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Part 37

Apparently this machine has the ability to summon Kecleon at will...

Now to take care of that other one...
Though what to name this one...

Why the hell was it sitting there anyway?

Oh I get it. It's a play on words, yeah that's kinda funny.
Later, in the gym...

Pikablu learned how to do a full-body tackle with one's face!
Other than that I beat a couple Tropius and Skarmory.

I've got a plan for this one...

Yea I saw your sign. Clever.

Oh god... I don't like where this is going..

Oh god they're gonna dance.

Match 1: Ferrosaur vs. Swablu. Swablu takes some damage from a combination of Ferrosaur's Take Down...

...and Mirror Moving Ferrosaur's Take Down. Winona wastes her Hyper Potion on it.

Eventually Winona withdraws Swablu and replaces it with Pelipper.

A critical hit from Pelipper later...

That Pig avenges Ferrosaur...

...and also finishes the job on Swablu...

...and manages to take down a Tropius as well.

Shoryugget takes care of Skarmory, taking minimal damage. One more challenge.

OH FUCK. Yeah. Nasty surprise for anyone thinking they could take down this gym with an Electric type.


Yeah, The Great Leon went down pretty quick... I used him mainly to Screech at Altaria to lower her defense immensely in preparation for...

Amazingly, on the third Rollout Pikablu scores a Critical Hit. Down goes Altaria.

Really? I was swearing the whole time and giving your Altaria the finger a lot...

Aerial Ace, the flying attack you don't need to be flight-capable to use!

And with that, yeah. Misty beat Winona. Somehow.

Oh for fuck's sake.

I fucking hate PokéNav.

HOW THE HELL DID YOU HEAR? I beat her not even a minute ago.

Oh shit, that's right. We got the Feather Badge. That means...

...We can Fly bitches!


The only monsters in The Box that can learn Fly are Fruitplane the Tropius or Ironbeek the Skarmory. The question is does Fruitplane become a HM Bitch or do I use it on a monster that can actually use it decently? Other options including capturing a Pelipper, Xatu or a Doduo further down the road. Or I could try evolving Munchies the Trapinch (which would take a lot longer.

Working on update, Also:

I fucked up the order because I forgot about Bellsprout until half way being finished with Graveler.