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Part 21

Gah, between my internet losing connection and crazy shit happening I can finally post this. This has been typed up and sitting here since last night.

Oh. It's you...

Yeah... I am...

But I-


I'm not doing a Geico joke.

That's not that great. It does look neat though.

Heading back through the tunnel, past Verdanturf and through Mauville, we head north.

Man, to live in a world where people were so willing to fight random strangers. Hell yea we're fighting.

Darn skippy!

Why do people keep saying that?

Beating women seems to run in my family.

One more battle in my assault against the elderly.

"I mean, you did just kick all our asses, how about coming inside our house where there are no witnesses? "

This is the most boring family ever.

You smell like gin and poligrip.

Her monster was the same level as his, so I can only guess she doesn't mean as a trainer.

For those that don't know, the Macho Brace doubles the EVs gained by the equipped monster but restrict speed. Of course speed restriction isn't that much of a factor with our monsters as their either Defensive tanks (Ferrosaur) or fairly fast (Shoryugget and Buggy McFly).

Anyway, I stopped back at the Pokémon Center in Mauville and continued heading north.

These places are never fucking working when I first get there.

Stitch is awesome like that.

I'm tough looking?


What kind of reporter just attacks a little girl out of nowhere?

"HOO-HAH!" Misty replied. Then she sped off like a retard after a stick of butter.

If it's not a fucking rock, it's a fatass Pokémon, if it's not a Fatass Pokémon it's a goddamn tree. If it's not a goddamn tree it's a fucking Sandstorm. This is complete bullshit!

Taking a detour to the east I entered the Fiery Path.

I'm sorry, but it's just a good naming convention.

Exiting the fiery hell that is Fiery path, we come to Route 112

Heh, Alriiiight.

I didn't say anything.

I already have one. But mine's full of potato bugs and a washer and dryer.

Haha, now I can make forts.

Sure, what's the hurt in that?

What a nice old lady.

Well, ok, I guess..., sure

Well I really have to be-

Ok, I'm going-

And with that, Misty planted a pickaxe in her forehead and left.

Don't taste the snow. Oh god, it tastes like the powder mom always kept in that jar on the mantle.

Well looks like he's not getting used.

OH GOD. They rise from the earth! Fucking Zombies.

Oh wait, he was a ninja. This means Misty's officially beaten pirates AND ninjas.

Yea, sure kid. Go eat some pocky or some shit.

[ Screenshot Missing ]

Any day I can beat a kid wearing a badly made Pokémon costume is a good day.

[ Screenshot Missing ]

Ya hear that Ash? I'm coming for you.

Hehe, sack.

And we've reached the small town of Fallarbor. We'll probably just pass right through on our way to Meteor Falls.

As for names, you're probably better off thinking of stuff I could just conceivably catch in the next areas from now on.