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Part 12

Oh god. This does not bode well.

Wait then what am I-

Oh god, we have been "owned".

I just want to take this opportunity to thank Lowtax for his stance on not advertising SA.
Ok, now that we're away from this horrible, HORRIBLE town filled with goons... on an island...

We fish in Ponds where I come from.

So much hate. So. Much. Hate.

Bitchcakes needs some leveling so I decide to let her howl her ass off.

Bitchcakes rips through all three of his monsters (Magikarp, Tentacool, Magikarp), one shot. Afterwards we enter the cave. Gee I wonder what we'll find in there.

Burly Men!

The guy we're looking for!


Oh. Well, maybe we can make it without it...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Yeah that's right. I gave Flash to the retarded Ralts! The looks on your faces.

Shit. It is dark down here. Marshall tried using Flash without me having the badge but it just resulted in him having a mild aneurysm. So I guess we're out of luck on that route. Though what's the worse that could happen in the dark?
*Theme from Jaws*

*Theme from Jaws*

*Still the Theme from Jaws*

OH HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK. RUN. They're here. They're aware of us.

So it looks like we have another gym leader to battle.

Also if Morrissey doesn't stop screaming all the time I'm going to beat him to death and dump his body in the ocean.

Oh yeah, I also caught a Sableye and named it Stitch.