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Pokemon Emerald

by Crosspeice

Part 64: Evolution Event 3

Blaze Kick has 85BP, 10PP and 95% accuracy, with an increased crit chance and a 10% chance to burn. Compared to Ember, this move is fantastic and long overdue. But also outclassed by Fire Blast or Flamethrower, so y'know.

I bet you're all buzzed to use a Dragon? Well, Vibrava has some growing pains, since its stats become move even so it's not a massive attacker with low Speed. Now it's not good at anything! Well, learning Dragonbreath immediately is pretty nice, but Earthquake is still some time away, so Sand Tomb will have to do... I guess? You have Trapinch's weirdly expansive special movepool, so Crunch and Giga Drain of all things are available, while your physical options are limited to Dig and Steel Wing. Ehhhhhh. It now has a 4x weakness to Ice and the defenses to take those attacks even less. It's gonna be a rough ride, but it's only 10 levels until something better at least. Hopefully.