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Part 25

Very short update as we wander through Jagged Pass.

Yup, sure is jagged-y

Fun with the Acro Bike.

Knife Tail to the face!

And bam, we're in Lavaridge Town. Next time we pick up a new little buddy and battle another gym leader in what will be a larger update later tonight.

Goddamn this thread has gotten me to know more emoticons than we knew existed.

The lack of oxygen and numbness means love!

Contrabassoon posted:

Now I have a sudden urge to train up a Seviper because you made it SO FUCKING CUTE.

Yea I seem do that a lot. It's the damnedest thing.

lan sam posted:

Don't bother putting Flash on a main Pokemon. There are only 2 or 3 caves in the game that require it. And there're always Pokemon Centers in front of them. So you can just switch to your shitty Flash slave before you go in.

Also, where the fuck is Clarence T? This thread is awesome, but it's wasted potential without the O.G.

I haven't seen any damn Zigzagoon since before Mauville. I said I'd catch one next time I saw one. It's all been Spindas and Numels.