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Pokemon Emerald

by Chorocojo

Part 48

Now to take out Team Aqua. The two inept guards said Archie was off somewhere. And he's still at that somewhere...

They're probably fucking things up in Slateport again.

Ooh! A crowd! Maybe they're giving stuff away!

Everyone says I'm fat.

Yeah? I made a huge discovery in the Magma Chamber of a volcano. Beat that.

Sort of impressive.

Ok, I found one that only existed in legend.


Oh... It's just Team Aqua.

How the hell are we supposed to watch if you're invisible?

I think Team Aqua wants to steal your submarine.

Thanks Dr. Obvious!

GASP! We're in the fucking harbor.

Gee, no shit.

Yeah, me again.

I murdered a good portion of Team Magma too, does that give me any tenacity points?

What about Aquaman? OH OH! Or the Snorks!

Oh fuck yeah buddy, I told you I'd twist your life into a nightmarish tangle or misfortune and pain.

Probably to go, well, you know, underwater?

No, I'm pretty sure they can... I mean, they've got that submarine...

If I were to get a degree in Marine Science would I be allowed to point out the obvious all day without reprecussion?

But first lets visit everyone's favorite child-abductor!

Did he give you candy too?

Haha, no not fair is the fact that my Lairon crushed your Kecleon's ribcage with that Take Down.

Wow, in the given context that's pretty amusing.

Oh come on dude, I have an NES. Switch puzzles are fucking nothing.
And yeah, he gave me useless shit that I missed the screenshot of.