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Part 13

First thing's first.

It's dark as hell in this fucking gym. Wandering through it, you can hear breathing, as though someone has nothing to do all day but stand around.

HOLY SHIT. This gym is full of girls who can levitate. :liu:
Buggy McDig scores a perfect against her Meditite after gouging it's eyes out.

Another double battle, Buggy and Shoryugget takes 'em out flawlessly.

Ryu?! Buggy survives this fight, dodging Hadokens and Shoryukens left and right.


At this point I take Buggy back to the Pokémon Center and heal my party up.

After returning to the gym I finally find the goddamn gym leader.

Buggy McDig takes on Machop. Narrowly beating it.

[ Screenshot Missing ]

Now here's something I did not expect. Brawly is a fucking Retard.
All he did was constantly use Focus Punch. Focus Punch charges at the beginning of the turn, then if damage is dealt to the user before it attacks, the attack fails. Bitchcakes was faster than Meditite so she constantly countered the Focus Punch, forcing Brawly to waste his two Super Potions on the Meditite, only to have Bitchcakes bash its skull in again.

Once again, Brawly is a retard. Unfortunately, he's a retard with a Makuhita four levels higher than Shoryugget...

I'm leveling at this point, now I know what to expect.
So yeah, I blame Morrissey, his constant screaming was a horrible distraction so I choked him to death with a sock.

I promptly deposited his corpse into The Box to keep Donger, Stitch, SlowAsShit and Pikablu's insolent asses in line.

I'mma get his ass next time.