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Pokemon Emerald

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Part 11

And so we leave that accursed cave full of screaming marshmallows and head back to Rustboro to recover our new little buddy who happens to be a screaming marshmallow.

On the way, Misty's intercepted by a Bug Catcher. Shoryugget makes short work of the insects. They made funny little popping noises after being set on fire.

No thanks to your stupid, cowardly ass. The pirate got away though.

What?! HOW DID WE GET HERE? We were just outside! Are you a witch?

Wait. What? I just beat a pirate's dog to death to get your shit back and now you want me to take it to the otherside of the region?

That laughter creeps me out. So yes. Just get the hell away from me.

It's funny if you imagine the parts in caps to be him screaming.


OH GODDAMMIT. Does this region not have a postal service?!

Do my laundry.

On the way out I speak with some of the engineers, most of whom are just standing, staring north. It's eerie, really.

Oh that Dr. Hammond and his nonsense ideas.

This better not be like that cellphone feature in Gold/Silver.

Stopping at the Pokémon Center, I decide that Pikablu hasn't been pulling his weight and stuff his ass in the box with Donger and SlowAsShit. And take out our new buddy:

I felt this was better taken entirely in the wrong context. But yeah, prepare for battle!

I can honestly say I was not expecting the pile of melted rock that is Slugma. Either way, Shoryugget just went for its eyes and came out minus 5 HP.

I want people to acknowledge how awesome Daytripper has been so far, Shroomish are easily one of the better grass types out there. (Though the fact he has Bullet Seed would explain this one's superiority at this point in the game.)

After parting ways with our "rival" Misty heads south, through the Petalburg Woods... ...again. Stopping at the shanty of Mr. Briney. That fucker owes us.

....You Sicken Me.

Wash my hair.

I didn't say anything about those.

After his ass finally gets motivated we hit the seas. Unfortunately we never get to international waters and I'm forced to just dump the coca- wait, what thread was this?

Oh hey look! We're in Dewport!

Next time, watch as we ruin Marshall's usefulness, stumble like blind retards through a cave, and eventually choke Morrissey to death with a sock.