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Part 60: Evolution Event 1

Oh no. Oh nonononononono. Surskit had a unique typing and interesting design and it then turns into... a Bug/Flying type. Shit. Its movepool is also super dire as well, only getting Gust for STAB until level 47 where it gets... Silver Wind. Oh nononononono. Like, its Sp.Atk is higher, so was it a Water type before they decided no fun allowed? Not that it matters anyway, it can't even learn Surf, just Water Pulse. Uh, at least you can give it Blizzard and Giga Drain? I don't wanna talk about Masquerain anymore, it makes me too depressed...

Look at this thing's fuckin face, I love it. If you want a big Poison sac that doesn't deal a lot of damage and only exists to use Sludge Bomb endlessly, then this is the Pokemon for you. Using Poison STAB is hard enough, but learning nothing else aside from Normal moves really hurts. Still, you can give it some special moves and hope for the best, it'll do fine. It can get Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Shock Wave, Water Pulse, overall good stuff to make it slightly better. But is it the best recipient for these TMs? Well it'll die without Sludge Bomb, so that's one easy choice to make. It can also take a few hits, which is also nice, but being weak to Earthquake and Psychic ain't fun though.