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Pokemon Emerald

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Part 10

After letting Shoryugget sober up at the gym, we continued on. However outside the gym there seemed to be a commotion.

P-P-P-PIRATE GHOST! Er. Ok maybe not a ghost.

When has that ever worked?

Well gang, looks like we have another mystery on out hands. Well, except we know who did it... Aaaanywho, I figure we should gather some clues.
Those trees from earlier were pretty suspicious so I figure it's time to investigate...

...with extreme prejudice.


Investigating people hiding behind the trees... gave us nothing but a nice little hold item.

It was promptly given to Daytripper, Buggy McDig was given the Quick Claw. After finding no clues in the godforsaken forest, I figured I should probably go investigate our pirate friend, also with extreme prejudice.

Oh... it's you...

You're that dumbass who walks around looking all important while carrying important shit that people could want to steal!

So the pirates have a name.

Christ, you'd think you'd learn not to carry shit around like that. Or at least carry a gun.
Heading down the next route were trainers that must of not seen the Pirate walk by, as their Pokémon were still full HP.


This is an ideal match up here, with Buggy halving all fighting type attacks.

However once Buggy cut the Machop to death he was on a rampage and went for the small child too. He was a fucking beast I tell ya.

No! Stop Buggy! She's just a CHILD!

Buggy took a few bites out of the poor little Shroomish before it took a little too much and just started freaking out.

Paralyzed with fear by it's horrifying hallucinations he started attacking in a frenzied rage.

I took Buggy's temporary distraction as time to stun him with a well placed kick to the abdomen and called him back. Continuing on, we encountered another pair.


This wasn't even a fair challenge. Daytripper took down the Geodude with one seedshot then switched with Shoryugget who took out the Shroomish. Bitchcakes and Shoryugget took down the remining Lotad together.

Afterwards, against yet another Hiker, Marshall took down a Geodude by his lonesome.

Once again, note that Bitchcakes still can't bite, despite being a Bite Pokémon.

Obligatory: OMG HE SAID GOON LOL pic.

A goon do something stupid? Noooooooo.

It's official, I must save this damsel in distress!

That fiend and his bird! I shall strike them down!

Hehe, Pirates swear funny.

Wait.. hostage? Oh... Oh...


Goddammit. Pirates suck.

Tch! Fine!

The one who saved your bird you sick old fuck.

Yeah, mmk, I'll keep that in mind.

And that brings us to this...

Wow, judging by that description, if they weren't so cute I'd have no problem dropkicking these little guys.

Ours is a male and needs a name.