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Pokemon Emerald

by Chorocojo

Part 42

Quickly! To the Bike Shop!

I swear to god. You won't see it coming...

Anybody want to debate it? Well? I thought not.

Only a complete lunatic would try riding a bike on a thin railing like that.

Oh right....

Oh sweet merciful Pokégod, Thank you for this bounty.

Oh the fuck he did, don't think I'm not going to chase your ass down and cram you into one of these balls.

(Same level and gender too haha.)

Oh the plans I have for you....

Fun Fact: You can hop in place on the Acro Bike and still encounter monsters.


Fun Fact: Among the monsters Pikachu can breed with are: Nidoking, Walrein, Wailord, Dugtrio, Arcanine, Rapidash and Seviper. (See if you can guess what's in store for this one. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised. )

Man thinking of names for these things is hard.

Heh, poor bastard... Won't see it coming...

Huh? B-but I do all this running...

Awww, they like each other!

Also, no, none of those Pikachu had a Light Ball.

Hey.. that's not an Espeon... That's a Rattata you painted up to look like one.