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Part 14

Alright, Round II!

Match 1. Buggy McDig vs. Dave the Machop. Buggy blinds the poor bastard like last time and then manages to barely take him down after a lucky critical hit from a Karate Chop.

Match 2. Bitchcakes vs. Rolando the Meditite. Poochyena pulls off the same battle plan as last time... until she misses. Meditite gets a super effective Focus Punch off Bitchcake taking her out. Shoryugget steps in and finishes it off.

Match 3. Stitch vs. The Makuhita Formerly Known as Prince. Last match taught me something about this particular Makuhita. It's Moveset: Bulk Up, Arm Thrust, Vital Throw, Sand Attack; all Fighting/Normal moves. Stitch is Ghost/Dark, IMMUNE to Normal, Fighting, and Psychic attacks.Stitch just sat in the corner leering creepily at the makuhita, lowering it's defense completely. Until delivering three fatal scatches to the helpless bastard.

And with that, we've got two badges now. Extending my thanks to Stitch, I shoved him back in The Box in preparation for an Aron.

And so, our party after Two badges:

Fettboy posted:

Combusken is arguably the ugliest second evolution of anything, and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise.

Ivysaur wasn't that pretty.

HulkaMatt posted:

Your little boy has grown up !

Yeah, I felt like scribbling stupid shit.