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Part 23

And this is our new team. I subbed out Daytripper for Repiv the Seviper. And also Buggy McFly for Helios the Solrock. Stitch is still around as our Rock Smash bitch but that's going to run out of it's usefulness here soon.

With our new crew in tow, let's head into Meteor Falls.


Oh god, Why do I keep walking into this type of shit?

"...tell our parents, we're just college students man."

Oh jesus fuck. Not...

I'm not even saying anything about that one.

GODDAMMIT. IT'S LIKE EVERYONE WHO PISSES ME OFF IS CONVERGING IN ONE SPOT. I swear to god if that fucking professor and his dipshit son show up...

Can I just go? You can deal with em all you want. Just leave me out of this.

Fine, leave. I'm sure I'll be there shortly anyway.

What's a "dingbat"?

Yes. Yes you did.

I dress nothing like them though...

Yeah, I noticed. Only cult members dress like that in the movies.

Wait, that doesn't even make much sense.

Gee, no. Really?

They're taking the meteorite up there, duh. Probably for some fruity cult ritual.

I hate this region and everyone in it.

[ Screenshot Missing ]

Yea? How's that working out for ya?

Welcome to my world!

Thankfully that cave is small as hell, I ran into 2 Zubats and a Solrock. That was it.

Boy I love how random people just approach me and tell me random shit.

Commence the tail-stabbin'!

After heading south down that very short route, we're back in Rustboro City.

Let's take a look at our new party members:

An Adamant Seviper, not too bad. Plus he's got a little variety in his current moveset.

And a Bold Solrock. Eh, could be worse. At the least it'll balance out his attack stats some. Also I caught him and he had that Sun Stone. Guess we can get a Bellossom later or somethin.

And there. Now to just catch a goddamn Zigzagoon.