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Part 48: Lilycove's Sights: Young women and Decorations

Side Notes 07: Lilycove's Sights: Young women and Decorations

Now that we've seen pretty much every item that can go in our Secret Base, let's go over them, as well as the various decorations we can obtain. Then we'll talk about some weird women in the Lilycove Pokemon Center that only appear in Emerald.

So once you obtain TM43 Secret Power, you can make a Secret Base in a hole in the wall (with red, brown, blue or yellow designs), a tree, or a bush. There's 75 different places and there's 4 different designs for each category, so you can make quite the unique base. From there, you can put in 16 decorations, including boards that you can only get from the Rooftop Sale in order to get over holes in the floor in some designs. And there we go. That's Secret Bases.

And then you mix records. When you do that, your friends' Secret Bases will appear in your game and you can visit them and even interact with them! After beating the game, you're even able to battle them, with the team they had at point of mixing records, meaning infinite experience! It's not exactly quick though, as you can only battle them once a day, resetting at midnight, but battling them is penalty free, though you can't steal their items. Oh well. Your appearance to your friends depends on the last digit of your ID, with 5 classes per gender.

So there's not a huge amount compared to the remake, though the main stuff remains the same, so let's go over the decorations. Now if you have the Trader in your game, then you can send version exclusive decorations to other games one at a time. I'm sure it's something you guys have done all the time. Definitely.

Anyway, we've got 9 chairs, with 8 obtained at Fortree and one costing 6000 ashes. There are 10 cushions and they must be placed on a desk, or mat, kinda defeating the point of them. They can be bought at Lilycove, bar the Smoochum one, which is postgame for 32BP. There are 9 desks and the 7 large ones can hold dolls and cushions. They can be bough for Fortree, except for the 8000 ash one. There are 17 mats overall, with eleven small mats that have special effects when you step on them, and seven large mats that can have 5 dolls or cushions placed on them. All the small mats are obtained in Slateport, with the other three findable in Lilycove. All large mats are found in Lilycove.

All six plants can be bought at the Pretty Petal Flower Shop. Woo. There are 10 posters, which are found at Lilycove, bar the Kiss Poster, which is postgame and 16BP. Ornaments are the leftover decorations that aren't dolls, with the 3 bricks and balloons obtained at Slateport. The bricks are basically desks, but hold one doll or cushion, while the balloon bursts when stepped on. The 3 TVs, 2 Fences and 3 Breakables are available during the Rooftop Sale. The fences can block areas, while the breakables, well, break when walked through or touched. There's also the Tire, the Solid Board, which lets you traverse holes, the Stand and the Slide, all from the Rooftop Sale. The rest of the Ornaments are obtained through other, trickier, means.

Finally, there are 32 dolls obtained in various ways, either from Slateport, Lilycove, or postgame for BP. You can place them on mats and since there's a mat in our bedroom, we can place dolls there too. There are 7 large dolls and 25 small dolls. There are also 3 more dolls that you won't be obtaining anytime soon: the Regi dolls. Those with a Japanese copy of RS that obtained the dolls by the e-Reader card Decoration Present, or by going to official Nintendo events could get those dolls. They can be obtained in other games, but you first need to mix records with a Japanese Emerald, then use that game to mix records with a non-Japanese Emerald and then, if you wish, mix that game with a non-Japanese RS of the same language. As easy as that!

Alright, since we're talking about record mixing, let's go over the Lilycove Ladies. Like with the old guys, they appear depending on your ID number. What are the specific numbers? I dunno, but the Quiz Lady appears when your number ends in 6. Anyway, let's start with the Contest Lady. She'll ask for a specific Pokeblock for her Pokemon and if you pick the right preference then... she thanks you on TV later. And that's it. Literally. That's it. Mixing records does nothing.

The Favor Lady will ask for an item of a certain description and if you get it right, then she'll give you the corresponding vitamin drink for that category. If you get it wrong, then you can try again tomorrow. And that's it, you can do it once and mixing records does nothing. Aren't these women worth your time?

The final lady, the Quiz Lady, is the most fleshed out and asks you a question, giving you a fairly rare item if you get it right. Then, you can select an item from your bag and create a new quiz for your mixing record friend that you've been using in all these instances I've mentioned this mechanic. If they get it right, they get the item you offered up.

I got one of the less rewarding questions, but all of these items can be obtained otherwise, though the berries can be version exclusive depending on which Eon Pokemon is in the game (Durin in Ruby and Watmel in Sapphire). And that's everything. Overall, not that great either, but could be more interesting than the old guy you get in Mauville. Barely.