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Part 22

Someone trying to access the computer...

..No it means I need to use the damn computer. Jeez, not everything's about you.

What the hell are you talking about ya crazy broad?


I DON'T CARE. GAH. FUCK IT. THIS TOWN IS FULL OF ASSHOLES. And with that we left. Fuck this town and all it's assholery.

Roar! Something I'm probably not gonna use!

Gee I wonder who lives here in the middle of nowhere.

Oh my god... she's a Pokétaxidermist.
Really we did nothing really story related this time. Mostly it's all training.

Caught a Seviper,

Told ya.

Wait a sec though. Daytripper is now Grass/Fighting. We've already got a decent fighter in our kickboxing chicken, Shoryugget. For this reason I've decided to bench Daytripper for a while... but who to replace her with?

These are our options:
SlowAsFuck a L5 Male Slakoth. Shitty as fuck, slow, a normal type. No.
Donger a L7 Female Cascoon. A fucking bug. Also one of our original party.
Pikablu a L8 male Marill. Thick Fat as his ability.
Husk a L20 Shedinja who will get raped in the areas ahead despite its Wonder Guard.
The corpse of Morrisey. No.
Marshall a L9 male Ralts. Retarded. Also ruined with the Flash ability.
Jolt Cola a L14 female Electrike. Not that great yet.
Bigpeeler a L12 male Gulpin. You'll see Morrisey back in the party before he is.
Melty McGoo a L15 female Slugma. We've already got a Fire-type in Shoryugget.
Dizzy Shit a L15 female Spinda. Remember Top Man? Like that but a fuzzy little bear.
Repiv a L15 male Seviper. A fucking SNAKE with a KNIFE for a TAIL.
Helios A L20 Solrock. Interestingly when I caught him he was carrying a Sun Stone.
Pootington A L16 female Koffing. Poison type with an immunity to Ground attacks.
Hotbox A L16 female Torkoal. A Steam-powered Tortoise.
Bengay A L15 male Grimer. Has Sticky Hold as his ability.
Ironbeek A L14 female Skarmory. Once again, a Steel bird with swords for feathers. Note we still have Ferrosaur as our Tank.
Amigo A L16 female Lombre. If it evolves I'm renaming it Taco Duck.
Bigmouth A L15 male Golbat. He's just looking for some love. Also a decent Flying type.

So there. Those are our choices for our party. Any other party suggestions are awesome too. However, Ferrosaur and Shoryugget are remaining with us.