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Part 16

Wow, there is no emoticon for this one. Kind of between and ...

Cel-shaded graphics ahoy!

Ah, beautiful Slateport City, there be relaxation ahead!

Who? Oh. Right.. I had completely forgotten about that.

OH COME ON. I JUST GOT HERE. BuggyMcDig immediately latches on his face and feeds on his ocular fluids.

Who the hell are you?

Looks like we've got a rematch for later.

Ok, Now We're in Slateport.

Shopping! Ok, These shops suck. They sell dolls, vitamin supplements and probably those little dreamcatcher things. Goddamn hippies.

...I think.

The Beach! I'd like to point out that the water here is fucking infested with Tentacool and Tentacruel.

Also, Grown men teaming up with little girls!

And little boys teaming up with little girls!

I just want to point out. Check Ferrosaur's HP there. That's without any potions, too. Ferrosaur survived a battle against two Azurills and two Tentacools, confusing and bubbling him constantly. (As a side, her self damage from confusion only dealt 1 because her attack stat is so abyssmal compared to her defense. )

These two, sweet, innocent children opted not to battle me and gave me Soft Sand instead. Bless their hearts. I gave it to Ferrosaur to power her Mud Slap a little more since she had no Rock attacks for the Hard Stone to power.

I opted not to learn it since I had Cut and Leech Life was still useful.


Well hello, what's this?

I guess this could be useful for contests or something.


Wait. Pirates? The hell?

We obviously aren't getting past this one, let's go somewhere else.

Damn, your parents named you Dock? And you went into Shipbuilding? Well damn.

You know, I honestly forgot about those... again.

Why can't people do these things themselves.

Oh hey, the pirates are gone.


Wait a sec... if it weren't for him.. we would never of gotten Morrissey... QUICK. KICK HIS ASS.

You do realize what I did to that thing, don't you?

Desperate to escape he throws a TM in my face. It contained Thief. ...Hey wait a sec.
That wasn't a nice thing to say.

You were gonna take these damn goods either way, they're heavy.

..the fuck you are. I did not haul that around for three fucking towns for Pirates to pirate it away.

You could be the FUCKING POPE for all I care, you aren't getting them. Battle. Now.

A critical Bite nearly finishes Ferrosaur so I bring out Buggy.

And with that, Misty thoroughly beat the shit out of two pirates and their monsters.

"dumbshits fucked it up."

Wait... "Archie"? Y-you're kidding... right?

Who the fuck is Team Magma?

Am not.

You're telling me not to interfere with your plans?! Every time we've met you start the damn thing. You guys can go on doing whatever your little hippie group plans for all I care.

I probably just saved you from being sodomized and you just leave. Ok, fuck you too. God I hate this place.

You again! I.. can't.. recall your name...