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Pokemon Emerald

by Chorocojo

Part 41

Look fuckstick, we went through this. Let me in.


I still plan on choking you to death. And when I do, you won't see it coming.

I missed the damn screenshot again, I named it Assmunch. I mean. Look at its entry, I had too.

When you think about what this Pokémon would say it makes sense.


Thanks for taking the good name Count. I had to settle for Wheathorn because Pumpernickelhorn wouldn't fit.

It'll fit even better if it evolves.

Huh, didn't I find a TM earlier that would work well with this?

Oh sweet Pokégod, please guide this Safari Ball to my foe's cranium.

It learns Guillotine, this was the only logical choice. :france:

Well fuck... I'll be back....