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Part 30

Alright, here's our post-Norman lineup.

Now to head back to all those routes where items taunted me from behind ponds and stuff.
Petalburg City

Route 104

Oh god. Mr. Briney's gone. He died just the way he lived... being mauled by Wurmples.
Route 116
There are tons of nice trainers here, just head left and surf north of the Meteor Falls exit.

Focus Punch!

There's also this little patch of grass...

...where these little bastards appear. (Ooh, this one's a female...)

Huh... I wonder if the feds busted him yet...

Not really, but eh. You gave me candy last time.

Fuck dude, it was a stupid switch puzzle and you filled it with schoolchildren. It wasn't that tough.

See, you need to fill it with Like Likes or Stalfos or some shit, that'd really fuck some people's days up.

Wooo, I guess. It does look kinda cool.
Route 110

Mauville City

Luckily I found one in the Pedo House.

Woohoo! Underage gambling ahoy!

Damn you youngsters and your slang. aren't from Oakland are you?

What if I didn't have Surf? What then Wattson? What then?

Here's the entrance to New Mauville since some of you said you didn't know about it. Fucking hole in the ground, you'd think they'd at least construct a load-bearing archway or something.

It's suddenly dawned on me. Wattson never told Misty what a fucking generator LOOKS LIKE.

Oh look a Poké Ball.


Oooooh, no. I'm not falling for that again...


Hmm, that means this one's probably the explosive...

Take one for the team Crinoidea!
Yeah, it was a Voltorb. Crinoidea took it down no problem.

NO! Really?!

You asshole, you didn't tell me it was packed with explosives.

Oh right, and for the kid who lost his L.100 Camerupt...

As long as it doesn't learn explosion we're fine.

And with that this half of the journey comes to a close. I'll leave the thread open until I get back from work late tonight then I'll start a new thread once I have an update ready.

Stats at the end of the first thread:
Pokémon seen: 94
Pokémon owned: 46
Badges: 5 out of 8