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Part 20

Ledneh posted:


What the hell, only 1 HP? And what the hell does that "Super-effective hits." ability mean?

exactly what it sounds like. "Super-Effective" hits. Not Super-Effective misses.

Ok, here we go. Shedinja's Wonder guard prevents all damage from types NOT strong against Ghost/Bug. which means it's invulnerable to all damage (excluding Sandstorm, poison, etc) except Fire, Flying, Rock, Ghost and Dark attacks.

To get Shedinja you have to have an empty slot in your party as Nincada evolves, for those who care.

And no, it never has more than 1 HP.

BuggyMcDig and Husk will probably be alternating in the lineup.

Ka0 posted:

Shedinja Killers

And I'm pretty sure none of those apply to Wattson's lineup.

Weeeeee, Obligatory random trainers in Gym. Ok, seriously now. Except for the Rockers, none of them had fucking Electric types. Sure some knew electric attacks, but they were not true electric types.

Mega Harden!

Not fighting Electric types.


Let's kick this pig!
Alright because I'm a retard I missed the first matchup. Husk vs. Voltorb. Flawless victory goes to...

Voltorb. I forgot about Voltorb's Rollout being Rock type Shoryugget wins with a double kick.

A Stun Spore, Leech Seed and Revive later and Husk is back up.

Magneton took a while, plus some Super Potions from Wattson. That fucker was a BITCH. How much of one? You'll see. Anyway he would confuse Husk so I'd switch to Daytripper to prevent Confusion from takin out Husk.

Daytripper got takin out by one of Manectric's Quick Attacks but Husk finished the job effortlessly.

And with that We've earned our third badge..

...oh right, how tough was that Magneton?

Biiiig update in the works, until then, enjoy: