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Pokemon Emerald

by Chorocojo

Part 43

Sidetrip Time!
Surfing East from Dewford towards Slateport..


A ghoooooost ship?!

Oh god it's full of ghooooooosts!

Oh yeah, I'm training Radium for a little bit. Why not Carvanha? Because how many of you have raised a Corphish? Huh? Yeah that's right NONE of you. Corphish need love too dammit. I mean, they learn Crabhammer. CRABHAMMER. I don't even know what Crabhammer IS but fuck it sounds cool.


Oh god, I just went into the bathroom and was ambushed by a large man and a little girl.

And then two other people battled me with some gay bug things. I just have to piddle.

Meanwhile, somewhere, Geno sits in a bar and weaps.

So much crap randomly on islands out here...

Meanwhile! Back at the Daycare

Oh you saw Jigglypuff's litte trick. I swear she knew how to do that before I got her.

...oh! Wait... Jigglypuff lay eggs? And they're sexually compatible with Pikachu? Holy shit this calls for more testing!


Ah sure, why not. We can always eat it if we get lost.

Well ok.

It's not that big.... is it?

Experiment 1!

Aww, I think they do. Look! They're hugging!