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Part 29

Petalburg City...
Gym Leader: Norman, Misty's father.
The way Norman's gym is laid out is each room leads to another room with a specific theme to it.

Speed, eh? With Breloom's Mach Punch I can't lose!

.....fuck. After quickly switching to Ferrosaur I took that sumnabitch out.

Man that bong flute came in handy.

Eventually Misty figures she should head on after a couple hours just sorta sitting around.

Yeah, that sounsd like him.

Oh god, if only there was some way to turn his massive attack power against him.

Yeah, I stalled with Ferrosaur (I used a Super Potion this turn hence the HP difference.) Eventually he just sort of slit his own throat. It was the damnedest thing.

*gulp* At least it'll give me a hint like the other rooms as to what he uses.

Oh Fuck you dad.



A couple Hard Knuckles into his back and we'll be set.

Good thing I picked up that flute... ..however it went on like this for maybe 5 minutes. Teetering and Fluting and teetering again. So eventually I just said fuck it.

Ok, Norman's special attack "Facade" Doubles in power if the user is afflicted with a status ailment, soooo...

A confused, Paralyzed slacker. Hey guess what!

Shoryugget took him down a bit until Slaking actually managed to get an attack through.... Counter. Shoryugget was out of this battle.

We still have Daytripper though.

After stun sporing Vigoroth then barely surviving a Facade, Daytripper whittled his HP with Headbutt (rather than Mach Punch). Forcing it to either be paralyzed or flinch until I could finish it with a Mach Punch.

Three down, one to go.

Ferrosaur did her best until getting taken down by a critical Facade... Daytripper took that last shot with a Mach Punch.

D-did I...

Holy fuck I did...

Not so tough without your Jack Daniels are ya old man?

I dunno, so far I've choked on some of those TMs I've been finding...

Why do you want me to die?

For some reason, this triggers Misty's panic instinct.


Oh ok then.

Last time he let someone borrow me they found me in a van in Oakland.

So far this is just like last time.

D-do I have to-

-Oh wait.. you're Wally's parents? Oh.. OH!

Sort of, yea I guess..


Oh yeah, by the way...

Seth Huber posted:

You promised you would get a Zigzagoon in this update and name him Clarence T

Zigzagoon is the realest nigga there ever was


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