!

It... honestly, I didn't SNATCH it from someone! I'd never do such a thing! It's clean! You can use it!

"used by a foe or ally."

I'll turn a blind eye since you gave me free stuff. But since we got all the good TMs already, any postgame TMs we find won't be all that great.

You can call me CAPTAIN BRINEY now! You know, I retired once before, but when I saw this majestic ship... let me just say, it stirred my sleeping soul as a sailor!

We can look out of the portholes and see the ship travel along the various routes, but we don't have time to just hang around!

To be never ruffled in any situation is the GENTLEMAN's code of conduct.

"Or would you rather battle?"

I see. You're the active sort. A world cruiser on a luxury liner has its charms, I must say... but, I will admit there is an appealing side to touring HOENN by ferry.


I get so excited imagining what kinds of POKEMON I'll get to see in the next CONTEST. The anticipation of it thrills!

Oh hey there's trainers down in the hold. Or whatever it's called, ship terms!

We're the CLEANUP BROTHERS! The old one dumps the detergent, and the young one does the scrubbing!

"It'll be alright for a POKEMON battle.

Big bro, I lost! We're the CLEANUP BROTHERS! The old one dumps the detergent, and the young one does the scrubbing!

That's everything. Unlike the S.S. Aqua, the S.S. Tidal doesn't have different trainers if you go on the other journey.

It's Battle Frontier time, baby!

Battle Frontier

The Battle Frontier: The front lines of Pokemon battling!

For a first-time visitor, we issue the FRONTIER PASS. It's for use at all the facilities in the BATTLE FRONTIER. Here you are!

We hope you enjoy all that the BATTLE FRONTIER has to offer!

I hope you'll take your time and explore everywhere. Naturally, I hope you'll also experience the pure essense of battling. I also have my quarters here, so feel free to visit if you have time.

Unlike the Battle Frontier of Sinnoh and Johto, the Hoenn Battle Frontier is a pretty big place, with lots to it and plenty to explore. Our Trainer Card has now become a Frontier Pass, showing us a map of the island, the 7 symbols to earn here, a battle you opted to record and keep, as well as how many Battle Points we earned for taking part in the various facilities.

Oh yeah, since we beat the Pokemon League, we've got another Trainer Card star, as well as the first record on the back. We've still got plenty to go.

Let's get exploring!

First up is the Battle Factory where you use rented Pokemon to battle.

We'll be going clockwise, so here's a house you really should visit.

I had the reputation as the toughest BEAUTY around, I tell you! What is it now? You don't believe me. I'm not like that blowhard woman over there. I'm actually talented! Let me prove it to you. I can teach your POKEMON special and yet cute moves. But my lessons don't come free. How about paying for the moves I teach with a wee bit of Battle Points?

HOLY SHIT, honest to god useful Move Tutors. Look at all these amazing moves your Pokemon are missing because they're locked to the postgame! Now a few of these moves could be obtained in FRLG for free, but now you've got to pay up and they definitely don't come cheap. You'll be grinding a lot to get some of these really useful moves for Pokemon that just don't fancy learning them otherwise. Such as Rock Slide for Wargreymon.

I had a reputation as the most invincible SWIMMER around, I tell you! What's wrong? You don't believe me. I'm not like that buffoonish woman over there. I'm actually experienced! I can prove it to you. I can teach your POKEMON hard and yet pretty moves. But my lessons don't come free. How about paying for the moves I teach with a wee bit of Battle Points?

Even more moves, including the amazing elemental punches, to actually give your shitty Pokemon some coverage! Such as Ice Punch for Wargreymon. Okay maybe that's a bad example, but you just got a LOT of options.

Next up is the Battle Dome, where you fight in a 16 trainer 4 round tournament.

Anyways, YUKI, let me formally welcome you to the BATTLE FRONTIER. This is my dream come true. It took me years and years, but I've finally given shape to my dream. On reflection, it was a terribly long journey... I left home alone on a quest to find strong TRAINERS. No one can imagine how much effort or time it took to make this real. But that's all in the past. No point dwelling on that! All I want for you is to enjoy battling to your heart's content here. YUKI, I want you to have this as a memento for all the time our paths crossed on our journeys.

You get 1, 2 or 3BP depending on how many times we talked to Scott on our journey. Of course, we saw him everywhere we could.

"Points you will collect."

Use your Battle Points the way you see fit, like trading them for items. I'm expecting great things from you!

We'll head into that house in a moment, but first, the Battle Tower. Fight for streaks in 3v3 battles. Simple.

Eheheh, here's a real easy glitch for you to exploit. In RS, there was only a Battle Tower in this area for Single battles, but Emerald added Double and Multi battles, so you could fight with an AI, or a friend. However, due to having to save lots of data as well as checking for connections, even if you say No to saving the game before starting this mode, it'll only save what you have in the Party and what's in your Bag. Meaning, like with Gen 1 and 2, you can turn the game off at the right moment and have a Pokemon in your PC and Party at the same time, letting you clone Pokemon and items! Of course I will be abusing this, so should you.

It's quite cute and rather nice. This little one, I could trade with pride! Would you like to trade me a SKITTY for my MEOWTH?

This, uh, this did not age well.

Oh! I hope you'll be good to my MEOWTH, too! Giggle! A SKITTY is so much cuter than I had imagined. I'm delighted!

While three out of four trades in this game had Mail attached, at least we got a cool new Pokemon. Sure, Meowth are easily found in FireRed, but this is more fun, even though you need a 2% encounter for it. Oh yeah, I won't be evolving any new Pokemon we find in the postgame if they're not part of the Hoenn Dex.

We exchange the Battle Points you have collected for lovely prizes. Please choose a prize from this list.

Here's what you'll be spending most of your Battle Points on because HOLY SHIT, not only are there exclusive decorations available, but also some real important items you won't find anywhere else. And yes they are ridiculously expensive compared to future titles. You will be doing so much grinding it is pretty damn silly. Seriously, 256BP for a large doll? I'll take ten!

This is where we recognize the immortal TRAINERS who left great records in BATTLE FRONTIER events.

When you win any kind of battle it'll show up here against those who you've mixed records with.

The Battle Pyramid, where you climb a dark maze for fun and profit.

Can't you see we're kind of busy here? Can't your business wait till later?

Hmm, maybe we'll find out later.

This is the Battle Palace, where you roll a four sided die and slowly want to die.

This one says it likes to battle! It will battle even if it has a lot of ouchies!

Uh, okay? I hope you know what that means, it'll be VERY important later.

The Battle Arena is where you fight battles within 3 turns and get judged on multiple things.

Here in the center of the Frontier is a Mart and Center, as well as a few houses.

You can buy EV drinks with BP or cash, whichever you have more of.

"the legendary top POKEMON BREEDER!"

If you ever become as seasoned as me, you'll see the abilities of POKEMON at a glance. You're a TRAINER. Doesn't it interest you to know your own POKEMON's abilities? Here! Let me have a look at your POKEMON!

This one, overall, I would desribe as being of average ability. Incidentally, the best aspect of it, I would say, is its SPECIAL DEFENSE... that stat is outstanding! Hm... that's how I call it.

Starting in this game, IV Judges appear, so you actually know what the hell your Pokemon can do without looking at save editors. Though you should still do that anyway... He first sums up your total IV amount, from average, 0-90, to eventually outstanding, 151-186. Then he talks about the highest IV of a Pokemon, from good, 0-15, to perfection, 31. Seems Wargreymon's Sp.Def IV was between 26-30, but I already knew that.

Last facility is the Battle Pike, where you choose between one of three rooms to go to and watch your party get frozen.

Now there's a weird tree down here. I dunno about you, but I know exactly what to do about weird trees.

Hey, it's our first proper National mon to catch. Between FRLG and Emerald, there's a lot of missing Johto Pokemon to find, so hopefully we can get all of them, otherwise we'd have to result to using other, weirder, games.

Easy enough. Don't need it for anything, no Bonsly yet, despite what multiple Gen 3 media will try and tell you otherwise.

What's down here?

I wonder what's in a cave like this.

Another Johto mon! Smeargle isn't particularly interesting, but with Sketch, it lets it be a great catching or breeding mon!

Alright, let's get some booty.

There's not much here aside from Smeargle and hidden energy drinks.

And there we go. That's all of them.

Bar one.

With that, we've explored the entire island. Now I know what you're thinking and you're right, completing this Battle Frontier sounds like it'll be miserable. I agree, Gamefreak are really bad at making battle facilities and the gimmicks in this one are just awful. I, too, was very glad when this place didn't appear in the remakes, cause we don't want GF wasting time and money making some shitty grindfest that takes hours to complete if no one's gonna bother participating in that shitty grindfest. Least complaining on the internet about missing out on that shitty grindfest is easy enough when you never bothered playing it beforehand cause it was "too hard" or "too boring" or other such excuses.

So yeah, off we go!