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Pokemon Emerald

by Chorocojo

Part 4

So Misty and Shoryugget head north to Oldale town...

But Oldale town sucks so we keep going north.

Ah, scenic Route 121. I swear to god we'll see this place one more time then never come back.

Oh christ, what are the odds he'd have my one weakness?! I blame all of you for picking Torchic.

Bullshit. He had a L.5 Mudkip that got the shit beat out of it by a L.5 Torchic.

Good the tests came back.
Woo, Running Shoes. Why I couldn't run in my regular shoes? I have no idea. I really don't.

And then we ran, we ran so far away-ay.
Eventually we ran into a lil punkass kid who challenged the cuteness that is Shoryugget with a Zigzagoon so Shoryugget rakes that fucker's eyes out with it's razorsharp talons.

So far this route seems pretty unev-

So yeah, we need a name for a female Poochyena.