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Part 58: Ash Collecting

Mini Notes: Ash Collecting

If you want some neat flutes, or some glass decorations, then you'll be having a hell of a time, huff-puff. on Route 113, there are 270 patches of grass, so 270 bits of ash to collect before having to refresh the route. So how much ash do you need for various items?

Hmm, now that's a lot more than 270. In fact, to get every item, you'll need to collect 17,250 pieces of ash, which requires, hmm, SIXTY FOUR passes through the route. Holy moley that is a lot of goddamn ash to collect, fuck that, I dunno if you can buy enough Max Repels with the money you get in the entire game for this. So what do these items do? Well the Pretty Table and Chair are Secret Base decorations which can only be gotten here, so, uh, good luck, but the flutes can be pretty useful, since they're infinite use and are pretty useful in certain situations.

The Blue Flute will cure Sleep and is basically the Poke Flute, the Yellow Flute cures confusion and is the only flute that can be obtained in both FRLG (in the Game Corner) and XD (in the S.S. Libra), so you can trade from there to save 500 ash... I guess. The Red Flute cures infatuation, which cannot be cured any other way, since the Full Heal doesn't for some dumb reason.

The Black and White flutes are slightly different in that they increase or decrease the encounter rate by 50%, respectively, though you have Abilities to do that in Emerald. And that's it!