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Part 49: Wireless Communication

Side Notes 08: Wireless Communication

Hey, who remembers this little thing? I sure do, it came with my brand new copy of LeafGreen when it first came out. It's a super useful device, removing all those damn wires and letting you connect up to 5 people in certain circumstances. It wasn't perfect, however, very few games supported this neat thing, nearly casting it to the side like the Mobile GB Adapter before it. You also had to use your link cables whenever you wanted to communicate with Ruby/Sapphire, but between FRLG and Emerald, it worked pretty damn well. You can even connect with Colosseum and XD, though that's with a different cable.

To start off, there's the Union Room, which allows you to connect with up to 40 other people (in groups of 5) to chat, trade and battle. You can also view the Trainer Card of the other person, enter two Pokemon for a level 30 one-on-one battle, register a specific Pokemon you want to trade with someone else, mix records with 2-4 other people. Now this all depends on having someone else to actually connect and trade with, so of course I'm not gonna do any of it. Then there's the Cable Club, where you can link up with three other people and participate in a multi battle, or mix records, or Berry Crush. Most of these features can quickly be accessed from the Direct Corner in the Union Room, to save you having to jump out every time.

Mixing records is a big thing for the Hoenn games and can be accessed after reaching Mauville. Not only does it allow you to do more with the old guys and center ladies, as I've gone over previous, it gives you more television shows to detail what your friends were doing, such as buying from a Mart, catching a Pokemon, or fishing. You will also copy over their Secret Base and battle them as they are when you mixed with them. There's also the Fanclub in Lilycove which will talk about your friend's accomplishments instead of your own, fickle bastards. You also transfer the Dewford Hall's trendy saying, which makes hunting for Feebas much quicker, as well as transferring an active swarm to a game that would not be able to get it, such as Surskit in Emerald.

There are also some pretty big ones, such as the Eon Ticket. If you were unlucky enough to miss out on getting this rare item from an event that will never occur again, but somehow have a friend who was lucky enough to get one (I know, happens all the time, right), then when you mix records with that friend in the Player 1 slot, you get an Eon Ticket! However, you can't transfer that ticket on to other people, only the people who went to the event can do such a thing. Of course, you can't do it with any of the other one of a kind one time only event items. Still, at least you can get the other Lati and the Soul Dew, so that's pretty good, if you're in that very specific set of circumstances.

People you mix records with will also appear in the Battle Tower, at the specific point they lost at, either as an opponent, or as a possible partner in the Multi Battle mode, with their exact Pokemon at that point in the streak and as a trainer class given to them in the same method as their Secret Base class. Their records will also be recorded in the Record Hall. Just remember, only Japanese Emerald games can record mix with non-Japanese Emerald, every other game and language are incompatible with each other.

Pokemon Jump Dodrio Berry Picking

Now the last wireless adapter nonsense to go over is the Joyful Game Corner on Two Island, or Mossdeep City in Emerald. There are two minigames you can participate in and have a fair few restrictions, as well as needing a minimum of three players. While it's something to completely skip over in Emerald, in FRLG? You need to score well in both of these minigames to get a Trainer Card star. Don't have friends, or wireless adapters to play with? Too bad, no complete game for you!

The first minigame is Pokemon Jump, which requires a small Pokemon no bigger than 0.7m that can jump, as well as two players. There are 101 eligible Pokemon and you can probably guess what they are. All you need to do is jump over the vine created by two Venusaur, and after the time limit, the Pokemon with the most points wins. You need to jump 200 times to get the Trainer Card star.

The second minigame is Dodrio Berry Picking and requires you to have a Dodrio, as well as 3-5 players. You use the left, right and up buttons on the d-pad to control each head and grab berries as they fall. Missing a berry causes the meter at the top to decrease and when it's empty, it's game over. You need to get 200 berries in order to get the Trainer Card star.

And there we go, that's all the cool things you can do with the Wireless Adapter. Is it the only peripheral you can connect to FRLG and Emerald to get tons of exclusive content? Ohohohohohohohohoho. God no. This is only just the beginning.