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by Chorocojo

Part 47

Team Magma's base huh? Well it's gotta be on a stupid mountain. Because I doubt they're clever. And since Mt. Pyre is full of ghosts, that leaves...

...The molten rock-filled Mt. Chimney!

I thought so.

Smashy Smashy Havoc Time!

Hahaha. Goddamn that Maxie is charismatic but still stupid bastard

Liquid hot Magma will generally do that.

He still didn't tell me.

Deeper into the mountain. Fuck it's hot in here.

No, I expect you to collapse to the ground and have spasms.

And then Misty tazered him.

Um, I am a member.

Yes I am...

Oh well now I'm going to have to beat you to death.


Yep. *shove*

You do? Even the parts?

I think your problem is you aren't using these little drill tank things. Fuck I want one of these.

AHA! SO THAT'S YOUR SECRET! If only I knew what Groudon was!

MAXIE! I-Oh sweet fuck what is that thing?

What exactly did you try?

If by sought you mean "sat in a pool of lava" then yes.

Jesus christ what the hell is wrong with you?!

YAAARG! The Blue!

Oh way to go dick, you pissed it off.

The key to pissing it off.

He left. He told me to tell you he hates you.

I was totally invited.

Oh yes, sweet little ol' me collaborated with a primeval beast with the power to raise entire continents. Sure ok.

There was entirely nothing to this battle that wasn't Shoryugget kicking Mightyena in the throat or That Pig using Psychic on Camerupt and Crobat.

Well most of them fear me. I recommend killing a Whismur and then leaving its body in a place where it'll always be in sight.

Maybe you should try sitting in a pool of magma for a few centuries and see how old it gets.

No I'm trying to say maybe you should try some other act of ecovillany you'd be good at. Maybe try pissing in the ocean.

Well it's pretty obvious you aren't.

Yeah, I mean I should probably get out of here before the police come....

Oh come on, you know I'm gonna find it before you for some goddamn reason.

Well great, there's an ancient, pissed off behemoth out there somewhere...