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Pokemon Emerald

by Chorocojo

Part 2

Well that was an opportune time for a power outage. Goddamn Magnemites

Ok, aaaaanyway

And HulkaMatt was right, you don't get to name your rival in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. Could of swore you did though.

Misty managed to chew through her ropes, now she lay in hiding, waiting to ambush her abducters when they opened the door, their minds full of plans of rape.

This was it, every muscle in Misty's entire body tightened as she lept from the van, cracking her foot into the simple boy down the street's jawline. As he ran off crying, Misty realized her circumstances...

Oh right, Mom put me in there.

"Just don't unpack right away, we've still got to put the washer and dryer in there first."

Anyway, let's go see what that Professor guy wants next door.

So is how fat you are, lardass.

So then he stood me up? We'll see what the Mrs has to say about this.

Ok, Decision time! What starter should I take?

The Grass type, Treecko. Note that it evolves into a dinosaur with testicles on its back.

The Fire type, Torchic. Note that it evolves into a fucking FIRE-BREATHING, KUNG-FU FIGHTING CHICKEN.

The water type, Mudkip. Note that it evolves into a giant frog, towering at... 4ft tall...

Also what do we name our new little buddy? 10 letters max for Pokémon names.